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Last commit: [2c607616] Fix for the setting "Only on this monitor" (#1824)

A window list with app grouping and window previews

This is a Cinnamon applet that intends to partially resemble the Windows 7 taskbar


This applet requires Cinnamon 3.2


Download and enable via cinnamon settings.


This is a window list applet that is aimed at resembling the Windows 7 taskbar (at least partially). Some of the key features are:

  • App grouping: this groups window of each program into one button
  • Previews: When hovering over a button, a menu will show previews of all windows managed by that button
  • Pinning programs: You can pin your favorite programs to workspaces
  • Drag'n'Drop: You can reorder your programs
  • Drop from menu and panel launchers: You can drag menu items from Cinnamon's menu and panel launcher applet to this applet, the program will then be pinned
  • Various actions are available from the buttons' context menus




New Features

  • improve preview size management
  • add option for click-opening the preview menu


  • Fix for height of preview menu in vertical panels
  • Fix size issues in HiDPI-mode


New Feature

  • add ability to receive launchers from the menu via their context menu


New Features

  • Added pinning per workspace
  • Add ability to only show windows that are present on the same monitor as the applet
  • Shrink thumbnails when too many windows are open


  • Fix after StBoxLayout was switched to ClutterBoxLayout (Necessary on future versions of Cinnamon, won't break on Cinnamon 3.2)
  • Fix some windows like Spotify not showing (Fixes #1230)


  • Update pot-file and German translation
  • Added tooltips to some settings
  • Use the new handleDragOut method to delete the drag placeholder (Will only work on future versions of Cinnamon, won't break on Cinnamon 3.2)

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rcrx-1 month ago
Really needs the option to close windows by middle click on panel icon and open new instance with middle click on thumbnail. Otherwise it's a really great applet.
Sven71-2 months ago
Hi, Cobinja, thanks for this great applet! I have a feature request though: would it be possible to make grouped windows scrollable with a mouse scroll wheel, please? You know, first scroll to reveal if minimized, next scroll(s) to reveal the next window(s) in the particular group (if any).
Michael Arbet
Michael Arbet-2 months ago
Hello, after seraching for good WindowList applet I found this is great! Thanks! Only one thing: I can pin an icon as a favorite one but this can be done only on particular workspace. That's confusing. More simple method would be just 'Pin as favorite' and done (for all workspaces).
Cobinja-2 months ago
I change dit to the current pinning style with version 2.0. Version 3.0 will probably have the option to either pin globally or workspace-locally.
Brahim Salem
Brahim Salem-7 months ago
great one thanks
Pedro Araújo
Pedro Araújo-7 months ago
This works better for me than IcingTaskManager which has issues displaying the correct currently opened apps on each workspace. For me though there's a major feature missing in this applet, it would be nice to have app launching/raising hotkeys as with Windows taskbars, and as seen in Icing Task Manager with the <Super> + 1,2.. hotkeys to raise the corresponding nth app.
wolnerberg-7 months ago
I make a .po file for brazilian portuguese language. How can i send to you?
Cobinja-7 months ago
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse-10 months ago
Great applet. I just wish the icons of opened windows could be customised. For example, if I open Double Commander the Double Commander icon appears, and the same icon be pinned to Cinnamon panel. However, if I'm trying to emulate Windows 7 look with this applet then I need the Total Commander icon rather than Double Commander icon. Even with Double Commander running. Could this be implemented?
Cobinja-10 months ago
I don't think a windowlist applet is the right place to do that. You can customize the icon in the settings of Cinnamon's builtin menu applet
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse-10 months ago
Yes, you're right. I have done exactly that. Thank you.
mallardtheduck-10 months ago
Some windows don't show up (e.g. Spotify), making them inaccessible if minimised. Real shame really; a very nice window list if only it worked...
Cobinja-10 months ago
As the creator, I opened an issue on Github:
magellan-13016-11 months ago
Nice Applet with a big plus compared to Icing Task Manager : Only one thumbnail preview for PlayOnLinux apps when Icing Task manager show two. But two bugs with Cinnamon 3.2.7 on Linux Mint 18.1 : No close icon on each preview, and size of label width has no effect. There is no way to change the size. And always a bug with Thunderbird with FireTray extension : when we click on the FireTray icon, the applet count 2 windows but when we click on the Thunderbird icon on the applet, only one window is count. Nice work ! Please fix theses issues and it will be perfect. Thanks, David.
magellan-13016-11 months ago
Firetray icon issue solved with extension parameters. The only issues remaining are no close button on thumbnails preview and thumbnails size can't be changed.
magellan-13016-10 months ago
Finally no bugs. I just discovered that only label size can be changed in config and it does not affect the thumbnails. So, I would like to change the thumbnails size and have a close button on each one. That's would be nice.
Denis Shcheglov
Denis Shcheglov-11 months ago
add please 'Open new window' by Ctrl+LeftButtonMouse
Lars Mueller
Lars Mueller-11 months ago
Maybe. In the meantime, try middle click ;)
angelo-1 year ago
great applet - thanks a lot!
Piiit-1 year ago
Hi, what is the difference to IcingTaskManager?
NikoKrause-1 year ago
Best window list with app grouping for Cinnamon. Leightweight and fast!
Lars Mueller
Lars Mueller-1 year ago
@kreha1 They don't have the same style. The difference depends on the used theme.
kreha1-1 year ago
@Cobinja: Yes, I know, but closing multiple windows is much quicker with middle click... at least that's what I used to do on Windows - Icing Task Manager ( has that functionality... After using the applet for a few hours I noticed that pinned apps will have the same style as the ones who are running, meaning you cannot distinguish which apps are running ;/.
Lars Mueller
Lars Mueller-1 year ago
@kreha1: There's that little close button on the top right of each preview (shown in the middle preview of my screenshot above). It closes the corresponding window.
kreha1-1 year ago
Great applet. It would be even better if we could something like middle-click on the preview to close the window.