Analog Chronometer

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A scaleable analog clock desklet with smooth hands and free choice of images.



Clock Desklet


  • smooth hands (deactivatable)
  • light and dark themes
  • you can use your own images

Performance Notes

  • if you are using this desklet on older hardware, please consider disabling the smooth seconds hand to reduce CPU impact


  • code and first themes by schorschii
  • "light transparent" and "dark transparent" theme by claudiux

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richo-9 months ago
muy bonitos diseños. (very nice designs)
Grysu-Feuermelder-11 months ago
No transparent background. Multi instance crashes. LM21 Cin.
kuehhe1-1 year ago
Schaut gut aus, aber auf LM20.3Cin. und LM21Cin. funktioniert leider die Transparenz des dunklen Hintergrundes nicht. Erst durch Nacharbeit der bg.svg mit Inkscape gelingt die Übernahme der Transparenz. Looks good, but on LM20.3Cin. and LM21Cin. the transparency of the dark background does not work. Only by reworking the bg.svg with Inkscape does the transparency work. Diskutiert:
Dmitry Gurovich
Dmitry Gurovich-2 years ago
Looks nice, but cinnamon process cpu usage is higher than usual when desklet is on
rthlng-3 years ago
Works great on my Mint 20 system. Can't wait to start playing with modifications.
PizzaDude-4 years ago
pretty good
Gokhan Gunduz
Gokhan Gunduz-4 years ago
I dig this. Wish black version had a minute dots
Friar Tux
Friar Tux-5 years ago
Love it. Simple, straight forward, easy to modify to match my theme.
ACinnamonUserInUK-6 years ago
Chris Hastie
Chris Hastie-6 years ago
I really like the ability to use your own graphics for this clock. I've created a nice transparent clock for my desktop, taking the 'light' theme as a template. Great work, thanks!