CPU Load

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7 months ago 2019-12-04, 18:14 UTC
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Displays CPU load



CPU Load desklet for Cinnamon

Displays CPU utilization per core.

The look is heavily inspired by the diskspace@schorschii desklet.

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gromit60-1 month ago
I installed it recently on my Linux Mint 19.3/Cinnamon 4.4.8 and it gave the same warning message as Hyperion. In my case after being left idle for some time (no sure how long) the desktop freezes with the exception of the mouse pointer which continues to work but clicks will not do anything. Only way to recover is cold boot and I have now removed it - pity though as it was a handy little desklet.
Hyperion-3 months ago
Displays a warning mesage "This desklet contains function calls that could potentially cause Cinnamon to crash or freeze". The similar one, Disk Space, has no such warning. I'm on Linux Mint 19.3, Cinnamon 4.4.8
negout-6 months ago
Won't display on my system: linux mint 19.3, cinnamon. I tried logging out and back in. That did not help. I tried restarting, no help. I had a look in System Monitor to see if it is loaded. I could not see it and searching in system monitor, was not found. I also tried to start it from terminal but got command not found when inputting: cpu-load and cpuload.
timovartiainen-1 year ago
Nice can you make more
83c577nbybd8zb-1 year ago
Sweet. I use it everywhere. Desktops, laptops, Mint and Manjaro, works great. I'd like an option for just one number/circle with the total load. And the unused area completely transparent, or where in the source to update?
Serdar-1 year ago
Thank you Nice application
Georg-1 year ago
Thanks for this fork. I love it!