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An applet to connect to SSH hosts configured in ~/.ssh/config

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Daniel Upshaw
Daniel Upshaw-3 weeks ago
One thing I found is that if there are a lot of hosts, it gets cut off with no way to scroll when it goes past the screen... this might be difficult to fix and I'm not sure the best route... Maybe a "More >>" menu item, or arrows scrolling up and down, but either way it seems like maybe a difficult issue especially since monitors could be any size
VandenBergh-3 weeks ago
Hi Daniel, I have the same issue. I managed to fix my issue with auto closing, but now as I have more or less 40 hosts entries in my config file, I cannot scrol up & down thru the list and the top of the window is no longer visible on the screen. As a result, the forward X11 switch is not available on the screen either... This is really annoying as I have many device to manage. Thanks a lot.
VandenBergh-3 weeks ago
Hi, I am using this applet on Linux Mint 19.1, I have configured the config file but when I try to connect to a raspberry, the ssh connection start but drop almost instantly. When I connect manually from the terminal, it is working fine. I am using ssh keys and the following entry in the config file. (I have already restarted ssh) All my devices have been added to my hosts file... Host RPI 01 Hostname RPI01 Port 22 User bill IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
Daniel Upshaw
Daniel Upshaw-10 months ago
Works really well on Mint 19. Thank you!
Michael Katzmann
Michael Katzmann-1 year ago
The applet does not work in Fedora 28 with gnome 3.28 / cinnamon 3.8.1
Alex Merlin
Alex Merlin-1 year ago
Is there any way of making sessions to open in existing terminal window?
Diederik Lascaris
You should note that the SSH Launcher applet is case sensitive (where the ssh client is not). You should start your entries with a capital 'Host'. Like So: Host development-server hostname: dev.mydomain.tld *more options* Host production-server hostname: www.mydomain.tld etc...
Хуан Матис
Hi Where can I see an example of a config file?