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Monitor yet unwritten cached data. Click on the applet to sync (write out cached data). Useful when copying large files to slow removable medium(e.g. pendrive).




Cinnamon DE panel applet to show unwritten data amount and initiate sync

What is this?

It is a simple panel applet for the Cinnamon Desktop Environment. Its main goal is to show the amount of dirty data in memory, and be able to execute sync operation by a single click.

The number one use case is to monitor yet unwritten data onto slow pendrives. Copying large files to a slow removable media seemingly might happen in a moment, but under the hood only the write chace was written. Initiating sync operation before media removal can prevent data loss by actually writing out the content of the cache.



Manual install

Just copy the sync@szlldm directory into ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/

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