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A calculator Desklet



Desktop Calculator Desklet

Keyboard Input

Keyboard input is available after the desklet was raised to top by the defined shortcut (default SUPER+C, can be changed in the desklet settings).


  • calculator code by scollins
  • new themes (light and dark) by schorschii

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Lajos Mészáros
Lajos Mészáros-11 months ago
It looks nice and seems to have interesting features, like the reverse polish notation, but what's the point if it doesn't react to the keyboard inputs?
DirkHaar-1 year ago
It was nice to use, but after updating to Mint Cinnamon 21 the only thing displayed is the degree setting, RPN/- and "0", with no function at all. Un-reinstalling gave no change. Trying download/install on my main notebook showed the same problem. As resizing isn't possible it's not usable anymore. When fixing - could you please try to make the complete applet resizable?
Kellsen-1 year ago
Any news on this one? I have the exact same issue on two desktops and one laptop, all LMDE 5 with XOrg. I keep it installed only because I hope it will be resolved eventually but so far nothing heard.
Georg-1 year ago
I just committed a fix for this; v2.1 will be working fine with Mint 21. Please report such issues on the cinnamon-spices-desklets Github repo, then I get a notification and can fix it more quickly.
Delikt-3 years ago
Realy Nice Desklet with an annoying Error - maybe it happens cause i use a German Keylayout, but i can't use the comma Key on my Calculatorblock on my Keyboard - the desklet force me to use the dot Key and this Key isnt placed on the Calculatorblock on the right side of my German Keyboard - Please change this misbehaviour! For daily use, it is a gamebreaker...
Sanstypo-5 years ago
Hi, I really like this. But is there any way to resize the calculator? It takes up almost a third of my screen. Having a half size option would be great. Thanks!
Mike Dodge
Mike Dodge-4 years ago
Yes, I'm having the exact same issue. The calculator does not look like it does in the screenshots. The buttons have a ton of unnecessary spacing between them which causes the calculator to become huge! I would love to use this desktlet, but because it takes up so much real esate, I can't do it.
Georg-4 years ago
Hi, I've recently proposed a design update which includes reduced space between the buttons. Hope you like the new look.
aaroncv3-6 years ago
please capture keyboard on focus, mouse makes me sad
Georg-4 years ago
Keyboard input is now fixed in version 2.0. Please note that the keyboard input is only available after the desklet was raised to top by the defined shortcut.
John Elliott
John Elliott-6 years ago
so far so good
alperencaliskan-6 years ago
Thank you for this desklet. Raise to top feature is great. But i can not use my keyboard to enter numbers.
John Elliott
John Elliott-6 years ago
all good