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Take A Snapshot Or Record Your Desktop (recording requires the packages ffmpeg, xdotool & x11-utils to be installed)

Screenshot & Record Desktop


To use this applets recording functionality you must have the following packages installed.

  • ffmpeg
  • xdotool
  • x11-utils

To install in Linux Mint open a terminal (Ctrl-Alt-T) and enter the command apt install ffmpeg xdotool x11-utils

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Jano9055-2 months ago
An error occurred during the installation of ScreenShot+RecordDesktop@tech71. Please report this incident to its developer. Detaily: [Errno 13] Prístup odmietnutý: '/home/*****/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ScreenShot+RecordDesktop@tech71/applet.js'
Steve Ebey
Steve Ebey-3 months ago
Keyboard shortcuts to start and stop screen recorder, so I do not have to edit recording and remove the popup of my stopping the recording.
2dxb-3 months ago
"Record Desktop" does not work.
©TriMoon™-3 months ago
Could you add options to configure where to save the screenshots and videos?
Seth Bergman
Seth Bergman-4 months ago
Very nice work!
Christopher .Karkarkar
Great applet
Murat Çileli
Murat Çileli-10 months ago
Bora Ön
Bora Ön-1 year ago
Good shortcut.