UUID: top@ryannerd
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4 months ago 2018-08-01, 22:23 UTC
Last commit: [a4446696] top@ryannerd: Fix for PID display where first digit missing

A desklet that displays top process info



Top Desklet

Displays the output from the top command as a nicely formatted desklet

UUID: top@ryannerd

developers: [Ryan Jentzsch]

translators: []



  • User configuration options:
    • Background color
    • Opacity
    • Width
    • Font family
  • Language Translations
    • I need to figure out how all this "po" stuff works.
    • Spanish (I may be able to bribe my co-worker Pablo into helping)

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xzj8b3-6 months ago
Top does not work on recent truths of Cinnamon, please make it compatible with Fedora 28 x64 so that they can also use other users
Ryan Jentzsch
Ryan Jentzsch-5 months ago
This was fixed with the most recent merge. Let me know if you still have any issues. Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention.
al-mission-2016-6 months ago
Hi, Ryan. "Top" desklet is going to be useful :) [TODO] ; config. options continued... * Font family * Columns (info) selection :)
Ryan Jentzsch
Ryan Jentzsch-5 months ago
@al-mission-2016 Thanks. I've added your suggestions to my TODO list.