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(Formerly BBC Weather Desklet)

The Weather Desklet can retrieve weather data from several online weather services and display them on your Cinnamon desktop in a neat way.It comes with a choice of icons and plenty of options for configuring how it looks, and for those who like to keep an eye on the weather in several locations it supports multiple instances. At present it can work with data from the BBC, Yahoo! Weather, Open Weather Map, Weather Underground, World Weather Online, and (The Weather Channel). The Weather Desklet includes translations into a growing number of languages.

By default the forecast will be refreshed approximately every thirty minutes. You can always force a refresh by clicking the refresh button at the bottom right. Hovering over the icons in the forecast area will show a brief descriptions of the forecast, whilst clicking on the current weather icon or the credit link at the bottom of the desklet will take you to a more detailed forecast for your area.


Right click on the desklet and select 'Configure...' to enter the configuration screen.

Select the sevice you wish to use to provide weather data. Note that some services require you to obtain an API key by registering with them.

The Location must be specified as a code and these codes are specific to the service that you are using. Below are notes on each of the services supported.


To find your location code visit the BBC Weather site and search for your city. The code you need is the numeric part at the end of URL for the city's weather. For example, a search for London takes you to:

The Location code is therefore 2643743.

Open Weather Map

Visit the Open Weather Map and search for your city. The code you need is the numeric part at the end of URL for the city's weather. For example, a search for Chicago takes you to:

The Location code is therefore 4887398.

You can also give a latitude and longitude. These should be decimals, separated by a comma, with positive being north or east. For example, for central London, 51.51N, 0.13W, use 51.51,-0.13.

Open Weather Map requires an API Key. To obtain an API Key for Open Weather Map register on the Open Weather Map website.


Unfortunately Yahoo! is no longer supported because of an incompatible change to the Yahoo! API

Visit Yahoo! Weather and search for your city. The code you need is the numeric part at the end of URL for the city's weather. For example, a search for Berlin takes you to:

The Location code is therefore 638242.

You can also give a latitude and longitude. These should be decimals, separated by a comma, with positive being north or east. For example, for central London, 51.51N, 0.13W, use 51.51,-0.13.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground requires an API key. You can obtain a free developer API key here. Weather Desklet uses the 10 day forecast data, so you will need to get at least the Cumulus Plan.

There are several ways to specify the location for Weather Underground. For locations in the USA you can simply use a zip code. You can also give a latitude and longitude. These should be decimals, separated by a comma, with positive being north or east. For example, for central London, 51.51N, 0.13W, use 51.51,-0.13.

You can also specify locations as Country/City, eg France/Paris, or within the USA as State/City, eg TX/Houston. You should check that your proposed location works by visiting the website, eg

If you search for your city on and are taken to URL of this form:

use the section following the q, eg zmw:00000.16.03541. If you are taken to a URL with a station ID such as:

you can convert this to a zmw code by taking the station number (03541 in this case) and prefixing it with zmw:00000.1. to give zmw:00000.1.03541

World Weather Online

World Weather Online requires an API key. You can register for a free API key here.

Locations can be specified as a US zipcode, a UK or Canadian post code, or as a latitude and longitude. Latitude and longitude should be given as decimals, separated by a comma, with positive being north or east. For example, for central London, 51.51N, 0.13W, use 51.51,-0.13. requires an API key. You can register for a free API key here.

Locations must be specified as a latitude and longitude. Latitude and longitude should be given as decimals, separated by a comma, with positive being north or east. For example, for central London, 51.51N, 0.13W, use 51.51,-0.13.

Location codes for the service can be looked up here.

Please note that the XML feed used has officially been retired. You should treat the service as deprecated and likely to stop working at any time.


meteoblue requires an API key. You can register for a free API key here. The Weather Desklet needs the Free JSON API (json_7day_3h_firstday).

Locations must be specified as a latitude and longitude. Latitude and longitude should be given as decimals, separated by a comma, with positive being north or east. For example, for central London, 51.51N, 0.13W, use 51.51,-0.13.

