UUID: top@ryannerd
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2 weeks ago 2018-05-02, 07:16 UTC
Last commit: [723546f3] top: Desklet that displays information from the `top` command (#285)

A desklet that displays top process info

Top Desklet

Displays the output from the top command as a nicely formatted desklet

UUID: top@ryannerd

developers: [Ryan Jentzsch]

translators: []



  • User configuration options:
    • Background color
    • Opacity
    • Width
  • Language Translations
    • I need to figure out how all this "po" stuff works.
    • Spanish (I may be able to bribe my co-worker Pablo into helping)

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al-mission-2016-1 week ago
Hi, Ryan. "Top" desklet is going to be useful :) [TODO] ; config. options continued... * Font family * Columns (info) selection :)