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Download and apply Today's Bing Wallpaper to your desktop



Bing Desktop Wallpaper for Cinnamon

A Cinnamon applet to apply the daily Bing Wallpaper to your Cinnamon desktop

Based on the Gnome Shell extension

The Bing Image of the Day will be downloaded automatically and updated daily when a new image becomes available

The resolution downloaded is 4k (UHD). The resizing behaviour can be configured in Cinnamon under Backgrounds -> Settings -> Picture Aspect

Bing is a trademark of Microsoft, and the Copyright for the Images belongs to the individual owners; use is restricted to wallpaper only. This software has no affiliation with Microsoft or Bing.

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Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo-1 month ago
How can I remove old Bing downloaded images from my system? Where can I locate Bing downloaded images?
cpinochet-1 month ago
the images on my system are located in "./.config/bingwallpaper" folder.
sbadux-3 months ago
Thank you very much. I love this applet!
Navid-4 months ago
Some times duo to internet connection image will load incomplete,Is there any solution or method I'll be able refresh loaded image again?
VasilisKos-7 months ago
Great app! One comment though. In Mint 20.1 the picture is not saved as described in the README ("to the user's Pictures folder"). Instead it's saved in /home/"user"/.config/bingwallpaper, which is a hidden folder. I think it should be saved as described. That would make it easily accesible.
Navid-8 months ago
it would be great if wallpaper will be change based on local time or user can set refresh time based on location he/she is living.
Alex-8 months ago
Hi, although there is a localised image for many areas, all Bing images seem to be refreshed at 0800 UTC. I decided to stick to the indicated refresh time for simplicity, so you always get the latest image immediately.
Navid-8 months ago
Hi, Thank you for your answer,I thought probably it can be a good option if users be able set refresh time optionally, for example: when they will turn on their PC in the morning they'll be able see fresh image because wallpapered changed at 3.AM(based on local time) already for example.
Wallpaper does not changed after first installation. Firstly, it changed my default wallpaper to nice flying frog. But, when wallpaper was changed on the phone, I have checked picture on the desktop - in icon written "Clouds above Tenerife", but frog still flying.
I'm sorry for my first post. Now it works perfectly, but I still don't know why first installation was unsuccesful.
Alex-1 year ago
Hello, there was an issue with synchronising with the correct day, but this should now be fixed
Mintulix-1 year ago
Current wallpaper description is lost when Cinnamon is restarted. Could it be stored somewhere?
plop28-1 year ago
Thanks for this update, works well on mint 19.3. Could it have an option to remove the taskbar icon in the future ?