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A calculator Desklet

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Sanstypo-5 months ago
Hi, I really like this. But is there any way to resize the calculator? It takes up almost a third of my screen. Having a half size option would be great. Thanks!
Mike Dodge
Mike Dodge-3 months ago
Yes, I'm having the exact same issue. The calculator does not look like it does in the screenshots. The buttons have a ton of unnecessary spacing between them which causes the calculator to become huge! I would love to use this desktlet, but because it takes up so much real esate, I can't do it.
aaroncv3-1 year ago
please capture keyboard on focus, mouse makes me sad
John Elliott
John Elliott-1 year ago
so far so good
alperencaliskan-1 year ago
Thank you for this desklet. Raise to top feature is great. But i can not use my keyboard to enter numbers.
John Elliott
John Elliott-1 year ago
all good