Bing Desktop Wallpaper

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Download and apply Today's Bing Wallpaper to your desktop



Bing Desktop Wallpaper for Cinnamon

A Cinnamon applet to apply the daily Bing Wallpaper to your Cinnamon desktop

Based on the Gnome Shell extension

The Bing Image of the Day will be downloaded to the user's Pictures folder, and applied as the Desktop Background

The resolution used is 1920x1024. This is the highest available resolution to my knowledge, except 1920x1200, which contains the Bing logo and is less commonly used anyway.

Bing is a trademark of Microsoft, and the Copyright for the Images belongs to the individual owners; use is restricted to wallpaper only. This software has no affiliation with Microsoft or Bing.

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Mintulix-1 month ago
Current wallpaper description is lost when Cinnamon is restarted. Could it be stored somewhere?
plop28-1 month ago
Thanks for this update, works well on mint 19.3. Could it have an option to remove the taskbar icon in the future ?