Binary Clock

UUID: binaryclock2@euxneks
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2 months ago 2021-09-27, 16:45
Last commit: [3a1a0977] Create pt_BR.po

Based off of entelechy's binary clock, fixed to work with 17.2 and also added the option to have squared pips instead of circled pips.

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Lewis Mojica
Lewis Mojica-3 years ago
I really like this desklet. Previously i had this desklet and it was with no borders and transparent , but now a installed it on a new computer and now it has borders, how can i make it trasnparent or with no border?. Sorry if there are mistakes in my writen, english is not my native language.
AzzyInc-4 years ago
I love this clock! Keep up the great work! Hopefully you have it for Windows too:)