Mic mute toggler

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Quickly toggle global microphone mute on and off.



Linux Mint global microphone mute applet

How to install

Just clone this repository and copy the MuteToggler@jebeaudet.com folder to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ and restart Cinnamon (ALT+F2 -> r does that!). The applet should now be available in the Applets panel. Add it!

How to use

There are 2 ways to toggle the global microphone mute, click on the applet icon or bind a hotkey in the settings.

If the icon is green, you're not muted.

If the icon is red, you're muted globally!

How does it work

Under the hood, it uses the command amixer set Capture toggle to toggle between muted and unmuted. The command is triggered by the hotkey or by clicking on the applet. There's also a reconliation loop every second so if the command is executed from the shell directly, the applet will get in sync within the second to show you the real mute status.


Logs are located in the looking glass, ALT+F2 -> lg to access it.

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CSoellinger-4 months ago
Really nice done :) Any plans to make the icons changeable? Cause i love the "black & white" icon style ;)
Gustavo Godoy
Gustavo Godoy-10 months ago
i like it!
Nice. Thank you for making this - and with such nice icons too!