SSH Launcher

by sumo

UUID: sshlauncher@sumo
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An applet to connect to SSH hosts configured in ~/.ssh/config


4 months ago
I've cobbled together a working version. For those interested, you can apply my diff here to your .local/share/cinnamon/applets/sshlauncher@sumo/applet.js file. You need to remove / add back the applet after your change.
4 months ago
The applet doesn't work anymore with Mint 18.1.
1 year ago
Came back to Cinnamon after a while and realised the URL was dead. Made the relevant updates as per the comments below. Should work on Rebecca onwards.
2 years ago
I've fixed it to work on Rebecca.
2 years ago
I found the problem in Rebecca (17.1).
The line 47 in ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/sshlauncher@sumo/applet.js should be updated, probably some Gio update, in my case it worked fine:

this.monitor = file.monitor_file(new, null);

this.monitor = file.monitor_file(Gio.FileMonitorFlags.NONE, new Gio.Cancellable());

Do not forget to remove and add the applet for it to initialize properly.
2 years ago
Definitely fails under Mint 17.1 / Cinnamon 2.4. Have a working ~/.ssh/config file (even tried an old one I had used at work), and nothing comes up on the applet window. The only options are on the right-click menu: "About" and "Uninstall".
2 years ago
coming back to mint after a couple years - loved this applet, but under the 17.1 RC this applet does not work :(
3 years ago
Terrific tool - I had no probs installing in Mint 16.


1. If multiple alias names are specified on the Host line, these entries do appear in the tool,
But login to these system fails:


Host abc def xys

2. Global settings with a 'Host *' entry should not
be listed as a host named '*' in the tool.

3. (Minor) editor should be taken from ENV EDITOR - seems to be
hard-coded gedit
3 years ago
First of all. Congratulations. You did a really good job. The applet is really useful. However it contains few bugs. I've latest Linux Mint 15 installed and I am unable to update the applet due to some changes in Cinnamon 1.8. Please change your applet accordingly.

Second thing, I've more than 50 hosts configure in my ssh config file therefore the PopupMenu goes out of the screen. Please add scrollbar support.

Thank you!
4 years ago
hi all, could somebody tell me how to fill out the config file? any example to follow? thanks, Roberto
4 years ago

just a bit improvements
1) at line 68 use
grep -h "^Host " .ssh/config /etc/ssh/ssh_config 2>/dev/null

instead of
grep "^Host " .ssh/config

so you also can work with global defined ssh configuration

2) enable ssh-add
at line 111 insert the following lines:
sshAdd: function() {

at line 88 insert the following lines:
let menuitemSshAdd = new PopupMenu.PopupMenuItem("Ssh-add");
menuitemSshAdd.connect('activate', Lang.bind(this, this.sshAdd));;

Then restart cinnamon
4 years ago
I just wanted to chime in and say I disagree with @jander. I love the fact that this is built off .ssh/config. I have all of my setup on this because it can be used for autocomplete on the cli. The fact that it builds this menu is awesome.
4 years ago
I've tried it on cinnamon 1.5.2 (package for debian wheezy) but it doesn't work:
The menu is empty, there aren't the entries "Edit ssh config", ecc....

4 years ago
Useful applet, however to make it truly useful you need to move away from the whole .ssh/config usage and use your own configuration file. This will allow you to do nice things like

- Host grouping
- Terminal/applet section colour per group/host
- Different usernames per host or a different username per group
- Multiple terminal launch per group

For example, at work I have 20 different hosts, and each of them belongs to a logical group and are similarly named, so the options mentioned would make the applet awesome.