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Cryptocurrency Ticker (Desklet) for Cinnamon Desktop that displays the current price for thousands of cryptocurrencies, and their daily percent changes. The official website for news and updates about this Cryptocurrency Ticker:



Cryptocurrency Ticker (Desklet) for Cinnamon Desktop

Cryptocurrency Ticker (Desklet) for Cinnamon Desktop that displays the current price for thousands of cryptocurrencies, and their daily percent changes.

The official website for news and updates about this Cryptocurrency Ticker:

Desklet screenshot

Usage Help


To use the Desklet first you need to install it from the Desklets window, steps are below:

  1. Go to your desktop and click the right mouse button
  2. From the menu select the Add Desklets option
  3. Select the tab Available Desklets(online)
  4. Find the Crypto Coins Ticker Desklet, you can use the search bar
  5. Mark it for installation and click the button in the left bottom corner

NOTE: It is also possible to install the Desklet manually by copying the files/cryptocoins@pbojan folder to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/desklets/ but it is recommended to use the steps above to always get the latest version!


To add the Desklet to your desktop, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select again the Add Desklets option
  2. Find the Crypto Coins Ticker Desklet in the list
  3. Select it and click Add to desktop button

NOTE: You can add up to 10 different instances of the Desklet and select different coins for them!


To configure the Desklet, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the right mouse button while hovering on the Desklet
  2. Select Configure from the menu
  3. The config menu will appear where you should be able to change the following:
    • Your CoinMarketCap API key (you can get free at
    • What kind of cryptocurrency to be displayed on the ticker (Symbol or Coin ID)
    • In what currency the price should be displayed (EUR, USD, AUD)
    • The refresh interval when to get new data

NOTE: The ticker refreshes by default every 30 minutes. Every refresh uses one credit per coin ticker, plan you montlhy credits limit accordingly!

Adding Custom Icon

The desklet comes with more than 1000 icons bundled but if you use a cryptocurrency that doesn't have an icon you can add a custom icon following these steps:

  1. Go to the installed location of your desklet e.g. .local/share/cinnamon/desklets/cryptocoins@pbojan/images/icons/
  2. Copy your icon to that folder usually 128x128 pixels
  3. Make sure the name of the icon is the SYMBOL name of the cryptocurrency and is a PNG format e.g. btc.png
Using Coin ID

In same rare cases the Cryptocurrency Symbol is not unique e.g. BTCV so you can use the CoinID to specify the exact Cryptocurrency you want to display. To find the correct Coin ID for your cryptocurrency you can execute the following in your terminal:

-- Replace YOUR_API_KEY with your key and BTCV with the cryptocurrency symbol you are looking for.
curl --header 'X-CMC_PRO_API_KEY: YOUR_API_KEY' | json_pp | grep BTCV -A 10 -B 10

This command will return all cryptocurrencies that are using the same SYMBOL from which you can get the id and use it to configure the Coin ID in the desklet.


If you find any bugs or stability issues please create an issue here or email

If you have ideas for new features or improvements please email


If you want to support the work and maintenance of this Cryptocurrency Ticker, please consider donating. Every donation is highly appreciated!

BTC: bc1q82zg96fgeenr5ag254lnqt4nn77lzjf5nx9m00
BCH: qq57wcmp7ajgpzgxhme5ldfwwfmkja8qd5mmaf6rlz
LTC: ltc1q362me09lmxfcq6zex6968qsnnq6hz3nhxv4cyr
ETH: 0x1125207ae7d169eb623fa228e5b2c48a6b6482d9

Can't donate, but you still want to help? Here are a few ways how to support this project:

  • Give feedback, report any bug or issue you find
  • Improve the Desklet by creating a pull request to add new features. If you want to add new features please first email and describe your idea.
  • Star/Watch the project on GitHub
  • Spread the word and share this desklet with your friends, colleagues, social networks, etc.


