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An applet for Cinnamon that adds an eye to the panel bar that follows your cursor and displays click animations.



How to Use

First, install it from the cinnamon applets center, then add the applet to the panel, and voilá. If you go over the eye and click on it, you will activate the eye, making it look a different color than the default one and display animations when performing clicks on the screen.

In the applet's settings, you can modify the style of the eye, the kind of animations, the colors, and more.


It is currently being maintained at anaximeno/c-eyes.


anaximeno, Drugwash2, et upstream


For information about how to help with translation see this link.



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Minessota Klei
Minessota Klei-8 months ago
Hi, Very fun applet, I loved it (^o^)// Just a little thing, I think the icon is too big compared to the other applets, could you please add an option to decrease the size of the applet's icon!
Anaxímeno Brito
Anaxímeno Brito-8 months ago
Thanks. I'll send an update for that in the next versions.
claudiux-9 months ago
Good! You should specify that it is necessary to click on the applet icon for the effects to appear on the screen.
Anaxímeno Brito
Anaxímeno Brito-9 months ago
Sure, I'll update the descriptions.
angelotux-9 months ago
very nice
Anaxímeno Brito
Anaxímeno Brito-9 months ago