Refresh time

Select the period between refreshing forecasts. The default of 30 minutes should be adequate for most purposes. Please consider the impact of lower refresh times on the service provider's servers and do not use lower refresh periods unless you have a very good reason. In order to comply with the terms of use of some providers Weather Desklet will override low settings in some cases and enforce a minimum.

Location display settings

These settings allow you to use an alternative source for text displayed for the location. They are particularly useful for those whose language is not English.

By default the text is provided by the weather data service. If the service does not provide translations of city names, using names provided by Google may do so. As a last resort you can manually enter a city name.      

Experimental and buggy settings

These are settings that should be used with caution.

Anchor desklet by

This setting allows you change the point on the desklet that is anchored. This point remains fixed as the desklet grows or shrinks. It is useful if you wish to place the desklet close to a screen edge. By default the desklet is anchored to the top left corner, so for example, if you place the desklet in the bottom right of your screen a long weather text may cause it to grow beyond the edge of the screen. By anchoring to the bottom right of the desklet this problem is avoided

However, Cinnamon's drag and drop functionality for desklets does not cope with a change of anchors. You will find drag and drop behaves oddly if you use this option and you will probably have difficulty positioning the desklet just where you want it. I recommend that when dragging and dropping you always grab the desklet by the top left corner. It's still weird, but slightly less so!

Other settings

Most of the other settings should be obvious - just experiment. Please note, however, that not all services support all settings. For example, some support only a limited number of days of forecast, or do not support humidity or pressure. If you change the configuration and the display doesn't seem to change, it's probably because the service you have selected does not support the new options. See the list of service capabilities for details.

Using your own icons

There are details of how to use your own icons in the Weather Desklet on the project wiki, or in the README file in the icons/user directory of the Weather Desklet's installation directory. A number of example configuration files are available in the extra directory.

Language support

The Weather Desklet provides partial support for languages other than English. The messages displayed by the Weather Desklet come from two different sources

  • Text descriptions of weather forecasts and current conditions are provided directly by the data service being used
  • Labels (eg 'Humidity', 'Pressure'), units, and all text in the settings dialogue come from translation files shipped with the Desklet

Data service provided translations

Some data services provide translations of their weather data. Where these are available in one of the preferred languages configured for your desktop, they will be used. The following services support translations. Click on the link to find out which languages are supported:

Note that although forecasts are translated, names of localities may not be. In this case you may wish to look at the Location display settings.

Internal translations

The Weather Desklet supports translation of most of the internal messages, and some forecast messages from services that do not support translated forecasts themselves. We have a small but growing number of translations contributed by users. If you are a native speaker of a language that we don't yet have a translation for, why not help out? Find out more about translating the Weather Desklet.

Found a bug?

The best place to report bugs is the issue tracker on the desklet's github page. I don't get  notified of comments made here, so whether or not I see your comment is a bit of lottery :)

Release notes


  • Updated Tamil translation
  • Updated list of languages supported by


  • Added Tamil translation, thanks to Kamala Kannan.K
  • Removed support for Yahoo! as their API has changed in incompatible ways
  • Various other translation updates


  • Added meteoblue data service
  • Various translation updates


  • Added Swedish translation
  • Several other translation updates
  • Added 'Cold' icon to several icon sets


  • Added Icelandic, Armenian, Romanian and Catalan
  • Minor bug fix


  • Added Vietnamese translation


  • Added Danish translation


  • Added partial translations for Greek and Slovak
  • summaries will now use imperial units if configured to show temperature in Fahrenheit


  • Added translations:
    • Hungarian
    • Turkish
    • Bulgarian
    • Estonian
    • Russian
    • Czech
  • Updated various translations
  • Added support for Bosnian, Portugues and Russian forecasts from


  • Updated French translation (thanks to Perco)


  • Added Basque translation
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Added Italian translation
  • Added French translation
  • Updated various translation
  • Added support for Italian and Polish forecasts from
  • Added support for Croation and Catalan forecasts from Open Weather Map


  • Added Ukrainian translation
  • Added Finnish translation
  • Added German translation
  • Added Portuguese translation
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Improved logging


