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Displays the usage of a filesystem or RAM.



Disk Space Desklet

  • displays the usage of a filesystem, swap or RAM
  • thick, thin and compact design


  • please make sure the "Ubuntu" font is installed

Remote File System

You can also monitor a remote filesystem (via SSH/SMB). You only need to mount the filesystem from within your file manager (e.g. Nemo) and set the "Filesystem to be monitored" in the desklet seetings to the mount point of the remote file system.

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Ed-2 weeks ago
A very useful desklet - thank you. Have you considered setting the circle color relative to usage? Something like... <= 75% - Green >75 and <= 90% - Yellow >90 - Red I suppose in the best of all worlds, the thresholds could be user-set, but that's certainly more effort. I have version 1.13, and poked around a bit in the 'desklet.js' code. Itt seems that this could be implemented near line 181 (just after the percentString evaluation), or in the redraw function where now random circle colors are set. Just a thought!
Ed-2 weeks ago
Probably obvious, but I was referring primarily to disk space usage, though something similar might work for RAM and swap as well.
Boored-Dude-11 months ago
I really like this desklet. But is is possible to include a dark shadow to the text in the app? Preferential to be an option to switch on oder off. It would highly increase the visibility over bright backgrounds. Thank you for your work! App-Version 1.12 (2020-10-28 19:40:00)
Jonatan Poveda
Jonatan Poveda-1 year ago
Having no swap and configuring a desklet to monitor swap makes Cinnamon crash. In case it helps, my `free` output looks like: ``` total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 8092336 2524796 1300196 686140 4267344 4584788 Swap: 0 0 0 ```
Georg-11 months ago
Hi, this is fixed in v1.11
pcolamar-1 year ago
Hi, I have a HPZ420 with 48GB of RAM but the applet shows only 12GB available. The used figure is correct. Any suggestion on how to fix it ? Tanks Palmer (Mint 19.03)
ChooChooAl-1 year ago
The current version is 1.5 and I only know that from metadata.json file in the program. It would be nice to see that in the about window rather than the date updated.
frank-leitner-1 year ago
I just noticed that using paths or labels with spaces in it leads to an empty desklet. Might be some quoting is missing somewhere around line 165, but my JS skills are lousy enough that I don't see where.
Georg-1 year ago
Thanks for reporting. v1.6 fixes this issue.
g3d3n-1 year ago
It crushed after an update
rmleonard-1 year ago
I've set up two instances of the desklet - one for disk space one for RAM --- no complaints on the Disk Space.. but RAM seems odd and way off - I looked at the js code.. and you are using "free".. you may be better off using /proc/meminfo (this is where 'free' gets its information) --- the values you might want to use are "MemTotal"(total), "Mapped"(used), "MemAvailable"(free).... if you stay with 'free' , I think a better choice is to use "available" instead of "free" for the amount of 'unused' memory..... I tried altering the code in $HOME/.local/share/cinnamon/diskspace@schorschii/desklet.js lines 156 and 169..... didn't work --- so... help please ?
Georg-1 year ago
Please have a look at v1.5. The new version should fix this issue.
g3d3n-1 year ago
With RAM cal. everything seems to be wrong after installing updates
Georg-1 year ago
I fixed this bug in v1.5
Ataíde Neto
Ataíde Neto-1 year ago
Same here!
ChooChooAl-2 years ago
Great desklet but I'm showing 50% with 13.1 G used on 27.9 G partition. The Math is off, should be closer to 46-47%.
Georg-1 year ago
Thanks for reporting. This is fixed now in the latest version.
PizzaDude-2 years ago
Same issue as naui11, also on Fedora 30.
naui11-2 years ago
Under Fedora 30 i got "Cinnamon warning: Log level 128: posix_spawn avoided (fd close requested) (child_setup specified)" every 5 seconds only for each of this desklet. All other desklets havn't the problem. Possibly a recompile will fix it.
Allespro-2 years ago
Hi, can someone help, how can i change circle colors?
Georg-2 years ago
Hi, just right click on the desklet -> "Configure" -> "Use a custom circle color"
Raphael Batista Fontão
After updating, I can't add it to desktop. There is an yellow exclamation in extension with message "Something went wrong while loading diskspace@schorschii. Be sure you're using the latest version and, after that, report this problem to developer."
Omar Ali
Omar Ali-2 years ago
Very nice and helpful, it lets me keep a track of my memory usage and how much programs affect that.
Zakhil-2 years ago
Nice. Only issues are that the File System usage doesnt work when changing langauges in Mint, and it ony shows usage per folder and not of the complete drive.
83c577nbybd8zb-3 years ago
Love this, especially now that most of the conky's don't work with the latest conky release. How do you make the gray area (unused area) completely transparent??? So the only part that shows is the color and the numbers. Thanks!
Georg-2 years ago
Thanks! In the latest version you can uncheck "Draw free space" in the desklet settings to make the gray area completely transparent.