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Displays Note on Desktop!



ScreenShot Desktop Note Cinnamon Desklet

v0.1 - October 2, 2017

This desklet displays a note on the desktop. Right click it to configure at any time.

Configuration Options

The following options are configurable via the Cinnamon Desklet GUI by right clicking "Desktop Note desklet" and choosing Configure.

  • New Note
  • Font size
  • Font color

For newline use %% (symbol).

Important: Cinnamon may need to be restarted and/or the desklet may need to be removed and re-added for this change to take effect.


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Henrique de Sousa
Henrique de Sousa-2 years ago
This is a very cool Desklet, it's my important TODO list at the moment ! And I have quite a few.. :)
Minessota Klei
Minessota Klei-3 years ago
Thanks great Desklet!