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Take a snapshot of your desktop or individual windows

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ChooChooAl-3 weeks ago
Screenshot@Tech71 only captures desktop in Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon 64 bit. Will not capture anything else in the rectangle.
CottonEaster-6 months ago
This is a useful applet, for which I am grateful. Here is a report of a small problem, though perhaps the problem owes to Cinnamon rather than to the applet. Sometimes - it is intermittent - the applet does not scale properly. Screenshot at: I have Cinnamon set to scale panel text and icons (I mean: there is a GUI setting for that, and I have that setting enabled.) My system: Mint 18.3, Cinnamon 3.6.7, applet version 2017-102-12; hi-DPI enabled; screen resolution 2560x1440.
Andrea Moro
Andrea Moro-8 months ago
It would be fantastic if I could assign a keyboard combination for each of the screenshot options
Sally Kennett
Sally Kennett-10 months ago
This is a very useful extension, but I wish it had a way of setting a custom default location to save the screenshots to.
Frank Olieu
Frank Olieu-5 months ago
originalbleak-1 year ago
1 and 3 seconds delays are useless. How about a 10 seconds delay? Thanks.
originalbleak-1 year ago
OK, never mind. I got it. Delay 5 seconds. I'm an idiot.
originalbleak-1 year ago
I wish I could take a screen shot with a drop-down menu in Firefox visible. Maybe a hot key to make selection? Just sayin.
Zito Gomes
Zito Gomes-1 year ago
not working with latest arch linux, and cinnamon 3.4.4