Num Lock/Caps Lock indicator with MessageTray notifications

UUID: betterlock
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Last edited: 2 days ago
Last commit: 340f374c0c0ea5d759060c8e7fe7dbad5fc81fed

Shows whether caps lock/num lock is on, and displays a notification when these change.

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Gabriel Borges
Gabriel Borges-2 weeks ago
Thanks for this very useful applet. However, in a light gray panel it's very difficult to see the difference when it' on or off. Is there a way I could customize it (a css tweak maybe) to make it a little darker when num/caps are active?

Joaquin-1 week ago
Grabiel, an easy way to do it is by changing/editting the icons the applet uses. Not to steal betterlock's spotlight but i have done the exact same thing