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Network usage monitor using vnstat

The desklet is based on Network usage monitor applet from clem.

How it does it:

The vnstat daemon runs in the background and collects info about your Internet usage.

The applet detect which device youre currently using, and simply export a graph using vnstati.

What you need for it to work:

You need:

  • To install vnstat
  • To install vnstati
  • To have the vnstat daemon running

Note: In Linux Mint, you can simply run apt install vnstati and that will take care of everything. In other distributions it might depend on the way things are packaged but its likely to be similar.

-Siavash Salemi

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hefti33-2 months ago
I have a 4K display and therefore the data's are not readable (all figures are much to small). Is there any possibility to adapt the font size?
tikondrus-2 months ago
Does not work on Fedora 27. Cinnamon crashed.
Fedora Tux
Fedora Tux-6 months ago
Not working in Fedora 26, also it would be nice to insert a transparency in the box!!!
Paul Miller
Paul Miller-4 months ago
I'm using fedora 26 myself and it seems to be working fine. Once you have vnstat and run it as a daemon. It took a while to start populating but you expect that given it is based on historical data.
Peter Curtis
Peter Curtis-7 months ago
Roy, Yes it is possible to set up to add additional network data monitoring in vnstat - I have done so on my applet, the Network Usage Monitor with Alerts which also has an option of displaying vnstati output and I put a little bit of information in the associated help file. In summary The system program vnstat is automatically set up when it is installed to monitor the network devices/interfaces installed in the machine at the time and it then keeps a log of hourly, daily and monthly network traffic by use of a daemon. It is definitely possible to add additional USB network devices and possibly bluetooth devices to the list of monitored interfaces at a latter stage and I have done so for USB devices. man vnstat in a terminal will give details but be warned, it is not trivial to do!
Roy Gilby
Roy Gilby-9 months ago
Many thanks. Your desklet works great. Are there any configuration files behind the scenes that would allow me to add additional network usage data to the desklet ?