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Displays financial market information from Yahoo Finance



Cinnamon Desklet for Yahoo Finance quotes


This repository contains a desklet for the Cinnamon desktop environment that displays financial market information provided by Yahoo Finance.


This desklet is based on the desklet from fthuin. The data retrieval part is adopted to an alternative service url, after the Yahoo Finance community table got retired in May 2017.

Tested with Linux Mint 17.0 (Cinnamon 2.2), Debian 9 (Cinnamon 3.2), Linux Mint 18.2 (Cinnamon 3.4), Linux Mint 18.3 (Cinnamon 3.6), and Manjaro (Cinnamon 3.8).


Either follow the installation instructions on Cinnamon spices, or manually download the folder yfquotes@thegli (below "files") and copy the folder and its content to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/desklets/.


Check out the desklet configuration settings, and choose the data refresh period, the list of quotes to show (see also Known Limitations), and quote details to display. The default list contains the Dow 30 companies.

Release Notes

0.2.0 - May 23, 2018


  • show absolute price change amount
  • show last trade time/date
  • show timestamp of latest data refresh
  • add setting to configure rounding rule
  • make background transparency configurable
  • quote name links to Yahoo Finance details page
  • display severe errors such as network failure


  • improve error handling

0.1.0 - May 6, 2018


  • minor description adjustments in configuration settings


  • fix "value "nan" of type 'gfloat' is invalid or out of range for property" errors logged in .xsession-errors
  • works (again) with Cinnamon 3.2

0.0.1 - May 4, 2018


  • setting to show/hide the currency symbol


  • change data retrieval to alternative url from Yahoo Finance

Known Limitations

  • The quotes list might not be editable using the desklet's configuration dialog (encountered in Cinnamon 3.6 and earlier 3.x versions). As a workaround, export the configuration using the standard desklet settings menu to a (json) file, then edit the file with your favorite text editor, and finally import the configuration file again.


Based on the desklet source code from fthuin.


GNU General Public License v3.0

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