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Display the weather from several web services on your desktop



The Weather Desklet displays current and forecast weather on your Cinnamon desktop. It has plenty of options for configuring how it looks and comes with a selection of great weather icons, or you can use your own. For those who like to keep an eye on the weather in several locations it supports multiple instances.

At present the Weather Desklet can work with data from the BBC, Open Weather Map, Weather Underground, World Weather Online,, and (The Weather Channel).

The Weather Desklet includes translations into a growing number of languages.

For detailed usage instruction visit the Weather Desklet's website, or just install the desklet, right click on it and select 'Help'.

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kxrob-5 months ago
The current weather and symbol seems broken currently with BBC. The/most other data and forecast weather symbols work.
Softhints-6 months ago
These are the steps that worked for me for the weather desklet: * Use BBC or Open Weather Map Free * Get API key ( only for Open Weather Map Free ) * Get location ( the same for both) - Video explaining the steps:
Adrian Metalchef
Adrian Metalchef-9 months ago
The only (current) option for getting weather in Canada is to use the (deprecated) setting. Would you please consider implementing some fix/update that would allow us Canucks to use your desklet without having to use a deprecated setting? FYI, I'm using an older (but stable) version of Cinnamon on Debian, and the desklet works fine notwithstanding the above feedback. otto@debian:~$ cinnamon --version; lsb_release -crid Cinnamon 3.2.7 Distributor ID: Debian Description: Debian GNU/Linux 9.6 (stretch) Release: 9.6 Codename: stretch otto@debian:~$
kiers-9 months ago
Is this Desklet from BBC, GNU open source software? anyone?
EdPhere-9 months ago
Attempting to install this desklet on a Porteus v4.0 Cinnamon DE system results in: An error occurred during the installation of Please report this to it's developer. Detail: [Err 02] No such file or directory: 'msgfmt': 'msgfmt'
EdPhere-8 months ago
Oops. I needed the Porteus 05-devel module to be activated.
83c577nbybd8zb-1 year ago
Works great. I put this on every machine, Mint and Manjaro.
abandonmonkey-1 year ago
It used to work and does work if I use LinuxMint. I use Fedora 28 and Cinnamon 3.8.8 and now it cause the desktop to crash and enter fallback mode. Fedora 28 x86_64 Kernel 4.18.9-200.fc28.x86_64 Desktop: Cinnamon 3.8.8 wm: muffin dm: lightdm
randolph-one-1 year ago
Hello Chris, a wonderful piece of software! But one trifle is still useless at the moment: Transparency. On Cinnamon 3.8.9 / Linux Mint 19, the graphics become more and more pink at opacity <1.0. Is there a chance (I think this is compatibility with Muffin) to change this in one of the next updates? Thank you for your time and work.
randolph-one-1 year ago
Sorry, transparency is perfect. In the preview under the settings, there is a (inconsequential) pink discoloration ....
jpenguin-1 year ago
Using APIXU service, works OK; sunset/sunrise times would be nice. Open Weather Map is also free, but has limited locations.
jpenguin-1 year ago works too with free key, just had to use GPS coordinates from
Murray-Dawson-1 year ago
Looks like it now crashes Cinnamon 3.6.7 on startup resulting in Fallback Mode. The desklet is currently disabled on my system with a mouseover warning that it "contains function calls that could potentially cause Cinnamon to crash or freeze". Given that it's one of the two most highly rated desklets it would be fantastic if it was fixed please!
xzj8b3-1 year ago
Found several blocks of Cinnamon, please update!!!!!!
jhooly-1 year ago
had no problem setting it up, using it, liking it. ty. a feature request if i may: local sunrise and sunset, please.
©TriMoon™-1 year ago
Useless all stations need an API key, one free which is depreciated...
Nice, works well. Had to rely on lat/long coordinates for WeatherUnderground, but didn't really try too hard with others. I do find that, while the desklet is fantastic about all the information, it lacks a basic set of data that I find equally important - the local time. Is this possible for a future update? Thanks for your time and work!
Chris Hastie
Chris Hastie-1 year ago
Do you mean time local to the PC, or local to the forecast location? And which time? e.g. current time, last observation time etc? Perhaps raise an issue at Depending on exactly what you want to see, it may be possible for some data services, but not all, as not all services return the information needed.
Herb Garcia
Herb Garcia-1 year ago
I like it! Running Mint 18.2 and setup via the 'desklets' feature in the gui was painless. Setting the location is done by going to the website of the weather service you'd like to use and observing the location code which is generally at the end of the URL for the city you're in. For '' here in Houston the code is '77004:4:US'. Each site is different. Enjoy!
Paul Moffett
Paul Moffett-1 year ago
Changing the reporting location seems impossible. Great looking, though...I just can't use it.
Chris Hastie
Chris Hastie-1 year ago
Changing the location is a little tricky, and varies depending on which data service you are using. The documentation at (or just right click the desklet and select 'Help')
Richard Lezcano
Richard Lezcano-1 year ago
Useless. After having read the setup instructions and followed them: Error 401.
Chris Hastie
Chris Hastie-1 year ago
Using which data service? OpenWeatherMap recently changed the permissions on their APIs. The one that the WeatherDesklet uses is no longer available on the free plan. Other data services continue to work, and there is a pull request for a patch to switch the desklet to the 3 day forecast that is still available free. I just haven't had time to merge it yet.
Sean Galland
Sean Galland-2 years ago
OpenWeatherMap provides and api and it seems to work since I can see humidity and the temperature, but the name says Error: 401. Refreshing doesn't seem to help.
Chris Hastie
Chris Hastie-1 year ago
OpenWeatherMap recently changed the permissions on their APIs. The one that the WeatherDesklet uses is no longer available on the free plan. Other data services continue to work, and there is a pull request for a patch to switch the desklet to the 3 day forecast that is still available free. I just haven't had time to merge it yet :(
Craig Sharpe
Craig Sharpe-2 years ago
Weather Underground no longer provides a free API. Let me know when there is an API a normal person would be able to use for free. Until then this is clunkware.
Chris Hastie
Chris Hastie-1 year ago
Weather Underground's API remains free for the developer option, which allows you up to 500 calls per day. That should be plenty.
Crypticsz-2 years ago
OpenWeatherMap is usable. Registering on their website provides you with the API key. Setting locations is done by finding the desired city on their website and then using the number in the end of the link. (For example, the link for Paris is with 2988507 being the number you want.)
Aeryck de Sade
Aeryck de Sade-2 years ago
Works great on Cinnamon 3.4.4 in Mint 18.2. Just takes a little reading of the docs to get the setup right (using Weather Underground API).
Seffas-2 years ago
Tried this desklet, but setting it up proved to be too difficult.
Nickolay Karnaukhov
Looks really nice with transparent background and VClouds images