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It makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.




A Cinnamon applet that makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

Original Repository: https://github.com/raphaelquintao/QRedshift


If you want to submit some translations please make it on the original repository. It's a lot easier to me keep it synced.

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  • Powerfull Interface.
  • Scroll actions on panel icon.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Temperature from 1000k to 9000k.
  • Gamma from 0.5 to 5.
  • Smooth transition between day and night.
  • Custom location option.
  • Ready to Redshift 1.12


  1. Install Redshift:
    • Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint: sudo apt-get install redshift
    • Red Hat/Cent OS/Fedora: sudo dnf install redshift
  2. Download zip from this link and extract .zip archive to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets
    • Or automatically download it from Cinnamon Applets download tab.
  3. Enable the applet in Cinnamon settings
  4. Make sure you remove redshift-gtk: sudo apt-get remove redshift-gtk or in certain distros (Arch based):
    • remove the redshift package, then install the redshift-minimal package
    • or use this command: which redshift-gtk && sudo chmod -x $(which redshift-gtk)
  5. ~/.config/redshift.conf may conflict with this applet, it is highly recommended removing it.
    • Applet will show a warning to remove it.
  6. Make sure you disable redshift service systemctl mask --user redshift.service
    • Applet will automatically attempt to disable the default redshift service.
    • If you want to enable it again, run systemctl unmask --user redshift.service


  • 1.7.3
    • Fixed small bug on smooth transition.
    • Fixed messages when not using manual night time.
  • 1.7.2
    • Fixed sliders on Cinnamon 5.4
    • Automatically check for redshift-gtk and notify to remove it.
    • Smooth transition between day and night.
  • 1.7.1
    • Auto update is only used when night is enabled.
  • 1.7.0
    • Fixed issues with asynchronous command calls.
      • Main redshift call reverted to synchronous, so the cinnamon will show the annoying message again: This applet contains function calls that could potentially cause Cinnamon to crash or freeze.
      • I noticed that on some (slow?) computers many asynchronous calls cause the application to freeze.
  • 1.6.0
    • Added manual night time option.
    • Fixed some issues with Debian.
  • 1.5.5
    • Fixed icon blinking when using symbolic icon.
  • 1.5.4
    • Fixed: "This applet contains function calls that could potentially cause Cinnamon to crash or freeze."
  • 1.5.3
    • Fixed some issues with Debian.
      • Automatically disable redshift default service.
    • Removed default keyboard shortcuts.
  • 1.5.2
    • Added keyboard shortcut to increase brightness <Control>Page_Up
    • Added keyboard shortcut to decrease brightness <Control>Page_Down
    • Added keyboard shortcut to increase temperature <Control><Shift>Page_Up
    • Added keyboard shortcut to decrease temperature <Control><Shift>Page_Down
    • Added support to lower gamma.
    • Added option to use a symbolic icon.
  • 1.5.1
    • Update night brightness on scrolling.
    • Added support to version 4.6.
  • 1.5
    • Added keyboard shortcut to toggle On/Off <Control>End
    • Added localization support.
  • 1.4
    • Fixed icon scale.
    • Added support to version 4.3 and 4.4


Language Translator
Bulgarian @spacy01
Danish @Alan01
Dutch @Vistaus
French @claudiux
German @OzzieIsaacs
Hungarian @kami911
Italian @eperulli
Polish @szedar14
Portuguese (Brazil) @raphaelquintao
Portuguese (Portugal) @hugok79
Romanian @AndreiMiculita
Spanish (Mexico) @RichLuna
Spanish (Spain) @haggen88
Swedish @eson57
Turkish @kelebek333


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László Monda
László Monda-2 months ago
The applet works great, but the sudden day-night changes are unpleasant to the eye. It'd be much nicer if there was a specifyable interval during which the applet gradually transitions between night and day.
