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Shows battery levels of different devices



Bluetooth (and other) devices battery monitor

This applet monitors (through UPowerGlib) battery levels of mice, keyboards, headphones and other connected devices.
It displays icon and text with battery level information, and for mice, keyboards and headphones, battery icon contains also mouse/keyboard/headphones symbol.
Device with lowest battery is displayed in panel. When clicked, it displays list with all monitored devices.


You can disable monitoring (it also disables blacklist configuration) of keyboards, mice, headphones or all other devices.
You can also choose to display in applet icon only, text only or icon and text.


Notifications are enabled by default and the applet will emit notification when battery level of any of the monitored devices will drop below configured level.
Another notification with "critical" urgency will be emitted when battery level will drop even further below another configured level.

You can also rely on notifications alone and disable applet icon and text entirely, but configure it to show only when battery drops below configured warning/critical level.


You can blacklist any device detected by the applet.
All detected devices are automatically added to blacklist (common devices like mice and keyboards are added just as comments, other are disabled right away).

Bluetooth Headphones

Currently (with bluetoothd v5.64) reporting battery percentage for bluetooth headphones can be enabled by starting bluetoothd with experimental features, but bear in mind that enabling it can cause some issues, like mice not connecting automatically (see for details).
This could be somehow circumvented by enabling only one experimental UUID, but it's still not guaranteed to be bug free - expect issues!


Icons are based on Papirus icon theme.

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CSoellinger-4 months ago
Love your extensions :) One feature request would be that i would like to see all used devices in a row, not only the one with the lowest energy. Or in fact, show it only for different device. For example: If you have connected two bluetooth keyboards and one mouse, it would be nice to see an icon for both. But for the keyboards only show the one with the lowest energy. Hope you understand what i wanna say ;) cheers Chris
Tomasz-3 days ago
Hi, cinnamon applet allows only one icon, so this a feature which unfortunately I won't be able to implement. However, there is a workaround that will achieve what you describe; just make a copy of this applet with changed name (this new name needs to be also reflected in metadata.json file), and configure it to show only the devices you want. For example: cp -r ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/bluetooth-battery@zamszowy ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/bluetooth-battery@zamszowy2 sed -i 's/bluetooth-battery@zamszowy/bluetooth-battery@zamszowy2/' ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/bluetooth-battery@zamszowy2/metadata.json