Jalali Time and Date Desklet

UUID: jalalidesklet@30yavash.com
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1 year ago 2017-09-12, 09:35 UTC
Last commit: [d6f952c5] jalalidesklet@30yavash.com: use icon in desklet

A fork desklet that displays the time and date in Jalali

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Alireza Naghizadeh
It would have been nice if there was an option to show the time in a specific region (e.g., Iran) instead of the system default.
hamid abbasi
hamid abbasi-1 year ago
با سپاس از آقا سیاوش، آیا امکانش هست که فونت و رنگ رو هم انتخاب کنیم ؟ یعنی با دستگاری CSS !
hamid abbasi
hamid abbasi-1 year ago
just change config: "prevent-decorations": true,
sohail bakhtiari
sohail bakhtiari-1 year ago
How to enable transparency?