Simple Memory Monitor

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A simple applet that displays the memory usage.

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Julio Kochhann
Julio Kochhann-1 year ago
Simple but very useful! As already mentioned, it would be very nice if we could choose to display the use of ram in GB and also be able to see the use of swap (perhaps on mouse hover?).
FelipeScama-1 year ago
Very useful applet.
Draconicrose-1 year ago
Please add the ability to see SWAP usage too.
Shubhendu Sinha
Shubhendu Sinha-2 years ago
It would be nice if there was an option to display usage in GB, like MEM: 3.5G, instead of 30%
Cassiano Mesquita
Cassiano Mesquita-4 years ago
Com porcentagem é bem melhor que gráfico. Usa menos memória por representar somente texto.