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A window list with app grouping and window previews



This is a Cinnamon applet that intends to partially resemble the Windows 7 taskbar


This applet requires at least Cinnamon 3.2 (not for new features anymore). Best supported is Cinnamon 4.0 and newer


Download and enable via cinnamon settings.


This is a window list applet that is aimed at resembling the Windows 7 taskbar (at least partially). Some of the key features are:

  • App grouping: this groups window of each program into one button
  • Previews: When hovering over a button, a menu can show previews of all windows managed by that button
  • Pinning programs: You can pin your favorite programs to workspaces
  • Drag'n'Drop: You can reorder your programs
  • Drop from menu and panel launchers: You can drag menu items from Cinnamon's menu and panel launcher applet to this applet, the program will then be pinned
  • Various actions are available from the buttons' context menus




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RocketGeee-5 months ago
This is what made the cinnamon Desktop complete. Awesome! Thank you so Much!
Paul Birkholtz
Paul Birkholtz-6 months ago
Fantastic work this runs great!
m-musikhin-11 months ago
Amazing! Thank you! Please return showing only one thumbnail above the cursor instead of all thumbnails in the pool.
Daniella Mesquita
Feature pack I would love to have in this applet: - Support for drag&drop when a button have more than 1 window open (Cinnamon's original applet don't support this) - Drag/reorder windows in a button - Button groups - Window groups
Mina Farag
Mina Farag-1 year ago
Please add an option to make icons visible across workspaces
wilipower-2 years ago
Thank you for this applet it does exactly what i needed!
TheOnlineRando-2 years ago
how to i keep new icons from appearing in the menu when i open an application? its looking like this and i want it to just highlight that an app is running
AleMingh-2 years ago
Hello First all a compliment for your applet. I have a question. Even if I turn off the flag that allows to show the windows that reside on same desktop, I cannot see windows residing on other desktops.
DiegoCPB-3 years ago
Great applet! Adds a lot of functionalities missing from the cinnamon stock grouped windows list. A question though: why does it have a pad (space) on the left of the icons? I can't find where to suppress it in the js files...
Kevin Langman
Kevin Langman-3 years ago
The preview for the GPaste window is stretched and blurred. It's not a resizeable window, maybe that's somehow related?
Jacob Zielinski
Jacob Zielinski-3 years ago
Please add option to display only text or icon of focused application - hiding completely what's not focused.
Cobinja-3 years ago
That is already available via the setting "Display Caption For"
josephhorgan-3 years ago
From freedom came elegance.
ParticleMon-3 years ago
Thank you! I've been suffering with Grouped window list not maintaining my taskbar button order. Request 1: Restore the positions of apps minimized to the tray. At least there's the workaround of pinning apps that can display tray icons and be minimized to the tray, but maximizing screen real estate by eliminating redundant icons on the taskbar would be ideal. Request 2: Hover Peek from Grouped window list.
Victor Tramp
Victor Tramp-3 years ago
here to parrot others, Great applet. The ability to display windows for all monitors is the primary feature for me. Without it, stuck using inferior applets.
MiguelM1969-3 years ago
Very useful. My favorite. I just wish I could change the icon spacing.
David Dhuyvetter
David Dhuyvetter-3 years ago
Great applet. The ability to display windows for all monitors is the ++ feature for me.
jrpruitt-4 years ago
I love the way this app works, but I'm experiencing a serious issue that makes it unusable. After I have several programs open, it gets into a mode where the screen stops refreshing. I right click on a taskbar entry and the context window pops up, but if I go to properties, it doesn't display the sub-menu, and the main context window won't go away. If I close a program, the program closes, but stays on the screen. I can't even reboot the computer because when the menu pops up, the secondary menu with the restart options doesn't show. I'm running Cinnamon 3.2.7 on Debian 9.11.
LinuxOnTheDesktop-4 years ago
This is good stuff. Unlike Grouped Window List, which has now been incorporated into Mint, this applet does not collapse the preview the moment the pointer moves outside of it - which is sanity. However, the inability to change (1) the size of previews (yes?), (2) soacing between items - those things prevent me from using this applet. I wonder whether the author might combine the applet with Grouped Windows List in some fashion - especially since Grouped Window List is unmaintained (even though part of Mint - for its developer has left Mint and no-one seems to have taken his place).
Cobinja-4 years ago
I don't visit here often, sorry for the delayed answer. About 1) In the settings dialog, you can control how many thumbnails should get shown, before they start to get smaller, i.e. how many thumbnails should fit onscreen without shrinking them. The higher the number, the smaller the default size. Minimum is 5. About 2) Integration directly into Cinnamon is unlikely. The integrated Grouped Window List is not abandoned.
alien1618-5 years ago
This is a wonderful applet and I think it should be available in Cinnamon by default. Thank you for the great work.
aPpYe-5 years ago
