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A desklet that displays random persian poems from ganjoor.net.

ganjine logo Ganjine

This desklet shows random persian poems on the desktop from Ganjoor, a Persian poetry web site.


  • Desklet font and color customization
  • Link to full poetry on ganjoor.net
  • Keeps temporary history of displayed poems
  • Copy poem to clipboard
  • Show poems from specified poet
  • Save screenshot of poem



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mohammad baniasad
mohammad baniasad-6 months ago
dameeeeeeeeet garm
Ali Madjlesi
Ali Madjlesi-6 months ago
بسیار عالی است ولی متاسفانه روی سیستم من کار نمیکنه ، آیا مشکل خاصی هست؟ مشخصات سیستم به شرح زیر است : LMDE2 Cinnamon 32bit Kernel 3.16.04 CPU AMD Athlone XP 2500+