Num Lock/Caps Lock indicator with notifications

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2 days ago 2019-10-19, 17:00 UTC
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Shows whether caps lock/num lock is on, and displays a notification when these change.

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rdlf4-5 days ago
Some 2019 laptops, like my Acer Aspire 5, come with no LED indicator to let the user know when CAPS/NUM/SCROLL LOCK is on or off. Comes this amazing applet to save the day! I'm really glad this Cinnamon applet is a thing. Good job!
Anton Martynov
Anton Martynov-1 month ago
Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon - всё отлично
s4vi0rodrigues-1 month ago
The best NUM LOCK and CAPS LOCK key indicator !! Congratulations for the great work! Do you have any plans to develop something similar for Gnome, especially with the Ubuntu distro?
Jose Maria CL
Jose Maria CL-2 months ago
So helpful. I have a generic keyboard and the light isn't responding well, this applet helps me a lot.
blueray453-5 months ago
There is something magical about this applet. I just stare at the icon and keep hitting the caps lock button. Light turns on, light turns off, light turns on, light turns off, light turns on, light turns off, light turns on, light turns off, light turns on, light turns off, light turns on, light turns off, light turns on, light turns off, :) , :(, :) , :(, :) , :(, :) , :(, :) , :(, :) , :(, :) , :(, :) , :(, :) , :(, :) , :(, :) , :(, :) , :(, happy, sad, happy, sad.............
ledufff-1 year ago
cpjeanpaul-1 year ago
Better than indicator-keylock ;)
minyaen-1 year ago
Functions as advertised!
SlashTray-1 year ago
Nice and useful applet - especially on laptops missing corresponding leds, thank you!
Dominik JZ
Dominik JZ-2 years ago
Hello, thank you very much for such a useful tool. And thank you for changing the light grey to a stronger one, too. Anyway, I have another feature request. What about an option that makes the app beep on changes of the Caps/Num Lock status? Since I don't watch the right top or bottom corner while writing. So I would appreciate such a feature very much! Thank you! Demal
NikoKrause-2 years ago
You can activate sound for notifications in Cinnamon itself: Menu -> Preferences -> Sound -> Sound Effects -> Showing notifications Turn on the switch for »Showing notifications«. You can even choose your own sound file.
Antonio Fernandez
Antonio Fernandez-2 years ago
works as expected
Gabriel Borges
Gabriel Borges-2 years ago
Thanks for this very useful applet. However, in a light gray panel it's very difficult to see the difference when it' on or off. Is there a way I could customize it (a css tweak maybe) to make it a little darker when num/caps are active? Thanks!
NikoKrause-2 years ago
I changed the applet to use symbolic icons instead of full color icons. This makes the icons better visible.
Joaquin-2 years ago
Grabiel, an easy way to do it is by changing/editting the icons the applet uses. Not to steal betterlock's spotlight but i have done the exact same thing