  • Added Spanish translation (thanks to Fernando)
  • Minor bug fix


  • Added ability to get displayed city and country name from reverse geocode lookup at Yahoo! or Google, or to set it manually. This is primarily of use for non English speakers as most services return city names in English only
  • Added translations into Polish, Croatian and Slovenian


  • Fixed a bug handling empty strings and 'null' from some services


  • Added support for other languages where provided by data services (see above)
  • Added support for translations of internal messages - please help with translations!
  • Added support for using styling from the current Cinnamon theme
  • Fixed a bug handling place names that contain an apostrophe when using BBC data


  • Added new icon set 'Sketchy'
  • Added various example configuration files for use with icon sets available for download elsewhere. See the extra directory in the distribution
  • Experimental feature to allow desklet to be anchored at different points



  • Added 'adjust' property to iconmeta.json to improve handling of icons that have no inbuilt padding. See the wiki
  • Tidied up some debug code



  • Added new service
  • Display of big current weather icon and text can now be turned off
  • Added ability to specify location as lat,lon for Yahoo! Weather and Open Weather Map. This leaves only the BBC for which lat,lon cannot be used
  • Added option of using kPa for pressure units


  • Added three new icon sets
  • For most items of data it is now possible to select whether or not they are displayed
  • Added current visibility and forecast pressure and humidity to items supported
  • Border width is now configurable
  • Clicking on the main weather icon now launches a full forecast in the default browser
  • Some tweaks to limit the extent to which themes and global settings interfere with the Weather Desklet's styling


  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple browser windows to be opened when clicking on the link to the service provider's website


  • Added two new services. Both require an API key from the service provider
    • World Weather Online
  • Option to use API key for Open Weather Map
  • Refresh period is now configurable. There is an enforced minimum of 10 minutes for all services and greater for some  service where the Terms of Use require it
  • Various tweaks


Version 2.0 is a major update. The Weather Desklet now supports three sources of weather data: the BBC, Yahoo! Weather and Open Weather Map. The internals have been extensively modified to make it easier to add additional weather sources in the future. The name has been changed to reflect the fact that the desklet is no longer tied to a single source of data.

Longer range forecasting is supported by the new sources, including up to 7 days from Open Weather Map.


Initial public release as 'BBC Weather Desklet'.

Help with development

The Weather Desklet's development is hosted on GitHub. Feel free to fork it and contribute!



The Weather Desklet is written by Chris Hastie and released under the GNU General Public License version 3. It was originally a fork of Loganj's AccuWeather Desklet, which is released under the “use it as you like” license. Copyright © 2014–2015 Chris Hastie, 2013 Loganj.

The desklet makes use of the marknote xml library, which is Copyright © 2011 and redistributed under the terms of Apache Licence, Version 2.0.



See translation credits here.

Other stuff

Alternative city name lookups are provided Google.

About The Author



  1. tipichris says:

    4 months ago

    @MintSarahUser are you sure you've left your comment on the right desklet? For licensing reasons the Weather Desklet does not, and never has, support AccuWeather. For that you need the AccuWeather Desklet (

  2. kpearsonxyz says:

    4 months ago

    I installed this and saw I needed an API Key from WUND. I went there, logged in (I already have an account), and went to the API Key page. I checked the 3 levels out, and found that regardless of which I selected, the annual price was 0. I don't know if that's tru for everyone, but I was happy to see that. I stated the reason for the key was personal use. I don't think that mattered however. YMMV, but I'm happy with this desklet. It's very easy to configure, even though there are quite a few options to go through. Once I got the key from WUND, the desktop began working like a charm. Nicely done, and thank you for your contribution to the Cinnamon desktop. I use this desklet on Oracle Linux Server v7.2 OBI (Oracle Business Image, meaning it's the official desktop product we can use for our production environment in place of Windows or MAC - Oracle treats us pretty good)

  3. MintSarahUser says:

    4 months ago

    after a lot of messing around, I found that AccuWeather works for USA, Type in the City, 2 letter state, USA. all the other options didn't work for me in Mint Sarah

  4. kchesley says:

    7 months ago

    Never mind, I got it to work with weather underground. Great widget now that I got it to work.

