System Monitor

UUID: sysmonitor@orcus
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4 months ago 2017-10-06, 00:40 UTC
Last commit: [dc4d9c89] sysmonitor@orcus: Fixed applet not loading in Cinnamon older than 3.2 (#1360)

Displays CPU, memory, swap and network usage and load in graphs

System monitor applet

This applet uses glibtop to get system resources usage statistics and displays them in graphs and also as text in tooltip.

All graph colors and sizes are configurable. Color settings support alpha channel, for ex. setting background alpha to 0 can make the background transparent.

Cinnamon settings API is used. All changes are applied on the fly and it is not necessary to restart the Cinnamon.

Installing glibtop

  • Ubuntu, Mint
    sudo apt-get install gir1.2-gtop-2.0
  • Fedora
    sudo dnf install libgtop2

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