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A desklet to display notes including various themes.



Note Desklet


  • code and first themes by schorschii
  • many new note themes and logo by Niki

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Matei Muntiu
Matei Muntiu-3 weeks ago
It would be nice to use markdown for text decoration :)
aprunai-9 months ago
I have been using this desklet for a couple of years, but recently I updated to the latest version (2.3) and the note has become invisible... with decorations enabled, the only thing the desklet is showing on my desktop is: [object GjsModule byteArray] (I can drag the line on the desktop) Disabling decorations just gives a draggable black square where the note should be.
ak-andreas-1 year ago
It seems that i cannot create more than one note at a time. But I guess I just dont know how...
domdog-1 year ago
This is great. Simple useful and cofigurable enough for me to make it work for me. So appreciate the coding.
richo-2 years ago
very nice
EliaHKM-2 years ago
Hi, brother schorschii I really love this desklet. Could you please add a theme match dracula theme or something like medieval paper? Thank you in advance. Have good day. Best regard, Your brother Ali.
ElohistDavidson-3 years ago
Help given here for some that require it: Help-1: For those who did not figure out as to how to get started with this desklet: -- you should first create a text file, such as "Note.txt" using a basic text editor, such as "gedit"; then, open it via the button, which is next to the desklet's textbox which says, "Path to note text file"; when you do so, it opens a dialog that says, "Select a file", using which you should select the one you created, which in this case is "Note.txt". Enjoy. === Help-2: If you could not get it to edit the file, you should do as follows, which problem I too faced. -- I wrote the following, which I do not want to edit for dearth of time, which I can use it for other of my works. Enjoy. -- However, I could not get to edit the text, when it says: -- "Execution of 'xed "/home/davidson/Desktop/Sticky/note.txt" ' failed: Failed to execute child process "xed" (No such file or directory)" -- Right-click the desklet, when you get a menu, click on the "Configure" menu item to open the "Desklets" dialog; when it appears, edit the text box, which says, "Command for editing this note (on mouse click)" as "gedit %f" where, "gedit" is the name of the text editor you are having, which in my case is the text editor, that I am having. -- There are many other text editors, too, if you want to try; but, if you respect my advice, stick to one that is basic, which your system is already having, such as "gedit". -- (If you do not know what it is because you do not have it, make a Google search as to how to install it; it is easy!) -- When you have done editing as mentioned above, and now, if you left-click the desklet, the said editor would open the text for editing. -- Enjoy.
ElohistDavidson-3 years ago
I wish it had the "text wrap" facility. Even without it, thanks for the effort.
aizma-3 years ago
Hi, I missed the same functionality so I modified the original source code. You can download it from https://github.com/aizma/Note-by-schorschii---word-wrap Replace desklet.js and settings-schema.json in ~/.local/share/cinnamon/desklets/notes@schorschii and restart Cinnamon or log-out + log-in. See Readme.md please.
Ricardo Roehe
Ricardo Roehe-3 years ago
Wrapping the text would be very useful indeed!
ElohistDavidson-3 years ago
If it had the scrollbar facility, it would have been very nice.
ivanaponi-4 years ago
Would be nicer to have note taking in an applet sidebar integration rather than stickies all over the desktop, I thought desktop widgets died along with Active Desktop and in the 2000's
ugobob99-4 years ago
I like this desklet, but since it uses external txt file and external editor, why not make it handle some sort of markup? like *bold* _italic_ etc
Vladislav-5 years ago
Awesome. Thanks. It just saves all information into a general text file, which can be synchronized anywhere and opened in any other software on other systems.
Edward-5 years ago
clutch, thanks! really helps. a click/drag lock would be a nice feature! where are the files for desklets stored anyways?
Ricardo Roehe
Ricardo Roehe-3 years ago
+1 for locking the note (to avoid accidental moving or editing)!
binoowa-5 years ago
NOTE helps me a lot and thank you for this cool tool. it would be very great if we could change the size of the note as we want, like not only scare but rectangle adapted to the text. cheers
Ricardo Roehe
Ricardo Roehe-3 years ago
+1 for custom note size!
Miloš Kroulík
Miloš Kroulík-5 years ago
Nice, it would be nice if we could use markdown to format the note. Graphical backgrounds are useless for me.
Zzombiee2361-6 years ago
Like it! But it's not scalable. The background will just repeating when resizing.
Georg-5 years ago
Thanks! This is fixed in v1.1, the .svg background is now scaled correctly.