SSH Connect

UUID: sshconnect@foobar-beer
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Open SSH shell based on applet configuration table with optional configuration of console profile and flags per each connection.



SSH Connect

Applet for providing configurable UI for storing and opening SSH connections.

  • Install
  • Add to panel
  • Edit Applet configuration
  • Add your own connections
  • ???
  • Profit!

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Kamran Miadi
Kamran Miadi-1 month ago
How can I use it with terminator? I set the terminal application to terminator and it's flag to -x but it wont work. doesn't launch terminator and nothing happens.
Kamran Miadi
Kamran Miadi-1 month ago
I fixed it. i should use -e. Thank you so much. grouping feature is very cool.
pengeldi-1 year ago
Wonderful and easy applet! You also can create config file manually in ~/.cinnamon/configs/sshconnect@foobar-beer