Clean Show Desktop

UUID: clean-show-desktop@filipetorresbr
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4 months ago 2021-04-30, 12:20
Last commit: [897e5fdf] [clean-show-desktop] Applet can search for the themes accent color (#3768)

An Applet to show the Desktop just like in Windows 10, but completely customizable

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Mario P. Cardenas
Mario P. Cardenas-1 month ago
This is so cool. I've just been learning html, css and javascript for a few months and this is kind of outside my skillset for now. How did you learn to make applets?
Vladimir-6 months ago
Awesome <3
David OLIVARES-6 months ago
Perfect ! This is what I've searched for a long time ! Many thanks !
Thiago Sousa
Thiago Sousa-7 months ago
this is exactly what I was looking for!
janos-r-8 months ago
Such a simple but great improvement to the panel. I made a suggestion to make it default on cinnamon:
Filipe Torres
Filipe Torres-8 months ago
Thank you, I don't know if they will want to make a change like that, but it never hurts to try
valerio67-8 months ago
Works nice, but would be great if showed the desktop on hover when dragging a file. Just like W10
Filipe Torres
Filipe Torres-8 months ago
Finally I got time to do It. The feature has been added
Filipe Torres
Filipe Torres-8 months ago
I'll work on it,thank you for the feedback.