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A desklet that displays your agenda based on Google Calendar

Google Calendar Desklet

Google Calendar Desklet displays your agenda based on your Google Calendar in Cinnamon desktop.

You can configure the every aspect of the desklet using the configure dialog in terms of selecting calendars and configuring the look and feel. However, the agenda is displayed using text so there can be any minor issues with alignments.

For the moment, the desklet has not been tested with different displays or aspect ratios so there can be issues with scaling.


  • gcalcli


  1. Install gcalcli using the following command:

    sudo apt install gcalcli
  2. Launch the gcalcli from terminal and configure the user account

  3. Add the Google Calendar desklet and enjoy!!!


  • Select events from multiple calendars of the same Google account
  • Custom date range
  • Customize update frequency
  • Manually update the agenda by clicking on the desklet
  • Customize the look and feel

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Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman-2 weeks ago
Launching "gcalcli" from the terminal gives me "Error: no command".

Running "man gcalcli", I cannot see any information about how to configure a user account, although man pages are always horribly difficult to slog through and understand the syntax of. Perhaps I missed it.

In any case, this isn't working. I need more setup instructions.
caebo-2 weeks ago
You need a command after "gcalcli". So for example type "gcalcli list" to see your calendars. This should open a new window in your browser to authenticate yourself.
I had to delete the desklet and create it anew after that.