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Applet for Tor network management



Tor Button

This applet allow you to control Tor Server (also known as Tor Expert Bundle). And you able to connect to Tor network from any browser or app. Just need set proxy settings in in the application you are using ( by default).

Tor Server comes with Tor Browser ( located in <directory with .sh>/Browser/TorBrowser/Tor/tor and in applet settings you can set this path to Tor) or you can install Tor Server separately from the official site, custom ppa or from official repository ('tor' package in Arch Linux, for example).



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sebestyengyoergy-6 months ago
Linux Mint 20.03 Una Tor server install from the repository. Installation OK. (/usr/bin/tor and /etc/tor/torrc) Autostart during boot OK. Tor server runs. The applet doesn't see it and doesn't work. A detailed guide on how to get them together would be most appreciated.
Syntaxxx Err0r
Syntaxxx Err0r-3 years ago
Did any of you that are saying that this applet does not work.. even actually read the DOCS that go with TOR... you might find your reasons for things not working right out of the box like you are hoping for them to... because you didn't read the Docs. TOR itself has several ways to go about enabling the use of it... and with each use.. where in one instance you might be able to have the data files in your $HOME folder. another way might have the data folder elsewhere... and even more so, you might even have your permissions wrong too..
sebestyengyoergy-6 months ago
You seemed to have got it work. Can you help me with solving my problem? (See my post above.) I'd appreciate your help... :)
©TriMoon™-5 years ago
Syas Tor is disabled while it is actually running...sorry useless on Debian 9, with latest tor.
GNU / Linux
GNU / Linux-5 years ago
I would like to know more about how to connect this applet.
Fedora Tux
Fedora Tux-5 years ago
Cinnamon 3.4.6 In Fedora 26 does not work!!!
Goodevil95-5 years ago
Can you explain your issue?