  5. kchesley says:

    7 months ago

    This didn't work with my city in Des Plaines, Il

  6. geran says:

    7 months ago

    Hi, it would be great if you can release this as applet... Thanks!

  7. tipichris says:

    1 year ago

    Thanks cinnamoniker, I appreciate the feedback

  8. cinnamoniker says:

    1 year ago

    Even if the Spices site fails to notify you of the comments (as all Linux Mint sites do, unfortunately), I want to congratulate you for the work on your project. I do really appreciate the translated display as well as the number of available data services together with the many configuration options.

  9. tipichris says:

    1 year ago

    Hi Elgigantor. You'll probably get a faster response raising an issue at as I don't get any notification of new comments here. It would be useful to know what you get, what you expect to get, what data service you are using, what icon set you are using and is it just the condition's icon, or the text too? Just current condition, or forecast conditions (text for these you'll see when you hover over them). It's possible that I have incorrectly mapped one or two codes to icons, so the fullest info possible would help track this down. The other possibility remains as before that the service provider's website and API are out of sync.

  10. elgigantor says:

    1 year ago

    Hey again. sorry to bug you but once again the "conditions" image doesnt sync with what is on the site. i've tried rebooting and uninstalling the desklet and still doesnt update the image. all the numbers ie: temp, feels like" and such are perfect just not the current conditions. any idea's what i could do???

  11. tipichris says:

    1 year ago

    @jrasmussen v.2.8.6 should now use imperial units in text summaries if you are using Fahrenheit for temperature units

  12. elgigantor says:

    1 year ago

    @tipichris i just refreshed it and even installed the updated version and everything looks good now. thanks man. keep up the good work. this is by FAR the best desklet i have used..

  13. tipichris says:

    1 year ago

    @jrasmussen, I have had a closer look at the issue with units in summaries. I can solve this, but I need a way to work out which units are wanted. I'd rather not add a separate setting, partly because the setting dialogue is already cluttered, and partly because getting translations for the strings in the settings dialogue is a pain. My suggestion is we request imperial units if the selected temperature unit is Fahrenheit. Would that work for you?

  14. tipichris says:

    1 year ago

    Hi elgigantor Have you tried refreshing the desklet? It's possible that has just changed and the desklet hasn't refreshed since. Otherwise, perhaps the website and the API are briefly out of sync? I've just tried with four or five random locations and I see the same on the site as on the desklet for all.

  15. elgigantor says:

    1 year ago

    Hey, just wondering about something.. with the website gives the proper current conditions but the desklet shows something else. for example, right now it is snowing here. the shows that but the desklet shows fog.

  16. tipichris says:

    1 year ago

    @jrasmussen, Mmm, this is probably a bug. And not one I'm sure I have time to sort out, as it would require a remarkable amount of work. The Weather Desklet uses SI units internally. It always requests SI units from the data provider, the individual drivers pass SI units back and then conversion to the configured units is done at display time. Which generally works fine, but it seems that in certain circumstances include precipitation amounts in their weather summaries, and if SI units have been requested, these are given in cm. Weather summaries are generally text, and we assume them to be such and do no conversions on them. Indeed, they couldn't easily be converted. The only way to get inches here would be to request *all* the data in imperial units, and then convert to SI. The current API isn't really designed to do this. So I'm afraid it's unlikely to get fixed :(

  17. jrasmussen says:

    2 years ago

    I really like this desklet, and am using the Everything works fine except that when I hover over the 3-day forecast icons I noticed that the precipitation is listed in cm's rather than inches. Is there any way I can change/configure that? Thanks for any help you can give! (I'm new to Linux Mint, by the way so any direction will need to be detailed)

  18. tipichris says:

