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Shows the Internet Time in .beat



Internet Time Desklet & Applet

I created the Desklet and the Applet, that show the Internet Time on my desktop resp. in the Cinnamon panel.

Internet Time was an intention of Swatch in the end of the 1990s, but it widely disappeared. Basically it divides the day into 1000 beats and the main promoted advantage should be, that there are no time zones.


However, I had such a .beat watch and found it now (Dec. 2018) in a drawer. Revived it with a new battery and wanted to set the Internet time on it. Found a few pages that showed the .beats and basically the wikipedia pages above.

That was the moment, the idea of the Desklet and Applet was born, as I wanted to have the .beats on my computer to doublecheck with the watch.

This is my first Desklet and Applet. As they only show numbers, I do them without any language or configuration files. In the applet, there is nothing to configure, in the desklet you can adjust the style of the text directly in the desklet.js if you don‘t like it as it is.

I added the logo from wikipedia, as they state, that it is free of copyright.

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Indrek Parnamaa
Indrek Parnamaa-2 years ago
Nice. But it shows "beat @-12" for me right now.
fluntelion-4 years ago
Voll schräg! Und so unnütz wie ein Kropf! :-))
claudiux-4 years ago
Nice desklet! Thank you.