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A window list with app grouping and window previews

This is a Cinnamon applet that intends to partially resemble the Windows 7 taskbar


This applet requires Cinnamon 3.2


Download and enable via cinnamon settings.


This is a window list applet that is aimed at resembling the Windows 7 taskbar (at least partially). Some of the key features are:

  • App grouping: this groups window of each program into one button
  • Previews: When hovering over a button, a menu will show previews of all windows managed by that button
  • Pinning programs: You can pin your favorite programs to the applet
  • Drag'n'Drop: You can reorder your programs
  • Drop from menu and panel launchers: You can drag menu items from Cinnamon's menu and panel launcher applet to this applet, the program will then be pinned
  • Various actions are available from the buttons' context menus


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angelo-3 weeks ago
great applet - thanks a lot!
Piiit-1 month ago
Hi, what is the difference to IcingTaskManager?
NikoKrause-1 month ago
Best window list with app grouping for Cinnamon.
Leightweight and fast!
Lars Mueller
Lars Mueller-1 month ago
@kreha1 They don't have the same style. The difference depends on the used theme.
kreha1-1 month ago
@Cobinja: Yes, I know, but closing multiple windows is much quicker with middle click... at least that's what I used to do on Windows - Icing Task Manager ( has that functionality...

After using the applet for a few hours I noticed that pinned apps will have the same style as the ones who are running, meaning you cannot distinguish which apps are running ;/.
Lars Mueller
Lars Mueller-1 month ago
@kreha1: There's that little close button on the top right of each preview (shown in the middle preview of my screenshot above). It closes the corresponding window.
kreha1-1 month ago
Great applet. It would be even better if we could something like middle-click on the preview to close the window.