Kawasofft-3 months ago
must have applet
daBUG-4 months ago
Second @Markus
MarkezTH-4 months ago
I also confirm what @Markus has said
Markus-4 months ago
Hello Raphael, after the last update a message appear which says that cinnamon is not able to start an applet. In Looking Glass i found the folowing error message: error t=2024-01-16T11:08:59Z [qredshift@quintao]: Meta.is_wayland_compositor is not a function [qredshift@quintao]: Failed to load applet: qredshift@quintao/14 error t=2024-01-16T11:08:59Z [qredshift@quintao]: Applet qredshift@quintao: Could not create applet object. [qredshift@quintao]: Error importing applet.js from qredshift@quintao QRedshift seems to work normal, but on every system startup the message mentioned above is shown. OS: Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon
henkiejan1-4 months ago
It works just fine. But with Cinnamon on Wayland it will not work. When i change adjusment to "Wayland" the whole system freez and crash. Should be nice it will support also Cinnamon on Wayland! :)
nohing-11 months ago
Hi! Suddenly Qredshift it stopped working, I already tried to uninstall and reinstall, but still it doesn't work. Any help?
Jean Franco Amoni Rodríguez
Could this work on XFCE?
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-11 months ago
No! Its completely different platform.
Arthur Aivazov
Arthur Aivazov-1 year ago
Great applet:) This is what I was looking for :) Thank you so match! :)
Nitrooo-1 year ago
On Manjaro Linux it shows the "redshift-gtk should be removed" warning, but only "redshift" package is installed.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-11 months ago
On some distros the redshift-gui comes together with the redshift package, so there's no way to remove it. On some distros you can remove the redshift package and install the "redshift-light" or something like that, i dont know if manjaro has that option
adamsnumber1-1 year ago
excellent applet protects my eyes thanks to the developer.
Jonathan Sanfilippo
works, Arch Linux sudo pacman -S redshift :)
Said Hadouki
Said Hadouki-1 year ago
Thank you so much !!
Calaifur-2 years ago
wonderful! so glad to have control over the color temp
wolkzel-2 years ago
Thanks for saving my eyes.
richo-2 years ago
thank you very much, it's very good. (muchas gracias, es muy bueno).
hvcrios-2 years ago
Works perfect, way better than the default implementation on mint, definitely filled the F.lux gap from leaving windows behind (good riddance). You can easily set some keybindings to turn it on/off, and change pretty much any setting on the fly.
Shaun-2 years ago
This is amazing! It would be even better if there was an option to suspend for X minutes.
DrSpooglemon-2 years ago
Nice. I've been using the command line until now because redshift-gtk didn't work on my laptop.
Lowrida-2 years ago
I have a setup with 2 monitors and in Linux Mint 19.x it worked flawless. Only the main monitor got red-shifted. But now i'm on Mint 20.x and only both monitors get red-shifted! I copied base.conf to the new folder but that did not work. I removed redshift-gtk but that also did not work. When i use on the cmdline "redshift -x -t 5700:4700 -g 0.8 -o -m vidmode:screen=0" then only the main monitor gets shifted, and with an additional "-P" it goes back to normal. I also have the line "vidmode:screen=0" in base.conf, but it looks like it does not read that file... What can i do so only the primary screen gets shifted??
Juan-Lutz-3 years ago
LM 20.1 and Cinnamon 4.8.6 : This Applets still appear with a warning message about potential freezes. Cinnamon crashes the last week twice I uninstall the applet and replace it. But I like it and I wan´t to have a proper update for Cinnamon 4.x... is it possible? THX.
farzin-az-3 years ago
Hello and thank you for this applet. I've been using this applet for a while now and I just had problem with it recently which of course got solved when I updated it to the 1.7.0 version. But yet there is an option I wish the applet had and that's a reset button to change all the settings to default ones. After messing around with the options I no longer remember the original settings and sometimes I have to disable the applet (especially in the day mode) to get the natural look of the monitor again.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
If you wanna reset the default (neutral) values, you can right click on the sliders in the applet.
kosakepferd-3 years ago
I've only been using Linux Mint on my laptop for a few weeks. One of the first programs I installed was QRedshift. I really like the program, but I have a problem: when I set the autoupdate interval to 20 seconds, I have a short jerk every 20 seconds in all videos (Youtube, Vimeo, Kodi). It took quite a long time to figure out that QRedshift is the cause. What exactly is the update interval? What exactly is being updated?
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
Thanks for report! I released the version 1.7.0 today, can you let me know if the problem persists?
Aleksandr Strelov
Aleksandr Strelov-3 years ago
I remember some time ago the applet description had this warning about potential freezes. Now it doesn't. Still causes freezes though.
