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Applet shows different icon for different public IP addresses. Useful when often using VPN.



IP Indicator

IP indicator applet for Cinnamon desktop environment

Useful in case when often switching VPNs. It shows flag of country of your public IP or customized icon when matching ISP (Internet Service Provider) is found. After opening menu additionally IP, ISP and the country name are displayed.

Some ISPs have not very human friendly name, therefore there is options to set ISP nickname, which will be shown instead.

How it works

  1. periodically check network interfaces with ifconfig command. When new VPN connection is established, usually new tun0 interface is created. This options generates no network traffic, therefore it can be executed often.
  2. periodically call free IP Services. Several IP services are defined, through which the applet cycles and figures out only public IP. As this method generates load on these services, it should not be used very frequent, therefore the interval is possible be set in minute interval.

When any technique recognizes that something has changed, then another request is sent to chosen IP service. Response provides detailed information that is shown in the tooltip.


Clone this repository to .local/share/cinnamon/applets/

For parsing ifconfig output, external shell script is used: getNetworkInterfaces.sh. Make sure that this script has set permissions to be executable!

chmod 755 getNetworkInterfaces.sh


  1. Go to applet's configuration and set debug level to 2.
  2. Remove applet and add it again to the panel.
  3. Try to reproduce the issue.
  4. Open ticket on github and provide the logs from .cinnamon/glass.log.


Flag icons used from http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/flags/.

Following IP Services are called:






Icon and IP:






Custom ISP icon:



  • Simon Brown - maintenance
  • Erik Zetterberg - IP and icon mode suggestion
  • Mirko Hanker - help with the flags

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Shaolin Twelve
Shaolin Twelve-1 month ago
This applet is no longer returning correct addresses and there is a mismatch between whois and the api used in this applet. For example my ip indicates I am on ZEN, when I am in fact on YouFibre. This results in my Home ISP appearing as someone else and will not let me change anything to correct the wrong ISP information.
darkguset-2 months ago
It stopped working in the last few months - I just noticed. I tried removing and re-enabling. It is stuck in "trying to fetch IP information".
BigDadE4TPB-1 year ago
thanks m8, so much better than the others i've tried. :-)
BoredGameGeek-1 year ago
Great for monitoring if your VPN is correctly turned on or not. Great applet!
Maciej Kalisz
Maciej Kalisz-3 years ago
Neat applet, can show in the panel either country flag, or IP address, or both. Just what I was looking for. Thanks.
Mirko1984-4 years ago
A very good and useful theme if you`re using a VPN all the time (like I do). The only thing it would be even better is, if there would be more flags for smaller countries (like Jersey / Isle of Man). But this tool is so helpful! Thank you!!!
Aaron E
Aaron E-6 years ago