Resolution Switcher

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Switch resolution on-the-fly with HiDPI support




A applet created to be able to easy switch between resolutions of the display. Especially made to be able to switch from a HiDPI mode with fractional scaling to a regular resolution, with one button-press.

The rswitcher software is also usable to run from shell.

rswitcher usage

Usage: rswitcher [OPTION]... Set primary resolution with fractional scaling options -r --resolution [ARG] Resolution of the display Set [ARG] 'max' to get maximum resolution possible. -s --scalingfactor [ARG] The GTK scaling factor: 1 - 3 -f --fractionalscaling [ARG] Fractional scaling in percent: 125, 150, 175 200 Example: rswitcher --resolution 3840x2160 --scalingfactor 2 --fractionalscaling 150 Will result in 150% factional scaling with a perceived resolution output at 2560x1440

known issues

Right now it works with one display connected. Supporting multi-display is in the pipeline.

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haggen88-1 year ago
Best way to change resolution with fractional scaling