Simple system monitor

by arielandrade
UUID: simple-system-monitor@ariel
Score: 4
Last edited: 1 month ago
Last commit: f3cd6a2cf55a72edfdf221e1b08158d3d656700d

Shows some system status values

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Kevin Walton
Kevin Walton-2 months ago
Agreed, this is a great desklet but it's crying out for config options to resize the window. I need mine just a little wider so I'm not looking at "Temperat...42 C" etc.
Kevin Walton
Kevin Walton-2 months ago
UPDATE: I was able to modify the size by manually editing stylesheet.css, although I needed to restart my system in order the the desklet to properly resize itself. I used a width of 150px and a border of 8px on each side for some good results with now "..."-ing of labels, although your personal mileage may vary.
Darryn Bourgeois
Darryn Bourgeois-2 months ago
Thanks for this info. The ... were driving me a little nuts
Dannation-3 months ago
This is really cool, I'm a sucker for stats, but for me the font on the text is too large to display all of the words, except for CPU & Upload. So "Memory" becomes "Memo...", and so on. Some way to adjust the size of the box, and/or the text size would be a nice addition.

Nice work though, this was a needed addition to the desklet repertoire.