NordVPN Indicator

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Check your NordVPN connection



Cinnamon NordVPN Indicator

Nordvpn indicator for the Cinnamon environment. Requires the nordvpn program from the NordVPN website.


Copy files/nordvpn-indicator@nickdurante in .local/share/cinnamon/applets/, activate through the Applet Menu.

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chipgith-11 months ago
June 2022: applet has stopped showing NordVPN status (shows "...") ; connect and disconnect still work ok ; maybe something to do with NordVPN upgrade? ... after introducing new "Meshnet" feature? OS : LMDE5 Elsie ; Cinnamon ver: 5.2.7
suns-out-8 months ago
Yes this is due to meshnet message that appears before the 'status' output line. Quick fix: enable then disable meshnet to stop seeing the message. Seems to persist through reboot. nordvpn set meshnet on nordvpn set meshnet off
billeggers182-1 year ago
applet shows me connected and disconnects fine. However, what am i doing wrong to connect? I have to type connect command in terminal to connect. I'm sure something simple will fix this, but I have to use terminal to connect? Thanking you in advance for configuration assistance.
billeggers182-1 year ago
Well. All i did was type nordvpn status, then everything showed good. I haven't done that with linux mint. Then I disconnected using this applet. Then accidently clicked connect again, and got my notification that I never get when clicking the connect using the applet! What did I do now that it connects ok with normal and the p2p connect button? I'm happy, but would like to tell others if they don't think that works? I did also earlier download the config file from nord so I could just click the vpn connection button in my side panel and then click below my wifi settings. GRRR. If it aint broke don't fix it right? Well it works well and I love the app compared to using the vpn connect config file. The vpn connect setting doesn't utilize the applet! To Be Continued.....
silocoder-2 years ago