    2 years ago

    @elgigantor I'm happy to add any data feed that I can legally get access to without spending money, but with a quick look at the weather network site I couldn't find such a thing. It appears they offer data feeds, but it looks like a paid service negotiated with a sales team: I could potentially parse their RSS feeds (which is what I do for the BBC), but this is more complex and it's not clear that it falls within the terms of use. It is also rather limited - they give only min, max and "POP", which I presume is probability of precipitation. POP I'm afraid Weather Desklet doesn't currently handle (none of the other feeds use it), so initially I'd have to drop this, leaving only min and max. Parsing RSS feeds has it's problems, the main one being that it relies on the feeds having a consistent format. It also requires the feeds to select weather descriptions from a limited fixed list, and I need to know what that fixed list is. To that end, if you're really keen to see this feature perhaps you could start scouring WN's RSS feeds and compiling a list of text used. Here's an example:

  19. elgigantor says:

    2 years ago

    Any way you could add a feed from the weather network? it's canadas equivalent.

  20. tipichris says:

    2 years ago

    @Brahim - I'd love to add Accuweather, but they do not make their data available in a way which allows use. I'm aware of Accuweather feeds, but they always contain the text "This document is intended only for use by authorized licensees of Unauthorized use is prohibited. All Rights Reserved". If you can point me to an Accuweather data source that I am authorised to use I'll happily add it. @elgigantor - no idea I'm afraid! I just write code to make use of what they publish. Why they decide to publish what they do is down to them :)

  21. elgigantor says:

    2 years ago

    Works great in M17. one question though.. do you know why none of the weather services give a proper "feels like" temp due to humidex? works perfectly with "feels like" for windchill but during the summer months it's not accurate.

  22. Brahim says:

    2 years ago

    Thank you!! It works fine on Linux Mint 17. But can yyou please add accuweather to data service? Many thanks!

  23. alfonso says:

    2 years ago

    Great. Congratulations.

  24. arktika says:

    2 years ago

    great work!! bravo!

  25. SoundMind says:

    2 years ago

    Awesome desklet, really liking it except for one thing. I like to dock it in the top right corner of my screen but when the weather description changes from something short to something longer it automatically expands to the right and part of it gets cut off of my screen until I manually move it back to the left a bit. If possible perhaps a config option could be added to automatically expand to the right OR to the left side instead of only to the right? That would make it perfect to me!

  26. elgigantor says:

    2 years ago

    @tipichris Too bad. Thanks for the kPa add.

  27. tipichris says:

    2 years ago

    @elgigantor WWO don't provide 'feels like' information - at least not in their free API. Doesn't look as if the premium API includes it either

  28. elgigantor says:

    2 years ago

    on the next update could you add the "feels like" info for WWO?

  29. elgigantor says:

    2 years ago

    i think 1008 mb is equal to 100.8kPa. not a big deal but it would be a nice addition for us Canadian folk

  30. tipichris says:

    2 years ago

    @elgigantor that's straightforward enough. How many decimal places would be appropriate? I'm thinking 1 - pressure in mb is rounded to 0 places and in kPa the value would be one tenth (1 mb = 1HPa), so 1 decimal place would be the same precision. That sound sensible?

  31. elgigantor says:

    2 years ago

    Love the latest update. would it be at all possible to add kPa to pressure?

  32. tmlk says:

    2 years ago

    @tipichris - you did it. Now it display without that bar. And the new options are very useful. Thanks.

  33. tipichris says:

    2 years ago

    @tmlk - version 2.2 should hopefully resolve your issue @anandrkris You can now configure what is displayed and what not - hope that's what you were after

  34. tmlk says:

    2 years ago

    @tipichris That's great news. Thanks for your help!

  35. tipichris says:

    2 years ago

    @tmlk I can reproduce a line, though it doesn't look quite as bad as the one in your screenshot. I've fixed what I get, which I hope will fix what you see too. The fix will be included in the next release which will hopefully be sometime this weekend.

  36. tmlk says:

    2 years ago

    @tipichris I'm using Baldr ( )

  37. tipichris says:

    2 years ago

    @tmlk: can you let me know what desktop theme you are using? It seems you have a different stylesheet to me. I think I know where the problem is, but it would be easier to deal with if I could reproduce it.

