Nepali Patro Desklet

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Configurable Nepali Patro (Calendar) desklet



Nepali Patro Desklet

Nepali Patro Desklet provides a highly configurable desklet for the Nepali Patro/Calendar (Bikram Sambat), which displays current date and browsable months. It has a number of possible customisations.

Major Features:

  • Desklet language can be set to either Nepali (default) or English.
  • Consists of a day panel and a month panel. Both or one of can be selected to be shown.
  • Various fields of day panel (weekday, time etc.) can be customised.
  • The month panel allows scrolling through various months.
  • Hovering over a date in the month panel shows the Gregorian date as tooltip.
  • Font family and size of desklet text is customisable.
  • Colour of text and background can be set (including different colour for Sundays & Saturdays).
  • Calendar can be displayed as per Nepali TimeZone or the system TimeZone.

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SamirDaai-4 months ago
It shows date of previous day.Please fix gardinus. Nice work by the way :)
socoolgunda-5 months ago
date does not match. it shows the date of previous day