Aleksandr Strelov
Aleksandr Strelov-3 years ago
I have exactly same problem with this applet. System just freezes for 0.5 sec every update. redshift-gtk from redshift package works flawlessly and has tray icon as well.
JakubRimal-3 years ago
Hi, in one of the latest updates this started to happen: If "Use symbolic icon" is switched on, the "normal" (red) icon blinks instead of the symbolic one every time the applet updates (so in the interval of "Update interval (Sec.)"). It would be nice to have this fixed. Thank you!
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
Thanks for the report, i will take a look at that. Can you open a issue on github: https://github.com/raphaelquintao/QRedshift It is much better for us to keep in touch, and keep track of the bugs...
JakubRimal-3 years ago
Thank you for the fix! Yes of course next time I'll open an issue on GitHub, I'm sorry I realized that too late.
didier-linux-3 years ago
Dear Raphael Quintao, Thanks a lot for this great application, since I use it, I can't do without. I did an update of the latest version (1.5.4 (2021-02-24 22:37:53) yesterday and observed a bug since the update : first method: changing manually "temp" or "bright" cursors with lclick on mouse, slip and release mouse does not change temp nor bright. After moving the cursor this way, temp or bright are change only after performing a "reload applet" but, second method, changing manually "temp" or "bright" cursors by left clicking directly on the cursor bar works to the condition the first method as not been tried before. This bug occurs only since the version 1.5.4, and occurs either with day or night cursors. I did not change any options before and after the update. Thanks a lot If you could fix this bug, because I love Qredshift. My Cinnamon version is 4.8.6, under Mint LMDE 4 Debbie distribution (Debian 10). best regards, Didier
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
With scroll still working?
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
Hi. Thanks for the report. I will take look on that this week end.
didier-linux-3 years ago
Hello Raphael, sorry I missed your answer, thanks a lot for your quick reply ! It does not work by scrolling the mouse. I am available for every test you need I perform.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
In Mint i don't have that problem, people report a lot of problems in Debian, because they use the testing repository, and that beta and alpha packages has a lot of bugs and testing features. Is hard for me to keep update with this. But anyways i will make a clean installation of Debian and try to figure out whats happening, Can you open a issue on github: https://github.com/raphaelquintao/QRedshift It is much better for us to keep in touch, open o issue with the same text of you first post.
didier-linux-3 years ago
Hello, I opened an Issue at first on github before to writte you but as there was no repply, I directly contact you after: my github is here : https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon-spices-applets/issues/3660 My distribution is MINT LMDE 4, this is the Mint Debian Edition. This is a real debian 10 stable (buster) based distribution including backports and with additionnals Mint packages as you can see on my source.list, there is no testing or sid repository: deb http://packages.linuxmint.com debbie main upstream import backport #id:linuxmint_main deb https://deb.debian.org/debian buster main contrib non-free deb https://deb.debian.org/debian buster-updates main contrib non-free deb http://security.debian.org buster/updates main contrib non-free deb https://deb.debian.org/debian buster-backports main contrib non-free As I explained before the previous version of Qredshift worked perfectly on the same distribution. Thanks to test on Debian 10, since if it works on debian10, I see no reason not to work on LMDE4 . I also did what you recommand on "installation" section, removing a redshift-gtk package and disable redshift ...
Charlie-Harper-3 years ago
What would it take to bring this applet to Mate Desktop? Or at least: is it possible to add to the applet that already exists in Mate (redshift-gtk) the functionality to change the values with the mouse wheel? (Sorry for the possible ignorance, I am not a programmer).
LinuxOnTheDesktop-3 years ago
Thanks for your applet. There are problems with the how the applet is described within the Cinnamon 'download' window. To wit: there is a '.n' instead of a space; there is a missing space; the comma in ', make sure you remove it' is ungrammatical; and the 'it' within that phrase is slightly ambiguous.
Juan-Lutz-3 years ago
Under my view is the best Redshift GUI configuration applet ! It seems it works fine in LM 20 with Cinnamon 4.6.7. (till now). The only ( and very important one ) feedback is that installed in LM 20 appear as an applet that can cause Cinnamon to crash ! It is really not possible to update it to the Cinnamon Version 4.6.7 ?
Juan-Lutz-3 years ago
oh .... an additional best thing is that "geoclue" is not used. For instance redshift-gtk sometimes does not find the location and stop to work !
