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1 year ago 2021-04-04, 13:07
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Personal app launcher.

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fazla86-1 year ago
Cinnamon says the applet uses functions which might crash Cinnamon and indeed it does Otherwise good idea for the applet and I would use it if it behaves
scottdd-1 year ago
Beautifully simple and useful applet. I have this on all my computers at work and at home, and have an rsync script to back up the config file to Nextcloud so I can sync it on all machines, and have a backup when the applet gets updates. It also helps to use a text editor that automatically saves backups in the config folder.
schachr-1 year ago
Using this applet every day. Its just the very simple app launcher that I need during the day. Thanks a lot for that!
samuk10-1 year ago
nice app!
Psyray-2 years ago
Cool but please, stop the fact that update replaces the customized configuration file
andi zlr
andi zlr-2 years ago
Very cool applet!! I use it every day! Thanks!
Роман Ягодин
Great applet, but during update it replaces customized configuration with default one.
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson-4 years ago
Can't live without this applet. Been using this ever since it first came out and it is by FAR the Most use full applet I have.
angelo-4 years ago
great idea, great implementation - thanks!