SSH Launcher

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4 months ago 2019-01-22, 16:54 UTC
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An applet to connect to SSH hosts configured in ~/.ssh/config

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Daniel Upshaw
Daniel Upshaw-8 months ago
Works really well on Mint 19. Thank you!
Michael Katzmann
Michael Katzmann-1 year ago
The applet does not work in Fedora 28 with gnome 3.28 / cinnamon 3.8.1
Alex Merlin
Alex Merlin-1 year ago
Is there any way of making sessions to open in existing terminal window?
Diederik Lascaris
You should note that the SSH Launcher applet is case sensitive (where the ssh client is not). You should start your entries with a capital 'Host'. Like So: Host development-server hostname: dev.mydomain.tld *more options* Host production-server hostname: www.mydomain.tld etc...
Хуан Матис
Hi Where can I see an example of a config file?