Analog Chronometer

UUID: clock@schorschii
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A scaleable analog clock desklet with smooth hands and free choice of images.



Clock Desklet


  • smooth hands (deactivatable)
  • light and dark themes
  • you can use your own images

Performance Notes

  • if you are using this desklet on older hardware, please consider disabling the smooth seconds hand to reduce CPU impact


  • code and first themes by schorschii
  • "light transparent" and "dark transparent" theme by claudiux

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Dmitry Gurovich
Dmitry Gurovich-1 year ago
Looks nice, but cinnamon process cpu usage is higher than usual when desklet is on
rthlng-1 year ago
Works great on my Mint 20 system. Can't wait to start playing with modifications.
PizzaDude-3 years ago
pretty good
Gokhan Gunduz
Gokhan Gunduz-3 years ago
I dig this. Wish black version had a minute dots
Friar Tux
Friar Tux-4 years ago
Love it. Simple, straight forward, easy to modify to match my theme.
ACinnamonUserInUK-5 years ago
Chris Hastie
Chris Hastie-5 years ago
I really like the ability to use your own graphics for this clock. I've created a nice transparent clock for my desktop, taking the 'light' theme as a template. Great work, thanks!