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Monitor current price and trends of cryptocurrencies




Cinnamon applet that shows the current values of configured cryptos.

Getting Started

Install via Cinnamon's Applets settings module Download tab.


Download the applet's zip file using the Download button on the applet's Cinnamon Spices web-pages and unzip to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/

Once installed add the applet to your panel via the Applets settings module.


We use SemVer for versioning.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

API Usage

Using CryptoCompare api with one lookup per 5 minutes

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Elias Jachniuk
Elias Jachniuk-2 years ago
Some coins bring current value but wont draw a graph, i saw this behavior with signa and bond
tolivj-2 years ago
tl:dr 1000 seconds (refresh every 16 minutes for me but I monitor 7 different currencies maybe a lower number for you) ok. So I have made those changes and tested for about 2 months and can say I only started to hit my monthly limit for the free account toward the end of the month. That said 1000 seconds isn't real time but it's part of the free account and does work. For people that haven't made an account, set it to 1000 seconds. I wish this were the default and then a note to the user were placed somewhere that explains that you have a finite amount of calls before it will throw an error until the next month. Hope it helps.
RSHall-2 years ago
Perhaps there's a better place to make QOL requests, but why not give us the option to use our own API key within the app? Manually hacking applet.js squawks on load. Thanks for the cool applet, btw. :)
tolivj-2 years ago
Try 1000 seconds. I know it's a long time if you're trying to use these for trading but it should keep you out of foul trouble. Also, a free account helped me. Sorry, I should have tested longer. 1000 so far with a free account is working for me.
InfoLibre-2 years ago
With 300 ms, I'm again blocked by the API after 24 days.
tolivj-2 years ago
kojimad, That solution worked. I even reached out to and asked them to whitelist my ip which was not going to happen. Granted, I've never actually modified javascript like that but hey, first time for everything. To anyone else using this tool, do yourself a favor. Configure them on a VPN with a different IP than the one you will be using. Then once you have the tickers setup the way you want and you know they aren't going to blacklist your ip, then go ahead and turn them back on. Only set them for a check every 300 seconds (5 minutes.) for the free version.
kojimad-2 years ago
Guys, if you add your own api_key parameter with your key at the URL on lines 101 and 213, of applet.js you can have it working with your own cryptocompare key (YOUR_API_KEY), like so: [ ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/cryptocoin@guantanamoe/applet.js ] line 101 let message ='GET', `${unit}?fsym=${this.ticker}&tsym=${this.currency}&limit=${length}&api_key=YOUR_API_KEY`); line 213 this._loadTrackers(`${this.ticker}&tsyms=${this.currency}&api_key=YOUR_API_KEY`); It's a quick fix that saved me!
dwreck86654-2 years ago
awesome, guess we cant use our own api keys etc so we're all just supposed to be stuck with an error message. awesome
dwreck86654-2 years ago
*sigh* crAPP
Chris Read
Chris Read-2 years ago API is hitting a rate limit.
InfoLibre-2 years ago
"Error loading prices..." for ETH, since a month.
Vitor Rigolon
Vitor Rigolon-3 years ago
Not working! Since june/2020 just show "Error loading prices..." One I use for BTC x USD e another for NANO x USD. On manjaro updated with kernel 5.7.14-1-MANJARO and Cinamon 4.6.7
shaqarava-3 years ago
Always getting this: Error loading prices...
Bruno Meneguello
Bruno Meneguello-3 years ago
@MajestykMedia, only one pair per applet, the graph is tied to the pair. But you are able to add multiple applets.
MajestykMedia-3 years ago
Hi, is it possible to add multiple crypto's to the graph - if so please explain how to do this?? Could you please consider adding a choice for a line graph as well as the candle graph already included in your Cryptocoin cinnamon spice.
Razer-4 years ago
Keep getting "error loading prices"
GonnaGoPostal-4 years ago
Works for CURE can this be used to display multiple or is there an addon
gisforgirard-4 years ago
it works for BTC LTC and ETH, but DOGE has the icon appear and stays at $0.00 because not enough digits show haha
Isaac Carter
Isaac Carter-4 years ago
Just verified that LTC is supported by the applet.
tl5k5-5 years ago
Please add litecoin.