Num Lock/Caps Lock indicator with MessageTray notifications

UUID: betterlock
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3 months ago 2017-11-19, 19:06 UTC
Last commit: [4205a8b4] betterlock: update hrv lng (#1477)

Shows whether caps lock/num lock is on, and displays a notification when these change.

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cpjeanpaul-2 weeks ago
Better than indicator-keylock ;)
minyaen-2 months ago
Functions as advertised!
SlashTray-4 months ago
Nice and useful applet - especially on laptops missing corresponding leds, thank you!
Dominik JZ
Dominik JZ-4 months ago
Hello, thank you very much for such a useful tool. And thank you for changing the light grey to a stronger one, too. Anyway, I have another feature request. What about an option that makes the app beep on changes of the Caps/Num Lock status? Since I don't watch the right top or bottom corner while writing. So I would appreciate such a feature very much! Thank you! Demal
NikoKrause-4 months ago
You can activate sound for notifications in Cinnamon itself: Menu -> Preferences -> Sound -> Sound Effects -> Showing notifications Turn on the switch for »Showing notifications«. You can even choose your own sound file.
Antonio Fernandez
Antonio Fernandez-8 months ago
works as expected
Gabriel Borges
Gabriel Borges-9 months ago
Thanks for this very useful applet. However, in a light gray panel it's very difficult to see the difference when it' on or off. Is there a way I could customize it (a css tweak maybe) to make it a little darker when num/caps are active? Thanks!
NikoKrause-5 months ago
I changed the applet to use symbolic icons instead of full color icons. This makes the icons better visible.
Joaquin-9 months ago
Grabiel, an easy way to do it is by changing/editting the icons the applet uses. Not to steal betterlock's spotlight but i have done the exact same thing