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An Applet to show the Desktop just like in Windows 10, but completely customizable

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Anisuzzaman Shayak
Anisuzzaman Shayak-6 months ago
Hi, thank you for making this useful applet. I've been using it for 1 year. Worked great for me. But after the cinnamon 5.4 update, peek desktop at hover is not working as expected. When I hover over the applet, it makes the desktop transparent, I can't see the desktop icons or desklets or the wallpaper. I assume it is happening because of the muffin window manager update. I'm on Linux mint 21 with cinnamon 5.4.12. Hope you can fix this soon.
Filipe Torres
Filipe Torres-6 months ago
Hi! Thank you for your report. I can't reproduce the problem in any of my machines. It seems to be a problem specific on yours. Try to reinstall the applet and see if this can solve.
reprogrammable-11 months ago
I installed an update today and now this applet doesn't work any more. I can uninstall it but can't get it to function after reinstalling. There is nothing visible on the panel. Really disappointed, as it was very handy. Hope you can fix it.
Filipe Torres
Filipe Torres-11 months ago
Hi, what is going on exactly?
ovinsi-11 months ago
how to move right?
Filipe Torres
Filipe Torres-11 months ago
Click with the right mouse button in panel -> enter edition panel mode -> drag the applet to the end -> Click with the right mouse button in panel again -> exit edition panel mode
SameytheHedgehog-1 year ago
Fits really well with my theme that makes Mint look an awful lot like Win10. :D
Mario P. Cardenas
This is so cool. I've just been learning html, css and javascript for a few months and this is kind of outside my skillset for now. How did you learn to make applets?
Filipe Torres
Filipe Torres-11 months ago
Hi, I learned by myself just looking to another applets source codes available on
Vladimir-2 years ago
Awesome <3
Filipe Torres
Filipe Torres-11 months ago
Thank you :)
David OLIVARES-2 years ago
Perfect ! This is what I've searched for a long time ! Many thanks !
Thiago Sousa
Thiago Sousa-2 years ago
this is exactly what I was looking for!
janos-r-2 years ago
Such a simple but great improvement to the panel. I made a suggestion to make it default on cinnamon:
Filipe Torres
Filipe Torres-2 years ago
Thank you, I don't know if they will want to make a change like that, but it never hurts to try
valerio67-2 years ago
Works nice, but would be great if showed the desktop on hover when dragging a file. Just like W10
Filipe Torres
Filipe Torres-2 years ago
Finally I got time to do It. The feature has been added
Filipe Torres
Filipe Torres-2 years ago
I'll work on it,thank you for the feedback.