UUID: qredshift@quintao
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1 month ago 2020-06-02, 20:53 UTC
Last commit: [847003dd] Version 1.5.1 (#3046)

Sets brightness, gamma levels and color temperature with Redshift. This applet conflicts with redshift-gtk, make sure you remove it.




A Cinnamon applet that sets brightness, gamma levels and color temperature with Redshift.

Original Repository: https://github.com/raphaelquintao/QRedshift


  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin: 1NaiaFcVGrrMs9amjyb4aVV1dJoLfdKe3Q


  • Powerfull Interface.
  • Scroll actions on panel icon.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Temperature from 1000k to 9000k.
  • Gamma from 1 to 5.
  • Custom location option.
  • Ready to Redshift 1.12


  1. Install Redshift:
    • Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint: sudo apt-get install redshift
    • Red Hat/Cent OS/Fedora: sudo dnf install redshift
  2. Download zip from this link
  3. Extract .zip archive to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets
  4. Enable the applet in Cinnamon settings
  5. Make sure you remove redshift-gtk sudo apt-get remove redshift-gtk


  • 1.5.1

  • 1.5
  • 1.4
    • Fixed icon scale.
    • Added support to version 4.3 and 4.4


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whatistime-3 weeks ago
any possibility to have this awesome applet work across dual monitors?
navaare-2 weeks ago
1)(radr only adjustment) Hit at terminal: xrandr 2)Copy signature of every next monitor to add Like HDMI-2 DP-2 printed on the screen 3)Find installation folder of your applet mine was ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/qredshift@quintao/applet.js 3) Open in any text editor applet.js after -> this.doCommand(cmd); following line for every next monitor: GLib.spawn_command_line_sync(`xrandr --output DP-2 --brightness ${this.opt.dayBrightness / 100} --gamma ${this.opt.gammaMix}:${this.opt.gammaMix}:${this.opt.gammaMix}`); 4) Click Reload applet 5) Now both monitors have gamma and brightness adjusting Colours are usually set fixed so make no sense to change it
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-3 weeks ago
Try change the adjustment method.
ParadingLunatic-1 month ago
Looks like it's not compatible with the current version of Cinnamon on Manjaro (4.6.2). "error t=2020-06-01T22:01:20Z [qredshift@quintao]: Extension is not compatible with current Cinnamon version"
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-1 month ago
Fixed in version 1.5.1
Manish Sinha
Manish Sinha-1 month ago
Nicely done, thank you!
ivanaponi-1 month ago
Why do we have TWO redshifts?
Keith Brandenburg
Keith Brandenburg-2 months ago
Dang typo I cant fix down there. I meant I have NO keyboard buttons for brightness.
Keith Brandenburg
Keith Brandenburg-2 months ago
I spent hours searching for a good way to adjust screen brightness using an applet (I have to keyboard buttons for brightness) and this was the best (only really) option I found, so thank you so much for giving me brightness controls in an applet and giving redshift all the options I love it! Thanks team!
Surja Gain
Surja Gain-2 months ago
Thank you very much for this applet, it is far better than what comes with default in Linux Mint 19 and makes it easy to adjust the options. I hope it you keep it updated so that it works with the subsequent Cinnamon and Linux Mint releases. Thanks a lot again and take care :)
ben2talk-2 months ago
Nice. I appreciate having the option to dim the screen (good when I need to disable my dark theme) at the touch of a brightness key on the keyboard and scroll to fine tune it. No need for night settings, or location, turned that off. Nice options... I also disagree that automatic adjustments are really a good idea given that most of us use our machines indoors where lighting is pretty constant (e.g curtains closed lights on, or curtains open daytime - requiring a simple switch)... however, people do like fancy automated settings despite not using a sensor to detect the environment.
skoufaki-2 months ago
amazing thank you! so far I've done it all via terminal. would like to donate a little bit for your effort. now most perfect would be if we were able to adjust the values automatically accordingly to a given time.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-1 month ago
Thanks! Now you can donate if you want. =D
Draconicrose-2 months ago
I like it. Please add the ability to use a symbolic icon instead of the red icon though.
QRedshift is a really great applet! Thank you so much for it! Unfortunately it works only on one monitor for me. When I enter e.g. "redshift -O 3500 -b 0.8" in the normal command-line, both monitors are redshifted and darker. But with the applet only one. I'm using Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon with two 4K-monitors from LG. Connected by Displayport-Cables. My graphics-card is Intel UHD Graphics 630. I really hope, you can fix that. Thank you!
William Da Silva
William Da Silva-3 months ago
Try changing the "Adjustment Method" in the configurations menu. I had a similar problem, and setting the adjustment method to vidmode fixed it for me.
Alexander Sobyanin
Alexander Sobyanin-3 weeks ago
Thank you, vidmode works and all screens's temperature changes, but I can't disable it. I can change the temperature to about the same values as disabled, but toggle doesn't work.
anantDD-2 months ago
Thanks. Solved my prolem too. :)
Andrés Del Carpio
Andrés Del Carpio-4 months ago
Itś working great on Manjaro. The UI is really cool too. Props.
spieriz-5 months ago
It's great applet! Really helps during work at evening and night. Unfortunately I'm unable to launch applet since last it's update (I guess from 1.4 to 1.5) - only got message "Something went wrong while loading, report issue to its developer". I'm using Linux Mint 19.3 with Cinnamon 4.4.8.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-5 months ago
I tested here, with 4.4.8 and is all working fine. Try delete the config files.
someone1233-5 months ago
I came here to give it a star. Thanks redshift :D
claudiux-6 months ago
Fabulous applet! A must have! Thank you, Raphael, for our eyes.
aroumeliotis-6 months ago
It's a must have app! Especially if you want to use the laptop in bed with low lighting. Unfortunatelly it stopped working after mint upgrade to 19.3 Cinnamon 4.4.5
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-6 months ago
Thanks ! What happens in that version?
aroumeliotis-6 months ago
It's apparently just a version compatibility issue. I just edited the json with the metadata to include cinnamon 4.4. The applet utility still has a notification saying that this app "contains function calls that could potentially cause cinnamon to crash", but runs fine for now.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-6 months ago
Good to know! That message is normal.
mosge-6 months ago
Correction. Does not work in Cinnamon 4.2.4
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-6 months ago
Works normal on my 4.2.4 with Debian.
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-6 months ago
What happens in that version?
mosge-6 months ago
Work great and, yes, the icon it's a lot bigger than the icons of other applets.
N1vBruno-9 months ago
This applet is awesome, thanks. I'd just like to request, if possible, to implement scaling to the icon. It's a lot bigger than the icons of other applets and I didn't found a way to resize it (the options in panel settings resize the other applets but not QRedshift).
Raphael Quintão
Raphael Quintão-6 months ago
Fixed on version 1.4.
Hanial Li
Hanial Li-9 months ago
work great