Display Switcher 1.0

UUID: rprego@rprego.com
Score: 11


Display switcher appliet for Cinnamon. Allows fast switching between several display modes:

  • Primary monitor only
  • Secondary monitor only
  • Clone display
  • Extend display (left, right, up, or down)

The applet is based on Disper by William van Engen (http://willem.engen.nl/projects/disper/) and requires it to be installed.

To Install:

Version History
1.0 Initial Release

About The Author


Electrical engineering major, math minor, computer science hobbiest.


  1. c0dehunter says:

    4 years ago

    Ok, the problem has gone away after I connected my monitors properly to graphics card :)

  2. c0dehunter says:

    4 years ago

    This is a must-have for me and my 2 screen setup. However, the "disper --extend --direction=left" in the script doesn't work as expected. This is my physical configuration (representing monitors :) : [--][--] When I have only primary enabled through your script (right monitor) and then try to extend left, the primary monitor is missing the right side of the screen. Probably something with my setup but maybe you can give me a hint what could be wrong?

  3. rprego says:

    4 years ago

    Glad to hear you find it useful! Thanks!

  4. mbokil says:

    4 years ago

    Thanks your applet. It works perfectly at switching monitors and cloning them. I have a TV and computer sharing two flat screens and I needed a way to switch screens. I hadn't known about Disper. Multiple display users should install this applet. Makes life easier when juggling around screens and trying to access Panel from different displays.