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A desklet that displays your agenda based on Google Calendar

Google Calendar Desklet

View your upcoming calendar events on your Cinnamon Desktop. This desklet uses gcalcli to pull events from Google Calendar. You can configure every aspect of the desklet using the configure dialog.


  • Cinnamon 3.4 or 3.6
  • gcalcli


  1. Install gcalcli using the following command:

    sudo apt install gcalcli
  2. Launch gcalcli with a parameter listfrom terminal and configure the user account

    gcalcli list

    If this is the first time, once you have executed the above command, gcalcli will open a web page and ask you to provide the permission to access your Google Calendar. Give access to use your Google Calendar.

  3. Run the following command with current date in terminal and see whether gcalcli prints your events

    gcalcli agenda "2/11/2018" "2/18/2018" --nostarted --tsv

    You should get an output similar to this:

    2018-02-12  00:00   2018-02-13  00:00   Family Day (British Columbia)
    2018-02-12  09:30   2018-02-12  11:30   Artificial Intelligence II
    2018-02-12  12:30   2018-02-12  14:00   Weekly meeting
    2018-02-13  00:00   2018-02-14  00:00   Alice's birthday
    2018-02-13  00:00   2018-02-14  00:00   Mahasivarathri Day
    2018-02-14  00:00   2018-02-15  00:00   Bob's birthday
    2018-02-14  00:00   2018-02-15  00:00   Valentine's Day
    2018-02-14  14:30   2018-02-14  16:30   Cloud Computing
    2018-02-15  00:00   2018-02-16  00:00   Carol's birthday
    2018-02-15  09:30   2018-02-15  10:30   Artificial Intelligence II
    2018-02-16  00:00   2018-02-17  00:00   David's birthday
    2018-02-16  14:30   2018-02-16  15:30   Cloud Computing

    If not, your gcalcli has some issues. Without fixing them, Google Calendar Desklet cannot be used.

    Please note that I cannot help on gcalcli related issues. If you could not resolve them by yourself, please report at: gcalcli GitHub Issues.

  4. Add Google Calendar desklet and enjoy!!!


  • Select events from multiple calendars of the same Google account
  • Custom date range
  • Customize update frequency
  • Manually update the agenda by clicking on the desklet
  • Customize the look and feel

