UUID: top@ryannerd
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2 years ago 2021-07-20, 22:22
Last commit: [2baeb7c7] top@ryannerd compatibility changes

A desklet that displays top process info



Top Desklet

Displays the output from the top command as a nicely formatted desklet

UUID: top@ryannerd

developers: [Ryan Jentzsch]

translators: []



  • Linux Mint 20.1+
  • Cinnamon 4.8+

I need assistance in the development of top@ryannerd:

  • [ ] Translation to other languages (currently only English)
  • [ ] Feature requests and issues as indicated on Github

For additional resources developing desklets and applets: Auto complete for IDEA based IDEs for desklet development

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BigDadE4TPB-11 months ago
Stacer the Linux system monitoring and optimizer has this feature that works well in my OS Linux Mint 21 x86_64, DE: Cinnamon
Domenic Ariaudo
Domenic Ariaudo-2 years ago
Caused choppy video playback for me on Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon 64 bit
claybr00k-4 years ago
Would love to see a configuration option to either set a background color or adjust opacity.
LaGallinaTuruleta-4 years ago
It doesn't work proppertly on my Linux Mint 18.3 Cinamon 64 bit I leave here a picture of the open desklet and the configure tab that doesn't show anything to configure. What can I do? Regards
LaGallinaTuruleta-4 years ago
This is from de console log of Melagne - Cinamon Debuger https://imgur.com/a/m4TcEAr
sus390-4 years ago
can't run on linuxmint 19.1
xzj8b3-5 years ago
Top does not work on recent truths of Cinnamon, please make it compatible with Fedora 28 x64 so that they can also use other users
Ryan Jentzsch
Ryan Jentzsch-5 years ago
This was fixed with the most recent merge. Let me know if you still have any issues. Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention.
al-mission-2016-5 years ago
Hi, Ryan. "Top" desklet is going to be useful :) [TODO] ; config. options continued... * Font family * Columns (info) selection :)
Ryan Jentzsch
Ryan Jentzsch-5 years ago
@al-mission-2016 Thanks. I've added your suggestions to my TODO list.