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Enables interacting with devices connected via KDE Connect



A Cinnamon Applet for interacting with the various functions provided by KDE Connect.


  • KDE Connect
  • python3 (Should be installed already, if you're using cinnamon)


Download and extract the files in the "files" folder to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/.


The Applet will display all paired and reachable devices and a sub menu for each one, which contains menu items for all the different features supported for the device. The features available for each device depend on it's supported and enabled Plugins in KDE Connect. The menu items in the sub menu are grouped by "Info" modules, that mainly show information and "Action" modules that mainly execute some action when clicked.


KDE Connect

  • 1.3: Fully Supported; Not fully tested
  • 1.4: Fully Supported; Fully tested
  • 21.12.3: Fully Supported; Fully tested

NOTE: Versions between these versions or older versions are likely to work but are not tested at all and there are no workarounds for these


The Applet is tested with Cinnamon versions > 5.2.7, but should work on the newest version and could very well work on older versions.


This Applet is inspired by the KDE Connect Control Center Applet by Severga.

If you find any bugs, please report them here

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bugvillage-1 year ago
Does KDEConnect Applet require the installation of `kde-cli-tools` - like it's predecessor `KDE Connect Control Center Applet` does? (although you mention only zenity as a dependency)
bugvillage-1 year ago
After installing the applet in cinnamon5.4.12+vanessa (yes, Linuxmint21) I don't see a way to "pair" it with my mobile device.
Johannes Schöneberger
To configure devices, you have to open the KDEConnect settings. Either by right clicking the applet and hitting the "Configure KDEConnect" button or simply opening the settings from the menu.
bugvillage-1 year ago
@JoeJoeTV: just seen your answer from 2021-01-29 20:30 to Andrei Miculita - I need these 2 packages (+their dependencies, of course) kdeconnect, kde-cli-tools (not sure if kde-cli-tools alone would have been sufficient).
Johannes Schöneberger
Hi, you normally only need to install the package "kdeconnect" which is the main application. This applet is simply a way to interacti with KDEConnect from your panel. "zenity" is already installed if you're using a recent linux mint version I think.
AlexyBot-1 year ago
Amazing applet, it has most of the functionality that you'd expect if you used it on Plasma. However, I'd love to have an option to disable the number next to the icon, as I use a vertical panel and it does take some space. PD: Can I help translating it to Spanish?
Johannes Schöneberger
Hi again, I have rewritten the applet and it now has options, including one to hide the number of available devices in the panel. Once the change is merged, you can use the new features, or download it directly. https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon-spices-applets/pull/4656
Johannes Schöneberger
Hi, I have since upgraded to Linux Mint 21 and notices that things in the interface to KDEConnect have changed, so I will be rewriting part of the applet and I'm going to add configuration options when I get the time. You can help translating to spanish, sure, head over to the github repo https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon-spices-applets/tree/master/kdecapplet@joejoetv/files/kdecapplet@joejoetv/po where you can add a .po file for the spanish language. Thanks for using the applet!
kosakepferd-2 years ago
Really ingenious tool! I've been using Linux Mint only since last night, after I completely said goodbye to Windows. I didn't think it would be so easy to exchange data between my laptop and my Oneplus 5. I also find the ability to simply send a URL or write an SMS very useful.
David Martinka
David Martinka-2 years ago
As I understand it, this is based on "KDE Connect Control Center" by Severga, correct? What's different between the two? Pros, cons, extra features...?
JoeJoeTV-2 years ago
It shows for example the Battery percentage of the device(if available) and most of the functionality is implemented using the DBus interface of KDE Connect. It also supports some more features of KDE Connect such as requesting a photo or sharing a URL.
JoeJoeTV-2 years ago
I made this, because KDE Connect Indicator is AFAIK not updated anymore and I wanted an easy interface for Linux Mint, so I coded this. I also found the Applet from Severga, but it was in my opinion missing some features, that kdeconnect provides. It is also my first Applet, so it was a learning expwrience for me. I also tried using DBus for everyrhing and implement all features that KDE Connect provides over DBus. I asked Severga, if it was ok to do this and credited him.
akirikos-3 years ago
This applet is great!!!
JoeJoeTV-2 years ago
harryfine-3 years ago
Hi Joe. Thanks for creating this. Much needed. Installed applet in Mint 20 from Spices Update. Installed KDE Connect on Samsung phone, and its running there The phone doesn't recognize any devices. But I don't even see the applet on the taskbar in Cinnamon. I re-booted of course. Nothing appeared in the task bar. Nothing in the menus. Seems to be installed and in the proper location. harry1@HarryLaptop:~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/kdecapplet@joejoetv$ ls -al total 56 drwxrwxr-x 3 harry1 harry1 4096 Oct 6 21:25 . drwxrwxr-x 8 harry1 harry1 4096 Oct 6 21:25 .. -rwxr-xr-x 1 harry1 harry1 35264 Oct 6 21:25 applet.js -rwxr-xr-x 1 harry1 harry1 292 Oct 6 21:25 metadata.json drwxrwxr-x 2 harry1 harry1 4096 Oct 6 21:25 po -rwxr-xr-x 1 harry1 harry1 14 Oct 6 21:25 requirements.txt Any assistance in troubleshooting would be appreciated.
JoeJoeTV-2 years ago
Sorry for replying so late! You need to install the KDE Connect Application itself from the Application Manager and then add the Applet. It's basically an interface for the many functions KDE Connect has.
Andrei Miculita
Andrei Miculita-3 years ago
Works very nicely! Why didn't you just do a pull request on top of Severga's applet tho?
JoeJoeTV-2 years ago
Thank you! Sorry for replying so late. I use the KDE Connect Indicator before, but it hasn't been updated, so I tried making my own. This is my first Applet, so I wanted to try coding most of the stuff myself. I then also saw the Applet from Sevegra and asked him if it was ok, if i could do this.