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Apply new backgrounds from Bing, Himawari 8, Picsum Photos,, or even whole websites - specify search tags, triggers and more!



Better Backgrounds for Cinnamon

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A Cinnamon desktop applet to change your wallpaper to random images from many customizable sources and also some effects from ImageMagick.

Currently supported sources

Known issues

  • The icon animation needs much CPU power (up to one core), see here

Icon note

The icon has been merged from the following Pixabay images:

Official GitHub repo is available here.

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FlowXP-4 months ago
The only thing that is missing from this addon is to have the option to show recursively photos from a local folder. Thank you for the addon !!
Alexandru Lucian Paraschiv
Save current picture doesn't seem to work nor does it show any notifications. I'm running the latest version of mint 20 with 5.8 kernel.
1ce8reaker-8 months ago
Can I use "NOT" to exclude some terms of search?
Simonmicro-8 months ago
Sorry to disappoint you, but Unsplash currently does not support this without using an api key. If you still want to implement this, you'll need to extend the UI to also include a field for the api key and rework the download procedure for Unsplash images...
FlowXP-10 months ago
awesome addition for Cinnamon !!!
Juan-Lutz-11 months ago
I am surprised from this applet. Very good and nice to manage some wallpaper from the taskbar. My only question is it possible to add as source a specific folder in your HD with you own collection of jpg pictures?.
Simonmicro-11 months ago
Why would you need that? Cinnamon has a build in way to do that. But if you _really_ need that - you're welcome to open an issue to discuss this further over on GitHub :)
Juan-Lutz-11 months ago
Thank you for your attention. In other words what I propose is to have one place at the taskbar to switch between different sources adding the cinnamon wallpaper adjustments ( which includes the cinnamon wallpaper and the own Folder with own collection of pictures). But as you mention is only an idea. Anyhow your applet is great.
Kyle Weidner
Kyle Weidner-1 year ago
App works exactly as expected. I would only suggest two improvements. First, it would be nice if the applet showed more information on the photo, like when using Bing as the source, it would be nice if the applet showed information about the photographer or the photograph itself. Second, as mentioned by scottdd, the option to 'Save current wallpaper' would be a very useful feature as well. Thanks for making this for us!
Simonmicro-1 year ago
Thank you. Your suggestion has been added to - but please note that I didn't implement that part, because it would only work with Bing as source. All the others don't provide the necessary information. And 'Save current wallpaper' is already implemented, but the cinnamon servers are caching extremely well and therefore the update will roll out in the next weeks or so (hopefully). This caching behavior is indeed not intended (and already worked around by the cinnamon desktop), but their workaround is not rolled out yet in major distros - like Mint...
scottdd-1 year ago
The only improvement I would suggest is to add 'Save current wallpaper' option to right-click menu, that saves to the user's Pictures folder or other configured path. Thanks for writing this great applet!
Simonmicro-1 year ago
Thanks for your positive feedback! I'll look further into it, the next time I got time for this. You can check out the progress of that feature over on
rmleonard-4 months ago
into what directory do the images save to? After clicking on 'Save current Picture ' - no new images show up in my home/Pictures directory. I've tried running a global find on image files.. more info please?