Andrei Miculita
Andrei Miculita-3 years ago
Sadly, the filter disappears and the whole screen flashes when another applet is added to the same panel, or an applet is moved. Very distracting. The ability to specify temperatures is what's keeping me from using (non-Q) Redshift.
JakubRimal-3 years ago
Thank you very much for this great applet but please consider removing default keyboard shortcuts as they are system-wide! It takes me ages (see https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=208&t=334381) to realize why Ctrl + PageUp stopped working... Thanks! :)
Z.-3 years ago
I ran into the same problem, but actually you can unset them in the app settings (click the gear icon at the bottom, you'll end up on what we see in the screenshots, the third tab is for shortcuts).
mikenest-3 years ago
Debian with Cinnamon 4.6.7 works just fine. Russian translation would be appreciated.
big-fishh-3 years ago
Applet doesn't work on Mint 20. I've removed redshift-gtk and I still get the error about the conflict between gtk and qredshift
thoklente-3 years ago
Thanks for the great App. I changed settings-schema.json and applet.js on my machine to have always steps of 10 for the brightness (with keyboard and mouse). Seems a better choice to me then increments of only 1.
realtek2017-3 years ago
What’s the theme in the background of the screenshot?
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
A custom theme i made for myself!
MaxDaniels77-3 years ago
I have a sugest, when you set in night mode and try to adjust using scroll, moves the day config, and dont make any change in the actual mode. i really like your app!
whatistime-3 years ago
any possibility to have this awesome applet work across dual monitors?
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer-3 years ago
I encountered this same issue, and (assuming you're using randr mode) it appears to be related to randr's "crtc" setting overriding the "screen" setting. The "screen" and "crtc" settings are used to modify randr's default of adjusting all displays simultaneously. The fix is to edit ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/qredshift@quintao/assets/base.conf and *remove* the following two lines under "[randr]" screen=0,1,2 crtc=0,1,2 Technically I only had to remove the crtc line, but there's no reason to be hard-setting the target screens when the default is to adjust them all.
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer-3 years ago
Alternately, you can comment out the lines if you don't want to lose them by prefixing them with a semi-colon (INI format): [randr] ;screen=0,1,2 ;crtc=0,1,2 Note that you need to right-click on the applet and select "Reload Applet" from the popup menu after making changes.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
This is the best way to do this! I will fix that in the next update. Thanks for report.
navaare-3 years ago
1)(radr only adjustment) Hit at terminal: xrandr 2)Copy signature of every next monitor to add Like HDMI-2 DP-2 printed on the screen 3)Find installation folder of your applet mine was ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/qredshift@quintao/applet.js 3) Open in any text editor applet.js after -> this.doCommand(cmd); following line for every next monitor: GLib.spawn_command_line_sync(`xrandr --output DP-2 --brightness ${this.opt.dayBrightness / 100} --gamma ${this.opt.gammaMix}:${this.opt.gammaMix}:${this.opt.gammaMix}`); 4) Click Reload applet 5) Now both monitors have gamma and brightness adjusting Colours are usually set fixed so make no sense to change it
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
That not the best handle it. it should work normal for multiple monitors.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
the best way to*
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
the best way*
navaare-3 years ago
You don't have a choice if redshift out-the-box does not handle multiple monitors
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
Try change the adjustment method.
ParadingLunatic-4 years ago
Looks like it's not compatible with the current version of Cinnamon on Manjaro (4.6.2). "error t=2020-06-01T22:01:20Z [qredshift@quintao]: Extension is not compatible with current Cinnamon version"
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-4 years ago
Fixed in version 1.5.1
Surja Gain
Surja Gain-3 years ago
Hi, really a fan fan of this applet, it truly is one of the most useful ones. But when I install this on Linux Mint 20, Cinnamon version 4.6.6, the Applet dialog box displays a message "This applet contains function calls that could potentially cause Cinnamon to crash or freeze". I would be grateful if you could confirm that this applet will not cause Cinnamon to freeze and force me hard reset the system. Thanks again for this wonderful application.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 years ago
Relax its just a default message from cinnamon, when you use some specific apis. It can freeze of course, but probably you will not need to hard reset the system.
Manish Sinha
Manish Sinha-4 years ago
Nicely done, thank you!
ivanaponi-4 years ago
Why do we have TWO redshifts?
