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A desklet to display notes including various themes.



Note Desklet


  • code and first themes by schorschii
  • many new note themes and logo by Niki

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Vladislav-10 months ago
Awesome. Thanks. It just saves all information into a general text file, which can be synchronized anywhere and opened in any other software on other systems.
Edward-1 year ago
clutch, thanks! really helps. a click/drag lock would be a nice feature! where are the files for desklets stored anyways?
binoowa-1 year ago
NOTE helps me a lot and thank you for this cool tool. it would be very great if we could change the size of the note as we want, like not only scare but rectangle adapted to the text. cheers
Miloš Kroulík
Miloš Kroulík-1 year ago
Nice, it would be nice if we could use markdown to format the note. Graphical backgrounds are useless for me.
Zzombiee2361-2 years ago
Like it! But it's not scalable. The background will just repeating when resizing.
Georg-1 year ago
Thanks! This is fixed in v1.1, the .svg background is now scaled correctly.