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Zzombiee2361-1 week ago
Nice desklet. But could you cache the event? So it wouldn't show little window saying "no event found". It kinda bother me to see that little window everytime i went offline.
franckgaga-4 weeks ago
Excellent Desklet! I have two suggestions : - Long event name should be truncated (maybe with a configurable length parameter). The desklet always take the size of the lengthiest string which can make it huge ! - Local language should be use for month, weekday, etc. My Linux Mint 18.3 is in french but everything is in english in the Deklet. Thanks for your time !
ifb777-2 months ago
I love this Desklet. I have a problem though, the Desklet will not populate on boot up. All I get is a small window saying "Nothing to show (or words to that effect.). To get it to populate, i have to open configure, add calendar name, close configure, reopen configure delete calendar name, close configure and click on the small window. Any ideas as to how to fix this. I have unstalled and reinstalled to no effect TIA:)
Gobinath-2 months ago
It happens if the Internet was not available at startup (mostly due to delays in connecting WiFi). In such cases, just click on that small window and give few seconds. It should populate the events.
Roggero Leon Leon
Roggero Leon Leon-3 months ago
ive made all steps. but the widget wont retrieve any task from my gcalendar :/
Antony Karlytzky
Antony Karlytzky-3 months ago
Thank you. Took about 10 minutes not knowing what I was doing but it is now working. Appreciate it :)
Antony Karlytzky
Antony Karlytzky-3 months ago
I have noticed that it will not pull 'Reminders' from Google calendar only 'Events'. Know any way to fix that? Also it doesn't seem to refresh itself without me actively clicking on the desklet.
Piotr Bentkowski
Piotr Bentkowski-4 months ago
I've bumped into a problem. When running `gcalcli list` I got a message: File "/usr/bin/gcalcli", line 196 print "ERROR: Missing module - %s" % e.args[0] The reason is that gcalcli is written in Python 2 and my main Python in the terminal is 3.6 . The solution is easy. Type: sudo xed /usr/bin/gcalcli and change the first line from #!/usr/bin/env python to : #!/usr/bin/env python2.7 And it runs fine!
Keith Poore
Keith Poore-4 months ago
The desklet won't install. gcalcli works fine. I checked all the permissions and everything seems fine. Any ideas?
cragsterz-4 months ago
I just registered a new google account. how to connect the desklep to this new account? when i type gcalcli list, it list my old account but it do not load any web page.. what im i doing wrong?
Stebs-5 months ago
Works so far on Cinnamon 3.6 (Manjaro) Only thing missing is "Today", Calendar starts at "Tomorrow" (current day is also missing in output.txt) gcalcli agenda does however show entries for today...
Márk Süle
Márk Süle-5 months ago
Super! Thanks!
zeropointo-6 months ago
I found that I could not set the Interval in the configuration without it reverting back to 7 days. The solution was forcing the desired value (e.g. 30 days) in the source code by commenting out lines 184 and 186 and editing line 185. Here's a screen capture of the change:
ZeroPointO-6 months ago
It appears that I can't change ANY values in the configuration dialog. I also noticed the value that I previously changed flipping back and forth between 7 (default) and 30 (configured) rapidly in the dialog. I loaded up the weather desklet for comparison and had no issue changing configuration values there.
Gobinath-6 months ago
Hi, Can you check the permission of this directory: ``` .local/share/cinnamon/desklets/ ``` You must have read/write permission to this directory and all of its sub directories.
DiegoBari-6 months ago
I used the desklet and it worked wonders. I find it very useful. Now shows me the message "No events found". On the other hand, gcalcli works well in the terminal. I have tried what the hypergargalesthesia user says but nothing works. Checking the file /.local/share/cinnamon/desklets/ I see that it is empty. Any idea how to make the desklet work? Thank you
Gobinath-6 months ago
Hi, Can you check the permission of this directory: .local/share/cinnamon/desklets/ You must have read/write permission to this directory and all of its sub directories.
Hello, it's a nice desklet; however, it shows no event. I tried the gcalcli --refresh --nocache agenda --detail_length --nostarted --tsv already. But stil... Plus, the things it shows are birthdays, holidays, and events. How about reminders?
Gobinath-6 months ago
Hi, Sometimes if gcalcli cannot connect to the internet, the desklet may says 'No events found...'. This happens mostly at the startup if your computer takes time to establish the connection. In such cases, just click on the desklet to reload the agenda. If it is still showing 'No events found', there can be problems in parsing the gcalcli output. In such case, please share the content of `~/.local/share/cinnamon/desklets/` with me in GitHub. Reminders are not supported by this desklet. The whole purpose of this desklet is just showing your agenda on the wall.
Frank-7 months ago
So, to use your really super idea for a desklet, all we have to do is install this program package, gcalci and then launch it in a Terminal window to configure the user account. One TINY problem: YOU FAILED TO EXPLAIN HOW TO LAUNCH THE BLOODY PROGRAM!! I spent over AN HOUR of my valuable time figuring out how to do something THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN EXPLAINED IN THE DOCUMENTATION!! you feel bad now? All upset because I chewed on you? GOOD! Maybe next time you'll remember to include ALL of the relevant information in your documentation.
Gobinath-7 months ago
I developed this project for my personal use and shared here in case if anyone else finds it useful. By doing so, I have no benefits except spending my own time to write code answering questions. So I have nothing to feel bad :) Some markup styles are not rendering properly here so now I have shared the link to the GitHub readme as well. Anyhow if you find more ways to improve the document, please go ahead and contribute to the opensource community by updating the document :)
Dávid Franko
Dávid Franko-7 months ago
Well, I have a pretty big problem here. I have installed "gcalcli" then runned Google Calendar desklet, but its empty. I approved connection on google. JBut jst little trasparent empty square appears. I configured it, added calendar name, but it does not work for me :/ . I really like it, but 2 hours passed and I can not get it running.
Dávid Franko
Dávid Franko-7 months ago Something like this
Gobinath-7 months ago
Hi, Could you please check whether you get any outputs for the following command: gcalcli --refresh --nocache agenda --detail_length --nostarted --tsv If the above command prints anything, clear all calendar names in settings and refresh the desklet (Just click on it). Also, check the content of the following file: ~/.local/share/cinnamon/desklets/
Dávid Franko
Dávid Franko-7 months ago
The content of "~/.local/share/cinnamon/desklets/" is And "gcalcli --refresh --nocache agenda --detail_length --nostarted --tsv" showed
Gobinath-7 months ago
Hi, Why do you use sudo for gcalcli? It should work without sudo. The output.txt is the output when the desklet executes gcalcli. According to that, gcalcli has some issues running without root privilege. I think since you are executing the gcalcli as root, the authentication details are stored in the root home. Try to execute the same command I provided without sudo and then refresh the desklet.
Dávid Franko
Dávid Franko-7 months ago
Well, when I dont use sudo, it says "Premission denied" as following:
Dávid Franko
Dávid Franko-7 months ago
Okay I solved it. I have just changed the permissions of ".gcalcli_oauth" that I can read and write as normal user too. And its now working. Anyway thanks for help ^-^. Love that app
Gobinath-7 months ago
It's my pleasure to help you :-) I hope now you can delete those screenshots which you have shared due to privacy reasons.
Dávid Franko
Dávid Franko-7 months ago
Well, that might be a problem. Could you delete whole section?
Gobinath-7 months ago
Sorry, I also comment here just as a user. No such privileges.
Kacper Nowak
Kacper Nowak-7 months ago
Is available some translations, ex. polish?
Gobinath-7 months ago
Hi, Translation support to Google Calendar Desklet is added by NikoKrause. He also has added German translation. Users are welcomed to translate to other languages.
Gobinath-7 months ago
Not yet. I will consider this in upcoming releases.
Erwin Baeyens
Erwin Baeyens-7 months ago
Nice and practical desklet. On fedora getting needed the gcalcli to work was a bit of a chanllenge. Tip you need to install it using sudo pip gcalcli, and not via the rpm that can be found via as it is severely out of date; version 1.4.5 instead of 3.4.1 that is current. After I figured that out it was just a matter of running "gcalcli list" and approving access to the calendar. One small point of critique; the transparency slider should really work the other way around, so that 0 is fully opaque and 100 is fully transparent.
Gobinath-7 months ago
Thanks for pointing out the transparency slider issue. I have fixed it and the changes are merged to the official repo. Please update the desklet.
Tom Ulrich
Tom Ulrich-7 months ago
Absolutely useful and functional desklet! I just love it in the morning right before I usually check the mails and news to have my appointments at a glance. Just great! Hope many of you hit the "give the developer a coffee" button at paypal ;-)
Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman-8 months ago
Launching "gcalcli" from the terminal gives me "Error: no command". Running "man gcalcli", I cannot see any information about how to configure a user account, although man pages are always horribly difficult to slog through and understand the syntax of. Perhaps I missed it. In any case, this isn't working. I need more setup instructions.
Gobinath-7 months ago
caebo-8 months ago
You need a command after "gcalcli". So for example type "gcalcli list" to see your calendars. This should open a new window in your browser to authenticate yourself. I had to delete the desklet and create it anew after that.