Better Places 1.2.1

UUID: betterplaces@bownz
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A Better Places Applet. 
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1.2.1 - fixed the settings in the applet.js
1.2.0 - Added a recents menu and Devices section, like in the Gnome Menu Places Applet. 
1.1.2 - Edited icon to fit a "Better"-series applet icon.
1.1.1 - Added a edit Bookmarks menu to the right click menu, opens a text file for bookmarks.
1.0.0 - Release 

About The Author


I'm 16 years old, In love with linux.
Living in New York, and if I'm coding it's normally between 7pm-1am Eastern Time, Get a hold of me then.
I would say I've gotten better at coding then when cinnamon first came out. I am willing to try to make anything, but I doubt I can make too complicated stuff. 
If anyone want's to help me email me at


  1. dewman12 says:

    2 years ago

    I hope its ok but i updated your applet. dewman12

  2. xrooters says:

    3 years ago

    file must be modified a bit applet.jsnautilus changed word with nemoand everything will work otherwise .. thanks for applet !

  3. ShneekeyTheLost says:

    3 years ago

    Yea, go to /.local/shared/Cinnamon/applets/betterplaces@bownz/appet.js and find/replace all nautilus with nemo, then install the Gnome Search Tool (which, honestly, you should probably do anyways) and everything will work. If bownz is wanting to update this, have it support both nautilus and nemo (auto-detect which one is working). Other than that, it was the last thing I was missing from Ubuntu + Gnome in my Mint + Cinnamon GUI

  4. Rainserpent says:

    3 years ago

    Is there any way to open the File System (/, root) without having the administrative privilage dialog box come up? 3.8.0-19-generic, Linux Mint 15 Olivia, Cinnamon 1.8.8, Nemo 1.8.3

  5. jelabarre59 says:

    3 years ago

    @niagr @bownz There isn't such a file at that location. Did the setings get moved someplace else?

  6. niagr says:

    3 years ago

    This Applet does not work right with Nemo. This can be fixed by doing a quick search and replace on ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/betterplaces@bownz/appet.js replace "nautilus" with "nemo". Everything should work fine now with nemo 1.1.2 Cheers

  7. Thomas-Sds says:

    3 years ago

    Hi bownz! Very nice applet. I have some problems. The only that works is the folders of my Home folder ( documents named as ??????? music named as ??????? Pictures named as ??????? and so on. All the others give an error message that nautilus has failed. I don't know much about Linux and I use Greek language. Can you please help me to make this work?

  8. tonywhelan says:

    4 years ago

    Nice work Ben! Salvatos, I too edited applet.js to replace 'nautilus' with nemo. (I had uninstalled nautilus as I prefer nemo.) All good. To get Search to work, I just installed gnome-search-tool. You don't need Nautilus installed for that to work.

  9. Salvatos says:

    4 years ago

    If anyone was looking to make this work with Nemo (like me), replacing every instance of "nautilus" with "nemo" in applet.js gets the location buttons working in the menu, though the search function still relies on Nautilus. Can we expect an actual update from bownz?

  10. bownz says:

    4 years ago

    I will look into this. however, I would probably advise you for now to just go into nautilus, go into your destination folder, and click "bookmarks" and click "add to bookmarks" . This should work, however might call for a cinnamon restart, not sure.

  11. Salvatos says:

    4 years ago

    Thanks! Your applets are great :) Here's a feature suggestion if you'd like: Add a function that would allow users to specify additional folder paths (any number) to add to the launcher after the home folder. Probably make it use a user-defined array? (Not familiar with this kind of code.) For example: CUSTOM_PATHS = '/home/username/music', 'home/username/projects'; and so on.

  12. bownz says:

    4 years ago


  13. Salvatos says:

    4 years ago

    I tried setting const SHOW_RECENT_DOCUMENTS = false; but the Recent documents still show up (also after a reboot). Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong (I don't know if there's an actual place to change applet settings so I went directly in applet.js)? Even const RECENT_ITEMS = 0; didn't seem to change anything. As for the rest, great little applet :)

  14. bownz says:

    4 years ago

    @SallyK, Yes I am poor at coding:P my best achievements are my UserMenu/Mesaging Menu. Everything Else is just kinda luck that it comes together :)

  15. SallyK says:

    4 years ago

    Thank you, that's very good of you. For someone who claims you're crap at coding, you've done a lot to make Cinnamon more usable for me and I suspect a lot of other people. It's much appreciated.

  16. bownz says:

    4 years ago

    I shall think about your suggestions^ I'm working on a checkbox popup window that might be able to switch between the colored icon and symbolized icon. And the seperators I might have to look into. This was meant to look more like the Gnome Places menu, and I based it off of that.

  17. SallyK says:

    4 years ago

    This is really nice start - I like the start as administrator and right-click for terminal functions. A couple of requests: either put a separator between the standard entries at the top and the bookmarks, so Home Folder, Desktop, Separator, Bookmarks, or let us control where the separators go - it's a silly picky thing, but it bothers me and may bother others. The other is to let the icon theme control the panel icon - I used to have a pretty green Gnome-wise icon and now I have a dull monochrome one. :-(

  18. bownz says:

    4 years ago

    bahahah Sorry. was a great idea, I've thought of it before.

  19. mtwebster says:

    4 years ago

    At least throw some credit in your changelog or something :)