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Download and apply Today's Bing Wallpaper to your desktop



Bing Desktop Wallpaper for Cinnamon

A Cinnamon applet to apply the daily Bing Wallpaper to your Cinnamon desktop

Based on the Gnome Shell extension

The Bing Image of the Day will be downloaded automatically and updated daily when a new image becomes available

The resolution downloaded is 4k (UHD). The resizing behaviour can be configured in Cinnamon under Backgrounds -> Settings -> Picture Aspect

Bing is a trademark of Microsoft, and the Copyright for the Images belongs to the individual owners; use is restricted to wallpaper only. This software has no affiliation with Microsoft or Bing.

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St. Frank
St. Frank-11 months ago
In the meantime there has been an update. The applet works very well. Great work
threapUSA-1 year ago
Hi Alex, this is a really great little applet. I'm using it on LM 21.1 with no problem. I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of modifying your code to address two of the issues other users have raised here - my modified version now a) saves to the user's Pictures folder, and b) auto-archives the previous day's wallpaper and its accompanying metadata each time a new image is downloaded. I've never developed an applet before, so it was a great learning experience for me. The biggest hurdle was figuring out that to get Cinnamon to reload the applet after each change, I had to restart the desktop. I was tearing my hair out wondering why none of the changes I made were taking effect :) I'll try posting the changed applet.js here in the comments tomorrow, unless you have a preferred way for me to share it (indeed, you might prefer me not to distribute it, and as the author that's your perogative!)
St. Frank
St. Frank-1 year ago
The application is dead. ASince Apr 21, 2020 the author has not updated or worked on it. Support is also no longer available.
Alex-1 year ago
Still working for me
St. Frank
St. Frank-1 year ago
Images are not downloaded completely. The bottom half of the image is missing. It would be advantageous if the image of the day is downloaded after the start of the operating system with a time delay of 20 seconds. OS: LMDE 5 Lenovo ThinkPad T420 Intel Core i5-2520M (2.50GHz, 3MB L3, 1333MHz FSB) Intel HD 3000 Grafik RAM 8GB
St. Frank
St. Frank-1 year ago
1) How can I reload or refresh the image if it was not loaded correctly? 2) How to change the location of the images ( instead of $user/.config/bingwallpaper to usr/share/backgrounds?
andrevz81-1 year ago
Thanks for the applet. Though I had to manually load the folder from the Desktop Background settings, at least it works. Is there a way to save each day's image with the name as per applet info?
jazzmess-1 year ago
Hi :) Thanks for this applet, it's awesome to have all these images as backgrounds, makes the experience of using my PC much nicer. I have the following issue: the image appears zoomed in, and it getts bigger and bigger throughout the day (I don't know the rule to replicate this). - Here's a screenshot of my desktop: - And this is Bing homepage: I'm using Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon 5.4.11 btw. Any help is welcomed, TIA.
Alex-1 year ago
Hi, I think this is Cinnamon related behaviour, I have seen it happen when the screen resolution changes to something higher, which can happen automatically if the attached display changes. This can be reset by changing the Picture Aspect in Backgrounds -> Settings - I would also expect a restart to fix it though. Can't explain the continuous zooming though sorry.
Rabblerouser-1 year ago
Is there a way to set it up so the icon/panel isn't visible?
Albert Gallego i Saballs
It would be amazing if someone could adapt this extension to make it possible to choose between Bing and Wikimedia Commons Image of the day. Or fork and adapt it.
lightfindyou-2 years ago
After a crash of my system, the applet seems not wok. After some debug, I find that _downloadMetaData function get status_code 6, which means SOUP_STATUS_SSL_FAILED and the applet keeps re-download every 60 seconds. I does not know why it keeps return this error, but when I change the URI of bing to use http instead of https, it seems the applet starts work. By the way, I find that Soup is really hard to use, I spent the whole afternoon to find out what the status_code 6 means, and even now, I still does not known how to find out what is the problem with the SSL connection.
Alex-2 years ago
Thanks for looking into this in detail. I'm not sure why the https connection failed in your case. I agree libsoup is difficult to use, and I would be interested if alternative client request libraries are available in cjs/gjs. I haven't really found any comprehensive reference documentation for cjs/gjs though.
rockingStone-2 years ago
is here any log files for Bing Desktop Wallpaper applet? My cinnamon desktop crashed and I reinstalled it, after that wall paper seems not work, I have tried to reinstall it, but it not works. I also tried to find the script under ~/.config dir, but it seems nothing useful under the dir.
Alex-2 years ago
You can view logs using Melange, the Cinnamon debugger. It should appear when pressing Super + L. You can reload the applet by right clicking it under the 'extensions' tab and see if any errors appear in the log. It's also possible to enable more verbose logging by editing the applet directly. In ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ there is a line that reads const logging = false; This can be set to true (reload again to see the additional log entries)
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo-2 years ago
How can I remove old Bing downloaded images from my system? Where can I locate Bing downloaded images?
Alex-2 years ago
Just to clarify, only one image is ever saved at ~/.config/bingwallpaper/BingWallpaper.jpg
cpinochet-2 years ago
the images on my system are located in "./.config/bingwallpaper" folder.
sbadux-2 years ago
Thank you very much. I love this applet!
Navid-2 years ago
Some times duo to internet connection image will load incomplete,Is there any solution or method I'll be able refresh loaded image again?
VasilisKos-3 years ago
Great app! One comment though. In Mint 20.1 the picture is not saved as described in the README ("to the user's Pictures folder"). Instead it's saved in /home/"user"/.config/bingwallpaper, which is a hidden folder. I think it should be saved as described. That would make it easily accesible.
Navid-3 years ago
it would be great if wallpaper will be change based on local time or user can set refresh time based on location he/she is living.
Alex-3 years ago
Hi, although there is a localised image for many areas, all Bing images seem to be refreshed at 0800 UTC. I decided to stick to the indicated refresh time for simplicity, so you always get the latest image immediately.
Navid-3 years ago
Hi, Thank you for your answer,I thought probably it can be a good option if users be able set refresh time optionally, for example: when they will turn on their PC in the morning they'll be able see fresh image because wallpapered changed at 3.AM(based on local time) already for example.
vladislav-svetailo-4 years ago
Wallpaper does not changed after first installation. Firstly, it changed my default wallpaper to nice flying frog. But, when wallpaper was changed on the phone, I have checked picture on the desktop - in icon written "Clouds above Tenerife", but frog still flying.
vladislav-svetailo-4 years ago
I'm sorry for my first post. Now it works perfectly, but I still don't know why first installation was unsuccesful.
Alex-4 years ago
Hello, there was an issue with synchronising with the correct day, but this should now be fixed
Mintulix-4 years ago
Current wallpaper description is lost when Cinnamon is restarted. Could it be stored somewhere?
plop28-4 years ago
Thanks for this update, works well on mint 19.3. Could it have an option to remove the taskbar icon in the future ?