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Switch display configuration on-the-fly

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tube7-6 months ago
it does not work in linux mint 20.1 cinnamon. The package "disper" does not exist.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee-1 year ago
Works great so far in Fedora 31 Cinnamon. Like brouillon, my displays were backward. However, you can create a file in ~/.config/disper/config and add the flags "--displays=DP1-,DP-2" (with no quotes and replace for your primary and secondary displays which you can find by running disper -l. Once that config file is created, add this applet and it just works. :)
brouillon-3 years ago
First you have to install 'disper' from package manager or applications menu. Then for my configuration primary and secondary display was inverted, so i edited the applet.js file to fit my use :)
Vladimir Knežev
Vladimir Knežev-3 years ago
Thank you very much, now working, although cloning extinguish both screens
Anjar Nurrohman
Anjar Nurrohman-4 years ago
not working in my cinnamon
Luis Andriy
Luis Andriy-4 years ago
not working
Антон Сорокин
not work