Desaturate All

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Convert your screen to grayscale.



Desaturate All

Make your workspace looklike all greyscale.

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Galera-Co-1 month ago
Absolutely amazing!
friendlysquirrel-3 months ago
Could you please take a look at two things? Colors are still showing for ‘secondary windows / menus’. Say, drop down menus –Edit, View in LibreOffice, History for Firefox, hamburger menu for Firefox. Context menus --right clicking files / folders in Nemo. Mouse cursor –for example, Bibata-Modern-Classic is colored while resizing windows in the four corners, waiting, etc. Also, navigating the pop up windows –say, ‘View’ for Libreoffice, moving the cursor along that menu, a border appears around the window that seems to be a gap that shows the desktop wallpaper behind. It seems some code might be missing to desaturate the secondary windows / mesh them with the desaturated primary windows. More and more people are switching to greyscale (less distraction, less screen addiction, less eye strain, etc) and this applet is amazing. Thanks for making it :)
claudiux-5 months ago
That's great! Thank you for creating this applet.