Keith Brandenburg
Keith Brandenburg-4 years ago
Dang typo I cant fix down there. I meant I have NO keyboard buttons for brightness.
Keith Brandenburg
Keith Brandenburg-4 years ago
I spent hours searching for a good way to adjust screen brightness using an applet (I have to keyboard buttons for brightness) and this was the best (only really) option I found, so thank you so much for giving me brightness controls in an applet and giving redshift all the options I love it! Thanks team!
Surja Gain
Surja Gain-4 years ago
Thank you very much for this applet, it is far better than what comes with default in Linux Mint 19 and makes it easy to adjust the options. I hope it you keep it updated so that it works with the subsequent Cinnamon and Linux Mint releases. Thanks a lot again and take care :)
ben2talk-4 years ago
Nice. I appreciate having the option to dim the screen (good when I need to disable my dark theme) at the touch of a brightness key on the keyboard and scroll to fine tune it. No need for night settings, or location, turned that off. Nice options... I also disagree that automatic adjustments are really a good idea given that most of us use our machines indoors where lighting is pretty constant (e.g curtains closed lights on, or curtains open daytime - requiring a simple switch)... however, people do like fancy automated settings despite not using a sensor to detect the environment.
skoufaki-4 years ago
amazing thank you! so far I've done it all via terminal. would like to donate a little bit for your effort. now most perfect would be if we were able to adjust the values automatically accordingly to a given time.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-4 years ago
Thanks! Now you can donate if you want. =D
Draconicrose-4 years ago
I like it. Please add the ability to use a symbolic icon instead of the red icon though.
QRedshift is a really great applet! Thank you so much for it! Unfortunately it works only on one monitor for me. When I enter e.g. "redshift -O 3500 -b 0.8" in the normal command-line, both monitors are redshifted and darker. But with the applet only one. I'm using Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon with two 4K-monitors from LG. Connected by Displayport-Cables. My graphics-card is Intel UHD Graphics 630. I really hope, you can fix that. Thank you!
William Da Silva
William Da Silva-4 years ago
Try changing the "Adjustment Method" in the configurations menu. I had a similar problem, and setting the adjustment method to vidmode fixed it for me.
Alexander Sobyanin
Alexander Sobyanin-3 years ago
Thank you, vidmode works and all screens's temperature changes, but I can't disable it. I can change the temperature to about the same values as disabled, but toggle doesn't work.
anantDD-4 years ago
Thanks. Solved my prolem too. :)
Andrés Del Carpio
Andrés Del Carpio-4 years ago
Itś working great on Manjaro. The UI is really cool too. Props.
spieriz-4 years ago
It's great applet! Really helps during work at evening and night. Unfortunately I'm unable to launch applet since last it's update (I guess from 1.4 to 1.5) - only got message "Something went wrong while loading, report issue to its developer". I'm using Linux Mint 19.3 with Cinnamon 4.4.8.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-4 years ago
I tested here, with 4.4.8 and is all working fine. Try delete the config files.
someone1233-4 years ago
I came here to give it a star. Thanks redshift :D
claudiux-4 years ago
Fabulous applet! A must have! Thank you, Raphael, for our eyes.
aroumeliotis-4 years ago
It's a must have app! Especially if you want to use the laptop in bed with low lighting. Unfortunatelly it stopped working after mint upgrade to 19.3 Cinnamon 4.4.5
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-4 years ago
Thanks ! What happens in that version?
aroumeliotis-4 years ago
It's apparently just a version compatibility issue. I just edited the json with the metadata to include cinnamon 4.4. The applet utility still has a notification saying that this app "contains function calls that could potentially cause cinnamon to crash", but runs fine for now.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-4 years ago
Good to know! That message is normal.
mosge-4 years ago
Correction. Does not work in Cinnamon 4.2.4
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-4 years ago
Works normal on my 4.2.4 with Debian.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-4 years ago
What happens in that version?
mosge-4 years ago
Work great and, yes, the icon it's a lot bigger than the icons of other applets.
N1vBruno-4 years ago
This applet is awesome, thanks. I'd just like to request, if possible, to implement scaling to the icon. It's a lot bigger than the icons of other applets and I didn't found a way to resize it (the options in panel settings resize the other applets but not QRedshift).
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-4 years ago
Fixed on version 1.4.
Hanial Li
Hanial Li-4 years ago
work great