  1. The Desklet currently is using the PRO API from:
  2. The icons are from:

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24 Comments months ago
Can you make an option for a transparent background like "Disk Space" by schorschii? THnks
dbaser-1 year ago
Followed the instructions and tried unsuccessfully to use this on Linux Mint. Are these instructions even up to date? "3. Select the tab Available Desklets(online)" No such tab exists after following steps 1 and 2. The only Desklets tabs are "Manage," "Download," and "General Settings." Closest option is Download, so I open that tab. "4. Find the Crypto Coins Ticker Desklet, you can use the search bar" There is no desklet called "Crypto Coins Ticker." Did you change the name of your own ticker and not update this? The only one available is titled the same as the top of this page: "Cryptocurrency Ticker." I add the Desklet and soon discover that you can only configure one crypto coin? The solution: Add up to 10 instances of the Desklet. And guess what? You can't. Any time I try to add more than one Desklet, I get "API missing." I appreciate the effort and big support for open source projects, but this was thoroughly confusing and waste of time trying to set this up, to be honest.
IT-Tool-2 years ago
Would be useful to be able to include a compact view in applet.
MatHeuz333-2 years ago
Very cool, thanks! Possibilities for shorter refresh rate?? ;)
anderig-2 years ago
this is absolutely amazing and so easy to use. It was actually harder to leave this comment (creating a github account and all of that) than installing and configuring the desklet!!! THANKYOU so much!
Bojan Petkovski
Bojan Petkovski-2 years ago
Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it!
Tobias Bannert
Tobias Bannert-2 years ago
Very nice, thanks for this. :-)
Bojan Petkovski
Bojan Petkovski-2 years ago
Thank you for the feedback and I am glad you like it!
giTran-s-2 years ago
Hi Bojan, it would be great if you could add the API as CMC is messing up with the data (cf HEX). Thanks for this great desklet!
Nazarii Oliinyk
Nazarii Oliinyk-2 years ago
Please add the opportunity to change the size of desklet.
elsurfero-3 years ago
Hi perfect on my linux mint cinnamon. I can't find a new coin, TCAKE from Pancaketools. I try to import a json file from coingeko but dont work. TCAKE is also included in CoinMarketcap.
Bojan Petkovski
Bojan Petkovski-3 years ago
Updated to version 1.5 inluding new features: - Added an option to add the amount of how much currency you own to be able to calculate profits and show it. - Added support for many more currencies - All icons are updated to a new version - Added the TOP 500 cryptocurrencies from CoinMarketCap on top of the existing cryptocurrencies for a total of 800+ Feel free to leave feedback here or on GitHub.
mrxspice-3 years ago
Could you update the widget so it could read newer coins? For example I can't find Solana, Serum in the list but they are in Coinmarketcap
Bojan Petkovski
Bojan Petkovski-3 years ago
Done with the update to v1.5! Download it from your desklet manager.
mrxspice-3 years ago
Thank you! that's nice
Trevor Loveland
Trevor Loveland-5 years ago
UNINSTALLED This Desklet is rubbish. It works fine when I first installed it. But then, after 30 minutes (i.e. default refresh time) all the desklets change to a message "Loading chart data" (or something like that - I no longer have it installed). And then it remains like that ad infinitum. It never manages to redraw the desklets. But that doesn't stop it taking the credits out of your account every 30 minutes!!! I tried rebooting, but same problem - it works first time, then it doesn't display the data but still takes credit out of the account every 30 minutes. AVOID
Bojan Petkovski
Bojan Petkovski-5 years ago
Hey, there was one bug with parsing the dates from the API in the newest version of the Ticker and it was fixed in Wait until the PR is merged and update your Ticker if you want to give it another chance. Thanks for reporting the issue.
spaceserver-5 years ago
All of a sudden the new release needs an API-Key to be entered in settings for which a registration on coinmarketcap is required. The old release doesnt need such API-Key I dont see any reason why i should get me an API-Key while the old desklet-version works without Key.. Thats why I just downgraded the desklet..
Bojan Petkovski
Bojan Petkovski-5 years ago
Hey, the public API is not supported anymore and it was announced that it will be shut down on 4th of December, 2018. They haven't shut down the API yet but they will probably do it in the near future. With the newest version (1.2v) the ticker was migrated to the new Pro API which sadly requires a registration and has request limit build-in but also has a free tier account.
aaroncv3-6 years ago
Stable.. thank you for that! Adjustable corner radius? or at least the ability to make square corners
Vadim Vitonsky
Vadim Vitonsky-6 years ago
Thank you very much! It is very useful desklet for me, but how to add some cryptocurrensies that is not in current list (for example, KARBO and Pascalcoin)?
Bojan Petkovski
Bojan Petkovski-6 years ago
Hey, thank you for the feedback! I added those two coins and much more (now around 230 coins available). Wait few days until the code is published and just update your desklet.
Dannation-6 years ago
Thank you!!! I was really hoping someone made something like this, and it works flawlessly, great work!
Bojan Petkovski
Bojan Petkovski-6 years ago
You are welcome! It is great to see someone else finds this desklet useful.