Simple system monitor

by arielandrade
UUID: simple-system-monitor@ariel
Score: 6
Last edited: 1 month ago
Last commit: 5f6ee3b9239b3d370cd53b7fb2db7b53dd7e4139

Shows some system status values

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Karl Pearson
Karl Pearson-2 months ago
The inventors of Cinnamon, the Linux Mint developers, make Cinnamon on that platform so it works out of the box, at least for me. I installed the 32-bit libraries to get WebEx working right, and maybe that has something to do with mine working fine from the get-go.

Also a note from a comment I made to an earlier post. When you edit the configuration file, stylesheet.css, to apply your changes, press ALT-F2, 'r' (sans quotes) and hit <ENTER> and Cinnamon will restart applying your settings. This works for any desklet that doesn't take your configuration settings right off. It also fixes a bunch of other things, too, though that list has shortened considerably since the early days of Cinnamon.
Jovan Nedeljkovic
Jovan Nedeljkovic-3 months ago
gir1.2-gtop-2.0 install bat does not work on Mint 18.2
Aleksander Zioło
Aleksander Zioło-3 months ago
Does not work on Mint 18.2 (throws an error)
Aleksander Zioło
Aleksander Zioło-3 months ago
EDIT: Requires gir1.2-gtop-2.0 to work.
Kory Scott
Kory Scott-3 months ago
temp app not working and or missing stuff in Linux mint -ubuntu family I have tried to get this and other temp deskapp and other applets like this.
Nostalgia Za Nieskończonością
Temperature is N/A for me. What i need to install?
tl5k5-4 months ago
I have Cinnamon running on Debian 9. When applying this Desklet I get the following in glass.log:
error t=2017-09-01T18:24:26.186Z [Desklet "simple-system-monitor@ariel"]: Error importing desklet.js from simple-system-monitor@ariel
error t=2017-09-01T18:24:26.186Z Could not load desklet simple-system-monitor@ariel
error t=2017-09-01T18:31:18.186Z redeclaration of const NMClient
trace t=2017-09-01T18:31:18.186Z

Any ideas?
Peter Bittner
Peter Bittner-4 months ago
The problem is in `~/.local/share/cinnamon/desklets/simple-system-monitor\@ariel/desklet.js`
Edit this file an comment out or remove the last 3 `const` declarations of the code block on the top of the file:

//const GTop =;
//const NMClient =;
//const NetworkManager =;

Then the desklet will work. You may have to install some dependencies in addition, but the desklet will tell you.
tl5k5-4 months ago
The only difference this made was the last two lines from the above log no longer appears.
Kevin Walton
Kevin Walton-7 months ago
Agreed, this is a great desklet but it's crying out for config options to resize the window. I need mine just a little wider so I'm not looking at "Temperat...42 C" etc.
Kevin Walton
Kevin Walton-7 months ago
UPDATE: I was able to modify the size by manually editing stylesheet.css, although I needed to restart my system in order the the desklet to properly resize itself. I used a width of 150px and a border of 8px on each side for some good results with now "..."-ing of labels, although your personal mileage may vary.
Karl Pearson
Karl Pearson-2 months ago
Kevin, thank you for providing the file to fix width and the padding, etc...

When you are running Cinnamon, at least on Linux Mint, the inventors of Cinnamon, you only need to use ALT-F2 and type the command 'r' (sans quotes) and press ENTER. This restarts Cinnamon, which applies the settings you have or are editing.

That's the fastest way to get the changes to work for you.
Darryn Bourgeois
Darryn Bourgeois-6 months ago
Thanks for this info. The ... were driving me a little nuts
Dannation-7 months ago
This is really cool, I'm a sucker for stats, but for me the font on the text is too large to display all of the words, except for CPU & Upload. So "Memory" becomes "Memo...", and so on. Some way to adjust the size of the box, and/or the text size would be a nice addition.

Nice work though, this was a needed addition to the desklet repertoire.
Karl Pearson
Karl Pearson-2 months ago
There have been some comments about this after yours. Check them out and you'll find the solution, which involves editing sytlesheet.css in the desklet's home directory, and then to apply the changes you make, use ALT-F2, r to restart Cinnamon.