I like that I can resize the button labels. It would be more useful if it was more of a "maximum" width, rather than fixed, similar to the "Window buttons an have different sizes and use the entire space available" toggle on the standard Cinnamon window list... If we had that it would be perfection for me ;)
Fabian Röling
Fabian Röling-5 years ago
This is basically "Icing task manager", but without some of the features I don't need and with a bunch of bugs less, awesome!
Adriaan Nel
Adriaan Nel-5 years ago
Just want to say congrats on an excellent applet! It's way better than the LM 19 Cinnamon built-in window list applet.
TC68-5 years ago
Hi there - I really like this applet but have a feature request. It would be good to be able to allow all active apps from all workspaces to be shown, and not just those in the current workspace (this is useful in the default window applet and I am lazy switching between workspaces).
rcrx-5 years ago
Really needs the option to close windows by middle click on panel icon and open new instance with middle click on thumbnail. Otherwise it's a really great applet.
Sven71-6 years ago
Hi, Cobinja, thanks for this great applet! I have a feature request though: would it be possible to make grouped windows scrollable with a mouse scroll wheel, please? You know, first scroll to reveal if minimized, next scroll(s) to reveal the next window(s) in the particular group (if any).
Michael Arbet
Michael Arbet-6 years ago
Hello, after seraching for good WindowList applet I found this is great! Thanks! Only one thing: I can pin an icon as a favorite one but this can be done only on particular workspace. That's confusing. More simple method would be just 'Pin as favorite' and done (for all workspaces).
Cobinja-6 years ago
I change dit to the current pinning style with version 2.0. Version 3.0 will probably have the option to either pin globally or workspace-locally.
Brahim Salem
Brahim Salem-6 years ago
great one thanks
Pedro Araújo
Pedro Araújo-6 years ago
This works better for me than IcingTaskManager which has issues displaying the correct currently opened apps on each workspace. For me though there's a major feature missing in this applet, it would be nice to have app launching/raising hotkeys as with Windows taskbars, and as seen in Icing Task Manager with the <Super> + 1,2.. hotkeys to raise the corresponding nth app.
Andrei Sosnov
Andrei Sosnov-5 years ago
+1 about hotkeys. Very useful feature.
wolnerberg-6 years ago
I make a .po file for brazilian portuguese language. How can i send to you?
Cobinja-6 years ago
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse-6 years ago
Great applet. I just wish the icons of opened windows could be customised. For example, if I open Double Commander the Double Commander icon appears, and the same icon be pinned to Cinnamon panel. However, if I'm trying to emulate Windows 7 look with this applet then I need the Total Commander icon rather than Double Commander icon. Even with Double Commander running. Could this be implemented?
Cobinja-6 years ago
I don't think a windowlist applet is the right place to do that. You can customize the icon in the settings of Cinnamon's builtin menu applet
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse-6 years ago
Yes, you're right. I have done exactly that. Thank you.
mallardtheduck-6 years ago
Some windows don't show up (e.g. Spotify), making them inaccessible if minimised. Real shame really; a very nice window list if only it worked...
Cobinja-6 years ago
As the creator, I opened an issue on Github:
magellan-13016-6 years ago
Nice Applet with a big plus compared to Icing Task Manager : Only one thumbnail preview for PlayOnLinux apps when Icing Task manager show two. But two bugs with Cinnamon 3.2.7 on Linux Mint 18.1 : No close icon on each preview, and size of label width has no effect. There is no way to change the size. And always a bug with Thunderbird with FireTray extension : when we click on the FireTray icon, the applet count 2 windows but when we click on the Thunderbird icon on the applet, only one window is count. Nice work ! Please fix theses issues and it will be perfect. Thanks, David.
magellan-13016-6 years ago
Firetray icon issue solved with extension parameters. The only issues remaining are no close button on thumbnails preview and thumbnails size can't be changed.
magellan-13016-6 years ago
Finally no bugs. I just discovered that only label size can be changed in config and it does not affect the thumbnails. So, I would like to change the thumbnails size and have a close button on each one. That's would be nice.
Denis Shcheglov
Denis Shcheglov-6 years ago
add please 'Open new window' by Ctrl+LeftButtonMouse
Lars Mueller
Lars Mueller-6 years ago
Maybe. In the meantime, try middle click ;)
angelo-7 years ago
great applet - thanks a lot!
Piiit-7 years ago
Hi, what is the difference to IcingTaskManager?
NikoKrause-7 years ago
Best window list with app grouping for Cinnamon. Leightweight and fast!
Lars Mueller
Lars Mueller-7 years ago
@kreha1 They don't have the same style. The difference depends on the used theme.
kreha1-7 years ago
@Cobinja: Yes, I know, but closing multiple windows is much quicker with middle click... at least that's what I used to do on Windows - Icing Task Manager ( has that functionality... After using the applet for a few hours I noticed that pinned apps will have the same style as the ones who are running, meaning you cannot distinguish which apps are running ;/.
Lars Mueller
Lars Mueller-7 years ago
@kreha1: There's that little close button on the top right of each preview (shown in the middle preview of my screenshot above). It closes the corresponding window.
kreha1-7 years ago
Great applet. It would be even better if we could something like middle-click on the preview to close the window.