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Click on the applet to launch xkill and force any window to quit immediately

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fixer1234-8 months ago
I got an email response from Niko Krause suggesting that the issue might be that the required xkill command might not be installed by default in Arch/Manjaro, and suggesting that I verify/install it and retest. I'm reposting that info in case anyone else encounters the problem. Unfortunately, I no longer have Manjaro installed so I can't test this.
fixer1234-9 months ago
I added this to a new Manjaro Cinnamon installation. Left-clicking on the applet icon has no effect on anything. Right-clicking brings up the usual meta choices. It isn't clear how this is supposed to work, so I can't tell if it's malfunctioning. I had several windows open but nothing frozen, so any window could be closed normally. Is the applet supposed to present a list of open windows to pick from for closure (didn't happen), present a command line or entry window to specify the name of the program to kill (may not be known so not useful, but didn't happen), close whatever window is in focus (didn't happen), close the first window you click on after activating the applet (didn't happen), recognize and kill only frozen windows (no unresponsive window, so I couldn't test that), or something else?
fixer1234-9 months ago
After posting, I installed Mint Cinnamon on another computer and this applet worked there. It might be worth adding a description that clicking the applet produces a floating "X" that you drag and drop on the window to kill. So the applet works in Mint but not Manjaro.
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