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Configurable Calendar desklet



Calendar Desklet

Calendar Desklet provides a highly configurable desklet to display current date and browsable months. It has a number of possible customisations.

Major Features:

  • Consists of a day panel and a month panel. Both or one of can be selected to be shown.
  • Various fields of day panel (weekday, time etc.) can be customised.
  • The month panel allows scrolling through various months.
  • Font family and size of desklet text is customisable.
  • Colour of text and background can be set (including different colour for Sundays & Saturdays).

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richo-5 months ago
I'm lovin 'it
richo-1 year ago
thanks you
claudemontreal-1 year ago
Doesn't work. Says "Execute gcalendar" in the desklet without any instruction on how to do so.
Alexander Savvin
Alexander Savvin-2 years ago
Nice desklet. But one thing is needed one thing: in my and many others countries a week starts by monday. I didn't find any parameter for this setting.
aizma-2 years ago
Forgot to mention the files will be available till Jan 15, 2021as it is a free filesharing service not allowing me to store them permanently without creating an unnecessary account
aizma-2 years ago
OK, I created a repo for this to make it more transparent
aizma-2 years ago
Hi, I had the same problem so I modified the source code. You can download it from Replace calendar.js and desklet.js in ~/.local/share/cinnamon/desklets/calendar@deeppradhan and restart cinnamon or log-out + log-in.
Fire-SKull-3 years ago
ok thank you.
Fire-SKull-3 years ago
Hello, as I see there is not much interest in helping a newbie, I expected more help in Linux
mfreeman72-3 years ago
I suspect you would get a more prompt response from the developer's Github site. Scroll up to the top of this page and click either the "Website" button between "Issues" and "Download", or just the "Issues" button, depending on your intent/needs. Not enough people visit these spices pages to make any kind of discussion like this useful.
Fire-SKull-3 years ago
Hello, I would like to know if someone can help me to translate the desklet into Spanish and change the starting day of the week from Sunday to Monday, Because I am new to these topics and ask for help in performing these tasks. Greetings and thanks
rogelio06-3 years ago
you know what? I wanted to change language to spanish, and it took me no more than 5 minutes, editing just some lines on the js. This is cool man, I mean cool cool. Well done job.
callagg2-4 years ago
Using LMDE 3 Cindy, Cinnamon 4.0.10. Icons Mint -Y, Controls Mint -Y, Desktop Mint-Y-Dark At the top of the calendar, there are arrows either side of the Month/Year, left to go back a month, right to go forward a month. These are arrows are not showing, instead i just get a white square. Likewise, for today, I just get a white square. This happens in Month only, and Both Today and Month only. I have opted for white text and a transparent background - every other date is appearing in white font correctly, likewise, the Saturday/Sunday are appearing in the red font that I chose.
callagg2-1 year ago
every time this desklet is updated, these symbols break! Can i turn off automatic updating of this desklet?
callagg2-3 years ago
Just installed LMDE Debbie - but the issue is also happening with LM 19.3 - with default desktop settings. At the top of the calendar, there are arrows either side of the Month/Year, left to go back a month, right to go forward a month. These are arrows are not showing, instead i just get a white square. There is nowhere in settings allowing me to change the colour.
callagg2-3 years ago
Found a solution, Using Xed open ~.local/share/cinnamon/desklets/calendar@deeppradhan/desklet.js Change this.labelPrevious.set_text("\u2BC7"); to this.labelPrevious.set_text("\u22B2"); Change this.labelPrevious.set_text("\u2BC8"); to this.labelPrevious.set_text("\u22B2"); Then reload the desklet and the back and next arrow will be visible
callagg2-11 months ago
no, the edit above no longer works, must now use the following this.labelPrevious.set_text("\u25C0"); this.labelNext.set_text("\u25B6");
IDTakasu-3 years ago
Находим папку desklets/calendar@deeppradhan, а в ней файл - desklet.js, 77 и 79 строка меняем на < и >
callagg2-3 years ago
This issue is no more :-) - it seems to have disappeared after an update to Mint themes in the Update Manager over the past day or so.
Zzombiee2361-4 years ago
Nice desklet. Can you please add 12 hour mode for the clock? And add some margin to the calendar, it looks cramped.