informative Sound 1.0

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Score: 11

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A modified version of the original Cinnamon sound applet.

New/changed features:

  • Tooltip shows current volume level in %
  • Prevents setting volume levels > 100%
  • Displays volume icon all the time (i.e., even if a recognised player is launched)

Planned future enhancements:

  • Display current track information in tooltip if playing
  • Create new icons showing both volume and audio player status.

You're welcome to contribute and/or leave comments!

The git repository can be found at

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  1. wilo108 says:

    4 years ago

    i don't know if it's possible, but I would really like to see a volume applet that allows switching the output device on a per-stream basis. I currently do it using `pavucontrol` (i.e. music/radio from the external bluetooth speakers, system sounds, games etc. through the built-in speakers), but its a bit of a pain in the arse. It would be great if an applet could give access to this functionality.

  2. nobody92 says:

    4 years ago

    Great app! Do you think adding support for the app would be hard? Because that would be perfect. Thanks.

  3. mbokil says:

    4 years ago

    @mikerofone I just noticed the volume label changes on mousewheel scroll. Very slick. I would like to add mouse wheel scrolling to my brightness applet. I am using a symbolic icon for the app. Is there any easy way to connect the scrolled event to it without making a custom icon?

  4. mikerofone says:

    4 years ago

    Hey clem, thanks for checking the applet and for merging some features (please, go ahead!) into the default one. I found out how extending the right-click menu worked, and one could also add middle-click functionality to single applets by simply overwriting the click-handling function "inherited" from the Applet class. I am happy to be able to avoid this ugly hack and instead have a designated function for this in the API ;)

  5. mbokil says:

    4 years ago

    Nice applet. I added Audacious music player to the applet since it supports it.

  6. clem says:

    4 years ago

    Nice! I hope you won't mind, some of these are nice and we'll include them in the default applet. There was a discussion about the 150% sound volume and I think you're right, 100% seems to work better for everybody. About the right-click option, check the default menu applet, you can add items to the right-click menu of the applet easily. About the midde-click, we'll add that in the Applet API.

  7. mikerofone says:

    4 years ago

    the middle and right click options would require a change in the applet API, unfortunately. But I am working on a mute switch in the right click menu, which I guess comes closest to the requested feature. I would really love to have middle/right click options, like one had in the old Gnome2 applets.

  8. billynick says:

    4 years ago

    perhaps it could be possible to mute/unmute with a middle click? or right click

  9. nef131 says:

    4 years ago

    One suggestion. It would be nice if you could mute the sound and restore the sound from mute without having to drag the sound volume to zero and back.

  10. bimsebasse says:

    4 years ago

    Added to Cinnamon Extras PPA:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bimsebasse/cinnamonextras
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cinnamon-applet-informativesound

  11. Oyabunbaba says:

    4 years ago

    Thank u !!! That's what i need ! No more overloaded speakers with 100% and more, much more smooth controlling now :) That should be default ! Thx once more MIKEROFONE - 5 stars

  12. bimsebasse says:

    4 years ago

    Very reasonable - I never listen to music on my PC and so haven't noticed distortion. Certainly improvements to the default sound applet with informative tooltips

  13. mikerofone says:

    4 years ago

    billynick, I'm glad you like it. I rather created a new applet because I could imagine a lot of people would have their reasons to have it the old way. ;) bimsebasse, the motivation for a maximum of 100% is that higher levels may lead to distortion. You can still set the volume to higher levels when click the icon, go to "Sound settings..." and use this slider given there. I agree, this can be helpful especially if you have some music files that are a little silent, but I usually set the volume just using the mousewheel and if I crank it up to max, I don't want it to distort. If you want the feature back: In line 666, change the "1.0" to "1.5", like it was before, press ALT+F2, enter "r" and press Enter. Then you have to old behaviour back.

  14. bownz says:

    4 years ago

    Perhaps add support for other players, such as Pithos pandora player? I currently have done this with my music player.

  15. bimsebasse says:

    4 years ago

    Just curious, what was the motivation for preventing volume level > 100%? It's a bit counterintuitive but I'd certainly miss not being able to turn my volume all the way up in this modified applet.

  16. billynick says:

    4 years ago

    awesome you have fixed all the things that annoyed me in the original version. this should be default in cinnamon