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A timer applet



This is a timer Cinnamon applet with optional visual and audio notifications (the soundclip is customizable) and ability to turn off the computer when the timer expires. It displays the information about the remaining time and the time when the timer will expire.

The applet lets you setup the timer in a quick manner (with a 24-hour slider), or precisely (setting its time of expiration or period of time until expiration), or choosing one of your previously saved period presets.


Download and enable via Cinnamon Settings or panel popup menu.

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claudiux-3 months ago
Great applet! I especially like the "Shut down computer on timer" option. Thank you Severga! I starred your applet. Regards Claudiux
Severga-3 months ago
Thank you very much! I tried to put into this applet all my expectations from a timer. And thanks for your improvement.