My perfect window-list applet

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Based on the original Cinnamon window list, the window order is memorized and restored. The next huge feature is to also group window like Google Chrome groups tab. This is my definition of a perfect window list applet



My perfect Window-list

My perfect Window-list (Window-list@sangorys) is based on the original Cinamon Window-list with additionnal features which are the state of the art for me :

  • When I drag and drop the window position, then it is memorize and restored when opening the same application again
  • [under-construction] Ability to group some window as you can do it with the tabs in Google Chrome

In details for the memorization, here are the improvements compared to the original Cinamon Window-list :

  • Save and restore the window position after Cinnamon crash or restart
  • Save and restore the window position after reboot
  • Save and restore the window position after closing the application and start it again
  • [under-construction] Option to open a new window just after the last existing same window (based on its class name and/or title)


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