CPU Load

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1 month ago 2019-12-04, 18:14 UTC
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Displays CPU load



CPU Load desklet for Cinnamon

Displays CPU utilization per core.

The look is heavily inspired by the diskspace@schorschii desklet.

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negout-1 month ago
Won't display on my system: linux mint 19.3, cinnamon. I tried logging out and back in. That did not help. I tried restarting, no help. I had a look in System Monitor to see if it is loaded. I could not see it and searching in system monitor, was not found. I also tried to start it from terminal but got command not found when inputting: cpu-load and cpuload.
timovartiainen-9 months ago
Nice can you make more
83c577nbybd8zb-1 year ago
Sweet. I use it everywhere. Desktops, laptops, Mint and Manjaro, works great. I'd like an option for just one number/circle with the total load. And the unused area completely transparent, or where in the source to update?
Serdar-1 year ago
Thank you Nice application
Georg-1 year ago
Thanks for this fork. I love it!