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Uses GNote's DBUS API to provide an applet for the Cinnamon Desktop.

As of Mint 19.3, GNote is now the default note taking application (replacing Tomboy). However, this meant the loss of the tray icon for quick access to notes, something I find too useful to lose.

This applet replaces that lost functionality.


If not already installed by your distribution, install the gnote itself.

sudo apt install gnote



  • Different icon.
  • Symbolic icon.
  • Got rid of debug output and other error messages.
  • Changed how menu is rebuilt on changes.


  • Initial release

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Minessota Klei
Minessota Klei-2 years ago
Very good, it is one of the applets that I use most!
SpaceAmoeba-3 years ago
Thank you! This works well. What I want to know is who uses a simply note-taking application *without* a tray icon? What's the point? It would be like having a single browser window open for just checking the weather or a clock application always open for checking the time.
ak1dd-3 years ago
Thanks. I really like it and it compliments the addition of gnote to Mint really well. Any chance you could allow the user to select an icon. I really don't like the new one. It is so much bigger than every other icon I have.
Brett Smith
Brett Smith-3 years ago
Hah! Seems you can't please everyone all the time :) I do not know the official guidelines on this, but when Minessota below said the icon was too small, I looked at other applets I had running, and found that they all use icons that do not have any space around them. The size of icon is not actually defined in the SVG icon file itself, but by the Panel setting "Symbolic Icon Size". How big it is in relation to other icons is determined by the amount of whitespace around it. The new icon for me is the same size as all the others I have near it (in my case, Spices, MailNag, Redshift and Notifications). Which applets are you comparing this too? Also, I think the theme in use may have an impact, so it would be useful to know that too.
Minessota Klei
Minessota Klei-3 years ago
Thanks so much for making the applet! You could increase the size of the icon, I found it a bit small compared to others in my panel launcher!
MrNanook-3 years ago
Very nice! Thanks a lot. :-)