  38. tmlk says:

    2 years ago

    Hi, First of all, thank you very much for this desklet, simple, beautiful an useful. I just have an annoying graphical issue. In the screenshots at the beginning of this very page I don't see horizontal lines. Check my screenshot ( ), why do I have that (ugly) horizontal bar/line? Thanks in advance for your help. Regards.

  39. elgigantor says:

    2 years ago

    Thanks for the latest update. Great work!!!

  40. anandrkris says:

    2 years ago

    Thanks for your reply. I didn't express myself correctly well last time. "Openweather predicted that there will be showers today in Chennai and it did shower although it usually does not at this time of the year. So, it was a perfect prediction :-)" Glad to know that display configuration is on your road-map. A suggestion - Screenshot above can show display of different service providers supported by desklet.

  41. tipichris says:

    2 years ago

    @anandkris Thanks. I've noticed some odd forecasts from Open Weathermap too - showers and freezing temperatures in Dahab, South Sinai. Turning on and off display of some parameters is a long term plan, but I think I need to get on with some other work just now ;)

  42. anandrkris says:

    2 years ago

    Awesome, 5 stars from me. One thing I would like to see is a configuration setting to show / hide humidity, pressure, etc. Perhaps units could be specified as N/A to hide the particular weather parameter? P.S. Openweather predicted that there will be showers today in Chennai although it usually does not at this time of the year. ;-)

  43. elgigantor says:

    2 years ago

    Great update!! i registered with OWM and have my own key now. Thanks for your work....

  44. tipichris says:

    2 years ago

    @elgigantor OK, ability to configure the refresh time has been added in 2.1, along with Wunderground and World Weather Online data. Please be kind to the service providers servers and only reduce refresh times if you really need to - weather information doesn't change that frequently.

  45. elgigantor says:

    2 years ago

    @tipichris I just noticed it does refresh every 30 mins or so. if i click the refresh button i can get updates like every 5 mins. is there a way to make the desklet update every 10 mins or so??? i looked through the config files but couldnt find it. any ideas??

  46. tipichris says:

    2 years ago

    @elgigantor refresh time is 30 minutes +/- 5 minutes (slightly randomised). If you think it isn't updating can you using lookingglass (Alt + f2, type lg) or the Cinnamon Developers' Tools desklet to view the cinnamon logs. It should record each refresh. If you're not seeing a change it could be simply that the feed hasn't changed - most weather feeds don't update that frequently. Feels Like is displayed if a backend supports it, but the Open Weather Map API doesn't return Feels Like or anything like it. Currently, Yahoo! Weather is the only backend I use that supports Feels Like.

  47. elgigantor says:

    2 years ago

    it seems to only update when i click the refresh icon..

  48. elgigantor says:

    2 years ago

    also. what's the refresh time while using Open Weather map??

  49. elgigantor says:

    2 years ago

    just a suggestion. could you add the "feels like" for OWM??

  50. mcutting says:

    2 years ago

    Superb update - thanks. Am now using Yahoo for weather, and locations are working perfectly.

  51. tipichris says:

    2 years ago

    I'll look at neatening up what happens when a 'null' appears - I've just seen one in a wind direction too.

  52. mcutting says:

    2 years ago

    Thanks - I did see the RSS feed myself, and also saw the "null". Good to hear that Braintree is working - I'll use that as it's close enough :)

  53. tipichris says:

    2 years ago

    Hi mcutting I don't think there's much I can do about this. If you look at at the moment it is reporting the current weather as 'null'. The desklet is merely reporting what it finds in the feed. The question mark icon is the one used when the weather in the feed isn't recognised, which obviously it won't be with 'null'. You may find that the BBC's feed sorts itself out. Or try somewhere nearby. Braintree seems to be working: 2654938

  54. mcutting says:

    2 years ago

    Great applet. However, there seems to be a bug of sorts. For example, if I use 2656194 as the ID, the weather is not returned properly. I get a large question mark, and "null" where the current data should be. 5 stars from me - would give 6 if I could - any chances of sorting out this small bug ? Thanks