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Configurable Calendar desklet



Calendar Desklet

Calendar Desklet provides a highly configurable desklet to display current date and browsable months. It has a number of possible customisations.

Major Features:

  • Consists of a day panel and a month panel. Both or one of can be selected to be shown.
  • Various fields of day panel (weekday, time etc.) can be customised.
  • The month panel allows scrolling through various months.
  • Font family and size of desklet text is customisable.
  • Colour of text and background can be set (including different colour for Sundays & Saturdays).

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rogelio06-4 weeks ago
you know what? I wanted to change language to spanish, and it took me no more than 5 minutes, editing just some lines on the js. This is cool man, I mean cool cool. Well done job.
callagg2-10 months ago
Using LMDE 3 Cindy, Cinnamon 4.0.10. Icons Mint -Y, Controls Mint -Y, Desktop Mint-Y-Dark At the top of the calendar, there are arrows either side of the Month/Year, left to go back a month, right to go forward a month. These are arrows are not showing, instead i just get a white square. Likewise, for today, I just get a white square. This happens in Month only, and Both Today and Month only. I have opted for white text and a transparent background - every other date is appearing in white font correctly, likewise, the Saturday/Sunday are appearing in the red font that I chose.
IDTakasu-1 month ago
Находим папку desklets/calendar@deeppradhan, а в ней файл - desklet.js, 77 и 79 строка меняем на < и >
callagg2-6 months ago
This issue is no more :-) - it seems to have disappeared after an update to Mint themes in the Update Manager over the past day or so.
Zzombiee2361-1 year ago
Nice desklet. Can you please add 12 hour mode for the clock? And add some margin to the calendar, it looks cramped.